Crown Diamond




Artemis grew up in Brisbane, Australia, and is the daughter of an accountant and a scientist. She also became a scientist, working for the Australian Parks and Wildlife Service and helping to protect Australia’s landscape. When she was 24, she moved into the arena of personal development, studying many wellness modalities.
After attending a businesswomen’s networking meeting and listening to a free cassette on essential oils, her interest was piqued. She finds that working with Young Living essential oils fits right in with her life goal to transform the world for the better. Artemis’s greatest joy is developing leaders and sharing her passion about the products for both humans and animals alike.
“I love that I can remain true to myself in Young Living. I can be me, in all my wondrous, multidimensional aspects,” she says. “This has been an amazing adventure that feeds the soul.”


Nicole Barczak

Missouri, USA
Nicole Barczak never saw herself becoming involved with essential oils or network marketing. However, following her experiences with Young Living products and the satisfaction of sharing them with others, Nicole has worked to join the top ranks of Young Living leaders. She enjoys every part of her leadership role, including learning about alternative wellness solutions, connecting with old and new friends, and helping others.

When she isn’t sharing her passion for Young Living and training her team, Nicole is a teacher who mentors struggling readers and works to instill a love for books in her students. Nicole married her high school sweetheart, and she and her husband are parents to two children. The family has two dogs and two cats.

Nicole defines herself as a planner—very organized and sometimes bossy. Her hobbies include photography, scrapbooking, sewing, house projects, and gardening.

Terry & Ladonna Beals

Oklahoma, USA
Terry and Ladonna Beals have been busy sharing their passion for Young Living for many years. After meeting one another at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas, the Beals began their journey together. Ladonna first became interested in Young Living after a class at a friend’s home and experiencing the Raindrop Technique®. Since then, Young Living has become a family tradition for the Beals. Not only are Terry and Ladonna leaders within Young Living, but all four of their children are also Young Living members.
The Beals have lived their passion for helping others enjoy life with optimal wellness, purpose, and abundance. Young Living has provided a foundation of confidence for both Terry and Ladonna.
In their free time the Beals enjoy a range of hobbies. Ladonna loves reading, cooking, going on walks, and mentoring women. Terry spends his time woodworking, gardening, and enjoying history documentaries. This dynamic couple has a lot of plans for the future.

Yonie Bonawi

With experience as an electronic engineer, a certified bodywork therapist, and parent of an autistic daughter, Yonie is a passionate caregiver who loves to help children with challenges and “bring out their greatest potential,” she says. Her work with Young Living has opened doors and connected her to families with disabled children all over the world.

Being able to meet and network with like-minded people is Yonie’s favorite part about Young Living, and managing her team has been a challenge that she loves. “It’s molded me into a people person when I used to be shy and introverted,” she explains. Some of her best friends—who to her, feel like family—have been found through her business journey.

Yonie’s greatest teacher and mentor is her daughter Edura. “Her strength despite her disabilities is what motivates me every time I feel discouraged,” she says. “She makes me a better person.” She also admires all the mothers who never give up hope for their disabled children. Yonie currently lives with her two kids and her mother in Singapore.

Sandi & Kyler Boudreau

Hawaii, USA
Sandi Boudreau lives by the mantra, “Love people and keep it simple.” She says she uses her own life story as the perfect example for motivation. “I come from a long string of failures,” she explains. “If I have what it takes to succeed here, so do you.” Having shifted away from a toxic lifestyle, the Boudreaus agree that Young Living offers the perfect platform for positive change. As they focus on “seeking God’s wisdom and running toward personal growth instead of away from it,” they are able to manage their quickly growing business.

The Boudreaus live in Hawaii with their 3-year-old daughter, and Kyler pursues his passion for filmmaking. They enjoy hosting tours around the island, hiking, diving, and empowering others to discover their purpose. “We want to help people live in the freedom that comes from doing what you’re meant to do in this life,” Sandi says. “We each have a legacy to leave behind us.”

Lauren & Nat Bretz

Florida, USA
Lauren Bretz loves to serve and help people wherever she goes. “We all have a purpose,” she explains, “Mine is to add value to the world by encouraging others.” Some of her greatest passions include practicing her faith in God, spending time with her family, and creating delicious meals. She loves the people she meets through Young Living and that she has the opportunity to be a tiny part of their stories.

