Bridge To Gold

Goal: Bridge to Gold rewards and motivates Silvers as they make the transition from part-time (Silver) to full-time (Gold) and build a solid foundation for success. 

How to qualify: To earn the Bridge to Gold reward, brand partners must meet the following requirements: 

  • Build two new legs** of 1,000 OGV each, in addition to the legs required for Silver.
  • Reach at least 22,500 OGV, or halfway between the volume required for Silver (10,000 OGV) and Gold (35,000 OGV).
  • Achieve the first two requirements—in the same month—before June 30, 2022, at 11:59 p.m., MT.

What you get: Silvers who meet all Bridge to Gold requirements will receive the Premier Aroma Collection, retail valued at approximately $2,900 USD/$3,612 CAD! Each collection will feature essential oils curated by the local Young Living market.

Anything else? Bridge to Gold is an incentive outside of regularly paid commissions and is not required in order to be recognized for any standard rank achievements (e.g., Gold rank). Likewise, achieving the Silver Bound bonus at Silver is not a prerequisite to earning the Premier Aroma Collection, although doing so may help brand partners be better positioned to achieve Bridge to Gold.

Bridge to Gold reset: On March 1, 2022, existing brand partners whose highest achieved rank is Silver (see exclusions below)* will have an opportunity to participate in a reset of Bridge to Gold eligibility. This means that qualifying active brand partners—regardless of how long they’ve been with Young Living—get the opportunity to earn a Premier Aroma Collection! These brand partners will have four months from March 1 to meet the program’s leg and OGV requirements.

  • Example 1: Charlotte reached Silver for the first time in October 2019, finishing January with 15,250 OGV. She has one additional leg of 1,000 OGV beyond her two primary legs required for Silver rank. On March 1, 2022, she will have four months to build a second leg of 1,000 OGV (while still maintaining the other leg at 1,000 OGV) and reach 22,500 OGV overall.
  • Example 2: Olivia reached Silver six years ago and has since built a large organization, finishing January with 75,000 OGV. She has multiple legs but has never been able to achieve the proper structure for Gold. On March 1, 2022, she will have four months to build two of her legs to 1,000 OGV each, beyond her two legs required for Silver rank, and earn the Bridge to Gold reward.

*Some brand partners will not be eligible for the Bridge to Gold reset, including:

  • Brand partners (as of January 31, 2022) who have previously achieved the rank of Gold
  • Brand partners (as of January 31, 2022) who have reached 22,500 OGV and built two additional legs of at least 1,000 OGV each (beyond the legs required for Silver rank)
  • Brand partners who have earned the Rise to Rank reward (the custom Premier Aroma Collection) at the Silver level

**The additional legs required for Bridge to Gold must meet the criteria for leg requirements as outlined in the Compensation Plan Terms and Definitions.

Click here to read the Bridge to Gold Program Rules