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Young Living Celebrates National Wildlife Week by Protecting Habitats and Restoring Ecosystems

Leading essential oils and oil-infused product supplier Young Living is highlighting its different wildlife conservation efforts across Utah for National Wildlife Week. The company encourages people to visit its farms and get involved with conservation efforts this April and throughout the year.


Young Living Essential Oils, the world-leader in essential oils and oil-infused products, is highlighting the importance of nature, conservation, and preservation in a nod toward National Wildlife Week this April 3–9 and encouraging others to support conservation efforts year round. The company, which has various farms, offers tours to raise awareness for the challenges facing wildlife populations, suggesting ways for even the youngest advocates to get involved.

Butterfly Waystations

At the Young Living Lavender Farm and Distillery in Mona, Utah, efforts are being made to support an at-risk species: the monarch butterfly.

The Mona farm is home to two of six monarch butterfly waystations registered by Young Living, which provide milkweed for monarch caterpillars to eat. Monarch habitats are rapidly diminishing throughout the butterflies’ migratory route, a key contributing factor to the decline in the monarch population. The farm also serves as a rest stop for adult butterflies to refuel on a variety of flowering plants during their yearly migration from Southern California to Canada, passing through Utah.

The Mona farm is open for tours, and those who are interested in supporting the farm’s pollinators will want to see the beautiful fields of lavender and goldenrod in full bloom during the summer. Tours provide visitors with a significant opportunity to help monarch conservation efforts, as each patron is sent home with milkweed seeds to create their own plants for monarchs to feed on, turning their backyards into miniature waystations.

“Coming to Mona not only supports the farm’s mission but allows everyone to be involved in helping the monarch population rebound,” said Tyler Wilson, Senior Scientist at Young Living. “Planting milkweed is a great family activity that does important work for an at-risk species at the same time. We’d be thrilled if, during National Wildlife Week, everyone found a way to do something, big or small, for the native wildlife in their area.”

Land for Elk, Deer, Greater Sage Grouse, and Desert Bighorn Sheep

Young Living owns and operates the Skyrider Wilderness Ranch, a 16,000-acre ranch, located in Tabiona, Utah. Most of the terrain was donated to the Nature Conservatory for a conservation easement, which protects the space for the migration of elk, deer, and bison. It also has fertile ground for sage brush, which provides a habitat for endangered greater sage grouse. The bird has suffered a decline in population because of oil and gas development, the conversion of land for other uses, and climate change.

In 2022, Young Living partnered with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and the Nevada Department of Wildlife to create the first Desert Bighorn Sheep Nursery in the state. This allows bighorn sheep that might otherwise be exposed to drought and disease to thrive in the 1,800-acre nursery until they are ready to be integrated with a nearby herd or lead a new population of bighorns.

“We’re very proud to be an integral part of these conservation efforts in Utah,” said Skyler Olson, General Manager of Skyrider Ranch. “It’s so important to give back to the land that provides so much for us and support the beautiful animals that make this state so special.”

Anyone can help support the mission of Skyrider Ranch, either by touring in person to learn more and bring their awareness to others or by purchasing items at the farm’s online store, where 100% of the proceeds benefit the ranch’s cause.

Young Living’s conservation efforts and projects around the world vary, but all serve to bring about meaningful and lasting change in the natural environment. These initiatives like protecting wild habitats and endangered species, as well as advancing and restoring ecosystems, work with nature—not against it. Young Living encourages others, from businesses to individuals, to get involved this National Wildlife Week to deepen the movement for a livable planet that works for everyone.

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