Lauren is living her dream. She loves being able to create memories with her family and homeschool her five kids with her husband. She also wants to teach her children how to pursue the kind of dreams that will impact others for good.

Crystal & Verick Burchfield

Missouri, USA
Verick and Crystal Burchfield began their Young Living journey when Crystal became a casual Young Living member. When she ordered her first Starter Kit, she simply felt too busy to stay on top of orders and run a business. A year later, however, Crystal found herself sharing what had become a passion for essential oils and, quite unexpectedly, growing her business. At the encouragement of her upline, she spoke at an essential oils class, and not long after she was hosting online discussions and conference calls. In 2014 Verick was able to retire and join Crystal full time.

Now the couple uses their lifestyle and abundance to add hope and meaning to their lives and the lives of others. They’ve worked as a team to homeschool four children ranging from kindergarten to high school while living on a hobby homestead where they care for bees, chickens, and an organic garden. Additionally, the Burchfields have worked to raise awareness and support for victims of worldwide human trafficking, and they support missionaries in Guatemala who run a home for at-risk children.

Through it all, Crystal and Verick strive to find balance between faith, family, and purpose. They put their trust in their belief system and strive to seek after success that glorifies their faith. Their hard work, dedication, and concern for others has helped them build genuine relationships that further their happiness and success.

Danielle Burkleo

New York, USA
Danielle Burkleo began her Young Living journey in March of 2016, while looking for more natural ways to support her family’s lifestyle. Shortly after falling in love with the products, Danielle began her business journey and never looked back.
Danielle keeps her family in the forefront of her mind as she works, and she values the friendships she’s created along the way. Encouraging her team is what she enjoys most about her work. “Our team has a beautiful culture that uplifts and inspires,” she says. “I love to let others know all the ways I see them shine. This is my absolute dream job, and I am so thankful, every single day.”
Danielle lives with her husband, Caleb, and their five children in upstate New York, where she enjoys being a mom, spending time outside, traveling, running, and cooking.


Kristen Critz

Tennessee, USA
Kristen Critz has two sons, a husband named Jordan, and a creative heart. She looks for beauty in life and adventure in entrepreneurship. Their family lives in Nashville as Texas transplants, and Kristen says she’s “still searching for Narnia.”
Young Living has inspired Kristen to take a proactive approach to her health. “I’m more confident than ever in taking care of myself and my family,” she says. Her attitude of empowerment extends to her growing business. “Fear still shows up on my doorstep, but I make the daily choice to push toward what scares me.”
Helping others find belonging in Young Living is a gift for Kristen. Growing up, her parents instilled in her the belief that she could accomplish whatever she was called to do. Her husband has been another great supporter of her dreams. She is, in turn, able to see the potential in others and express her belief in them. “Supporting someone can literally change the trajectory of a person’s life,” she says.


Sha-Faun Enterprises, Shauna Dastrup

Utah, USA
Shauna Dastrup and her late husband, Richard, have created a memorable story. The Dastrups grew up in central Utah and met in high school where they became sweethearts. Their marriage in 1965 kicked off a new chapter in their lives that included college, starting businesses, and establishing a beautiful family.
Following a move to St. George, Utah, Shauna and Richard were introduced to Young Living in 1995. Soon after, they decided to make a career change from their successful floor covering business and an overall lifestyle change through Young Living. Having no experience with network marketing, the Dastrups relied on their entrepreneurial spirits to build their Young Living business and found success through their leadership and business know-how.
The Dastrups have four children—all of whom are Young Living members—fifteen grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. Some of Shauna’s favorite memories include her family’s summer retreat where they spend precious time together. Shauna continues to serve others and live her life by example.

Summer Davis

Illinois, USA
As a stay-at-home mom of two kids, Summer enjoys running a “rockin’ business” from her home in Chicago. “Young Living has provided my family and I with health and wellness,” she says. “Most importantly, it’s given me the belief that I really can do anything I set my mind to.”
Since joining Young Living, Summer has changed the way she views herself and her life. “It’s easy to lose yourself,” she says, “but now I live my life for me and it feels pretty dang amazing!” One example of her approach to life is when she recently went to the gym for the first time, saying that she finally felt healthy and confident enough to go. “The most difficult challenge I’ve ever faced is myself,” she says. “I have to push past my fears in order to grow.”
Because of her determination, Summer has been able to create the life she always longed for. “I never want to be the person who wonders what she could have done if she had only tried,” she says.

