Thieves Dental Floss - 50 m

Product Summary:

Formulated with the power of Thieves® essential oil blend, Thieves® Dental Floss efficiently and effectively keeps bacteria at bay. Made from strong fibres that resist fraying and breakage, this hard-wearing floss easily glides between teeth, making it more efficient in cleaning hard-to-reach places. Thieves Dental Floss also provides two layers of essential oils as you floss. Our improved and innovative process saturates the floss twice, locking in double protection to freshen your breath and providing longer-lasting results to promote healthy gums. Along with improved overall performance, Thieves floss also offers a greater value with a 10 metre (33 foot) increase in length, making this product an optimal choice for the health-minded, who demand effective and safe products at competitive prices.

Primary Benefits:

  • Supports healthy gums and strong teeth.
  • Refreshing blend of Thieves and peppermint essential oils.
  • Innovative process saturates the floss twice, giving two layers of essential oil protection.
  • Easily glides between teeth to efficiently remove hidden particles and plaque.
  • Strong fibres that resist fraying and breakage.

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