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Young Living Creates Employee Mindfulness Room in Celebration of National Wellness Month

Young Living Essential Oils continues to embrace wellness by sharing how it has created a mindfulness room to support employee mental health. As part of National Wellness Month, the company also hosted meditation sessions to guide employees into a sense of balance and calm.

LEHI, UTAH, AUGUST 29, 2023 

Young Living, global leader in essential oils and essential oil-infused products, celebrates National Wellness Month by guiding employees on mindfulness and providing space for them to rest, relax, and renew during the workday in a calming mindfulness room.

Young Living has a longstanding reputation for wellness products focused on centering the mind and encouraging positivity. The company honors its commitment to investing in its employees' health and wellness by supporting mental health and promoting self-care and stress management, helping to maintain a healthy workplace balance. The goals of Young Living's mindfulness room are to encourage employees to meditate, practice a restorative yoga posture, or simply unplug for a few minutes. Time spent in the room will cultivate employees to be more focused, creative, and productive.

"Young Living is excited to provide our employees with this important mindfulness room resource," said Ed Dailey, director of Product Development at Young Living. "Our company's mission is to empower wellness, purpose, and abundance for communities around the world, and that starts right here in the office."

Young Living Essential Oils is at the forefront of companies that value workplace wellness and incorporate mindfulness rooms into office buildings. To encourage other companies to follow suit, Young Living is sharing four steps on how to set up a mindfulness room that is welcoming and conducive to a transformational experience:

1-Choose your locale: Find a room that isn't used much or an infrequently used nook. If the space is open, consider adding a partition or screen for some privacy. Ideally, this is a place that is largely quiet.

2-Mind your decor: Pay close attention to the visual stimulation in your surroundings. In a mindfulness room, use soft chairs, warm lighting, and soothing colors to create a sense of calm.

3-Select your soundscape: A sound machine can provide peaceful background noise as users focus on their intentions, but guided meditations are also helpful. Young Living Essential Oils supplies employees with three different guided meditations to choose from, depending on their intention. This flexibility helps with feeling prepared and confident going into a mindfulness session.

4-Make scent a priority: With Young Living Essential Oils, workers can use their sense of smell to prompt relaxation and ease. Keeping some products in the mindfulness room allows employees to know where to go for resources. A few great essential oils to try include: Lavender, the most universal oil that has a tranquil aroma and is soothing to the senses; Lemon to create a fresh, uplifting aroma; and Peppermint, an invigorating aroma that can be diffused to create an environment conducive to work or study.

National Wellness Month is a time to focus on self-care, stress management, and healthy routines. To help other businesses and people improve their well-being with a mindfulness room, Young Living has created a video detailing how to design a mindfulness room!

"We sometimes can get overwhelmed during the workday, and that's the perfect time to experience the mindfulness room," said Dailey. "Young Living encourages other businesses to create similar spaces for employees to unwind. By supporting mental health and promoting self-care and stress management, you can honor your commitment to invest in your employees' health and wellness."

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