Sabina Mary DeVita, EdD

Sabina DeVita is passionate about her private practice clinic, teaching seminars, and enlightening people about health truths. “I empower others by furthering their knowledge,” she says. “I love to learn and consider myself an ongoing student of life.” Her other hobbies include reading, cooking, dancing with her husband, and family gatherings filled with laughing, singing, and fine dining. Sabina has authored several books that feature her research of Young Living’s skin care products.

Gordon & Corie DeVries

Alaska, USA
When Corie first started sharing Young Living, her dream was to help her husband transition out of his career as an Air Force pilot of 15 years, and allow for him to be home full-time. From there, that dream has expanded as they continue building their growing team. “We are unspeakably grateful for this journey,” Corie says.

As someone who has always called herself a health nut, Corie describes the impact that Young Living products have had on her family. “Now I’m truly confident that I have the tools I need to keep them healthy,” she says. “I’m incredibly passionate about what I do, and I couldn’t have grown such a successful business with any other company.”

The DeVries appreciate every chance for growth that Young Living has offered. “This career has pushed me to intentionally face my fears,” Corie says. Their favorite part of Young Living is helping people to “find freedom and discover they are capable of so much more than they realize.” Gordon and Corie have five children and enjoy spending time outdoors together.


Denise Easthon

Ohio, USA
As a semi-retired traditional midwife, Denise Easthon is passionate about personal autonomy, particularly as it relates to parenting and birth. She is the mother of nine children and grandmother of eight. Through health tragedies, Denise set out on the path of finding more natural choices for her family. “Young Living has been an incredible blessing to our lives,” she explains. “It gives us freedom we never dreamed possible.”
The biggest change Denise has faced is her mindset. “Investing in personal development through books, videos, and events helped me transform,” she says. Fellow Young Living leaders Heather Brock, Sara Wallace, Carrie McVigue, and Kari Friedman—all women Denise views as powerhouses—have inspired her to “do more, be better, keep going, and never stop.”
Denise looks to the future with a drive to never be content in just standing still. “I want to continue to experience the world, inspire people to achieve financial freedom, give to our local church and good causes, and enter the next life well lived and well loved,” she says.


Jessica Gianelloni

Louisiana, USA
Although she was born and raised in America, Jessica Gianelloni is happiest in Uganda, which has become her “home away from home.” She is the mother of five children—each just one year apart and one of whom was adopted from Uganda. “I want to live my life to change the world for others, even if it's just one child at a time,” she says.

Jessica’s family has always been wellness-minded, so integrating with Young Living came naturally. “The introduction of Young Living made perfect sense,” she says. “When I realized it was a purpose-driven company, it was like a dream come true.” She now gets to experience the three pillars of the company daily: wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Jessica also loves to serve, inspire, and encourage others around her. “I have a God-given passion to educate and empower mothers to make informed decisions regarding the health of their children,” she explains. She advocates for justice causes and strives to be a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves.

Kelowna & Paul Giuliano

California, USA
Kelowna Giuliano is a surfer, beach lover, and holistic health practitioner who is passionate about connecting emotions with symptoms in the physical body. She’s worked in physical therapy, specializing in craniosacral therapy and is a Reiki master and teacher.

Her first Raindrop Technique® massage experience inspired her to learn more about oils so she could better care for herself and her clients. “I began to use the uplifting aroma of the oils to invite positive emotions,” she explains. “It was a big turning point for me personally and for my business.”

Kelowna and her husband have two kids, ages 8 and 10, and together their lives revolve around oils and spending as much time in the ocean as possible. “This business has taught me to find balance,” she says. “I strive to be fully present in every phase of life.”

Danette & Jim Goodyear

Texas, USA
A longtime child sponsor through the Young Living Foundation, Dannette Goodyear has been instrumental in organizing successful fundraising events that generate thousands of dollars to support the philanthropic work of the foundation.
Danette is an inspiring example of selfless generosity to her team and community and embodies a loving and giving spirit. She is well-known in her community for her efforts to volunteer her time and talents in assisting many service organizations.

