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Lacey Act Compliance Program

At Young Living, a foundational part of our mission is to create a healthy home for each of us and a healthy world for all of us. This requires rigorous commitment to environmental standards that put people and the planet over profit. To ensure our environmental goals, we created a strict compliance program to help us follow the Lacey Act, a set of environmental standards that protect endangered plants and animals. Young Living is leading the way by having implemented the first Lacey Act Compliance Program in the essential oils industry to have been reviewed and accepted by the United States government. It makes us proud to hold ourselves to a higher standard and to do the hard work of doing things the right way and avoiding the path of least resistance. We engage with top legal experts around the world who advise us of the most current laws, as well as inform us of how to appropriately apply these laws to crucial business practices, so we can protect the planet.

Our team drew on our decades of experience in the field to collaborate with our corporate-owned farms, partner farms, Seed to Seal®-certified suppliers, and the United States government for more than a year to develop this program.

We work with environmental and legal experts around the world to help protect delicate ecosystems and endangered plants. With an organization as large as ours, simply hoping for the best isn’t enough. That’s why we proactively design, evaluate, and regulate our processes to ensure that we do things the right way.

The Lacey Act Compliance Program consists of five general steps that, when followed, help ensure that we and our partners comply with all laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which we do business.

These five steps are:

  • Supplier education

Provide all suppliers with the basic requirements of the Lacey Act and our compliance program. All suppliers are educated on the Lacey Act on an annual basis.

  • Supplier evaluation

Determine which products to source and which suppliers to partner with by independently evaluating certain “product risk” and “supplier risk” factors.

  • Supplier certification

After being educated on the Lacey Act and our compliance program, suppliers will be required to execute the Young Living Lacey Act Compliance Certification.

  • Risk assessment

As part of the certification, each supplier and plant product will be assigned a category that will determine the appropriate approval process needed to partner with or source plant products for Young Living. Both suppliers and plant products are independently assessed.

  • Auditing/monitoring

Based on identified, existing risk factors, Young Living developed a robust, ongoing auditing and monitoring program. Our Lacey Act Compliance Program is designed to cover all individuals and organizations in the supply chain.

This gold standard compliance program sets the precedent for the essential oil industry and demonstrates Young Living’s continued commitment to lead the essential oils movement by protecting our planet. While it’s often hard to know your impact on the planet when there’s so little transparency about products on the market, we’re taking it upon ourselves to do the hard work and do things the right way. You can trust that with Young Living, you’re not just buying our products. We promise something better.