Patricia Gwee

Patricia Gwee has found her stride in Young Living. She’s been sharing her passion, enthusiasm, and love for the products and lifestyle and doesn’t plan on pulling back anytime soon. Her goal is to transform as many lives as possible through the power of pure essential oils and service with the underprivileged.
After receiving her Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in marketing, Patricia started her first job in marketing research. She then became a recruiter, worked in human resources, and started collecting a range of skills working with people. Due to ongoing health concerns, Patricia quit her traditional career. She then began studying natural wellness.
Patricia was first introduced to Young Living after exhaustively searching for products that were naturally derived and effective for her and her family. She fell in love with Young Living and the versatile products that were quickly helping to support her family’s wellness goals.
In 2015, while juggling the demands of her family and a growing Young Living organization, she became a certified Integrative Health Coach after an intensive, year-long program with New York’s Institute of Integrative Nutrition.
Drawing from her wellness training and her deep belief in the power of naturally derived wellness solutions, Patricia continues sharing her zeal and passion for holistic wellness. She has found that Young Living’s products support her goal of helping others discover greater wellness in a remarkable way.
When she’s not sharing Young Living, Patricia enjoys music, art, and spending time with her family.


Mary Hardy

Michigan, USA
Mary joined Young Living in 1995 after listening to D. Gary Young lecture on the power of essential oils. Gary’s teachings answered many of the questions that she had about natural wellness. The lecture gave her the opportunity to experience the power of oils in her life and share that power with others.
A graduate of Western Michigan University, Mary taught physical education for 20 years. However, in 1980 she quit teaching, due to a prolonged illness. She decided to study natural healing and earned a PhD in Homeopathy and Nutrition from the Missouri College of Naturopathic Physicians in 1985. She continued to research natural healing until joining Young Living five years later.
She believes strongly that fulfillment in life comes from serving others, and she is grateful that Young Living helps her achieve that end. “My mission in life is to be a servant,” she says, “and Young Living has provided me with this wonderful opportunity.”

Katie & Zack Harris

Oregon, USA
Since joining Young Living, Katie Harris has learned that her past doesn’t define her, and she is determined to share that truth with others. “Small changes add up over time,” she explains. “I love empowering other women to realize their full potential.”

As a leader, Katie focuses on being caring, adventurous, and intentional. She speaks authentically about what she sees in others, believing that kind and honest words can change people’s perspectives as they realize what they’re capable of. “I see the best in people and push them to see it in themselves,” she says.
Katie currently lives in Bend, Oregon, with her husband and children. When she’s not spending time with her family outside at the beach, she also enjoys connecting with friends over coffee or wine.

Stacie Hartzler

Missouri, USA
When Stacie Hartzler started with Young Living, the lifestyle fit perfectly with her already health-conscious family. “Now I know all my products are safe for my family,” she says. “And on top of that, I get to work with the best relationships I’ve ever had, rubbing shoulders with friends who love the Lord.” She also uses her people-person mentality and her passion for essential oils to support her team and move her business forward.

In her free time, Stacie enjoys cooking with Vitality™ essential oils, being married to the love of her life, and spending time with her family. “I love being a mom to our five kids, and I love empowering people to do all that they are called to do,” she says.

Prakama & Markus Hauser

Dr. Hauser has been involved with Young Living since 2001, when she was introduced to the essential oils by a friend. When she met Gary and Mary for the first time, she knew that her purpose was to bring Young Living to Europe.
Markus’ first experience with essential oils came when Dr. Hauser introduced him to Joy™ oil blend and to the Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture™ kit. His life and well-being improved so much that he decided to become a Young Living member and share essential oils with others.
Says Dr. Hauser, “My partner Markus and I love to inspire, nourish, and teach from our hearts many different themes about these precious oils and all other YL products.”
Markus is similarly inspired by the vision of helping others through Young Living. “I was so impressed by the quality of the oils that I needed to share the opportunity of the Young Living lifestyle around the world,” he says. “Achieving financial freedom gave me even more possibilities to support our friends on their journeys to freedom!”

Jonathan & Laura Hopkins

Texas, USA
For Jonathan and Laura Hopkins, the motivation to succeed comes from their hope to leave a legacy for their children and share their abundance with others. It’s this aspiration that drives them and makes owning a business enjoyable for them. Jonathan says, “Being a business owner gives freedom,” and Laura adds, “It brings freedom and lets you become part of something bigger than yourself.”

To support their team, Jonathan uses coaching principles, including building individual strengths. Laura also encourages team members to utilize their natural skills, and she likes to remind them that they have the freedom to make their own choices in their personal businesses.

Two of Laura’s favorite Young Living products are Transformation™ and Believe™ for their invigorating and renewing qualities, while Jonathan likes Idaho Blue Spruce for its grounding aroma.

In their free time, Laura and Jonathan enjoy camping and being outdoors with their daughter. They also enjoy seeing Young Living’s farms.

Chelsea M. Humphreys

Nebraska, USA
Chelsea Humphreys is a part-time photographer, Facebook comedian, and podcast co-host. While her spontaneous and outgoing nature have helped her in these pursuits and her Young Living business, Chelsea says she’s also an introvert who cherishes alone time.
While she stays busy with her business and hobbies, Chelsea’s family is her priority. She and her Army husband are the parents of two children, and Chelsea’s parents recently moved into their home for health reasons, which she knows is a blessing for the family. “I’ve always wanted my kids to know their grandparents the way I did, and now they can,” she says.
In addition to the freedom Young Living has brought Chelsea and her family, she’s also grateful for the example it provides her children. “I love that I get to teach my kids that a woman can be successful,” she explains. “My greatest passion is showing women they can make a difference in their lives.”


Kathy & Chip Kouwe

New York, USA
The Kouwe’s were proud owners and operators of a golf course for seven years before they turned their attention to running their Young Living business full time. They were able to quickly earn enough to sell the course and focus on helping others through Young Living’s products. Now, in their own words, they “eat, breathe, and sleep YL.”

Of all Young Living’s products, Kathy is particularly passionate about Valor® and Joy™ essential oil blends and uses them daily. She loves seeing Young Living’s products and business opportunity change people’s lives and the passion and excitement that follow.

The Kouwe’s Young Living lifestyle has allowed them to enjoy their 94-acre property, travel to places they had never even dreamed about, and meet hundreds of wonderful people around the world whom they now call friends. Besides their Young Living business, the Kouwe’s are passionate about faith, family, and riding their motorcycles.



Joanna Malone

California, USA
Joanna Malone, a former action sports designer, was introduced to essential oils through her husband’s ex-wife, who taught her how to use the oils on Joanna’s stepchildren. Before Young Living, Joanna thought she had the perfect job, but through her work with the company, she “found more purpose.” Her passion for the products and business come from seeing people have “breakthroughs” in their health and “reach new levels of life—whether emotional, financial, or physical.”

Joanna feels like the business chose her, and she owned that from the very start. At the time, she had ended a relationship with a client and decided to put her all into Young Living. Her journey has been a unique one, which she sees as being one “big, personal development.” This has inspired her to dedicate her time to in-person experiences and personal-growth classes. Joanna has one child with her husband, Justin, and four stepchildren.

Stacy & James McDonald

Illinois, USA
Stacy McDonald began using essential oils in 2001, while making her own bath and body products. However, it wasn’t until March 2010, after joining Young Living, that she began to experience the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils beyond their aromatic uses. As a blogger, she loved teaching other women about essential oils, and she wanted them to be equipped to take control of their own health and to be able to minister to their families naturally. She had no interest in a business.

The oils soon began to sell themselves. As others discovered how well they worked, word spread, and Stacy began to receive what they now refer to as "the accidental paycheck.” She liked the idea of these “referral” checks, but she still didn’t see the potential ahead. Eventually, Stacy’s husband, James, stopped joking about her “snake oils” and started asking her, “Do you have an oil for this?” He was hooked. Once he caught the vision, they began working together to grow a thriving organization that includes thousands of families experiencing health and freedom! It is their family’s goal to live their lives to the glory of God, enjoying Him every step of the way.

Diane Mora

Colorado, USA
Prior to joining Young Living, Diane Mora worked for the Xerox Corporation for 25 years. Over the years she had learned a lot about health and network marketing and even tried joining a few other companies. However, she was completely smitten the first time she saw Gary Young speak in Denver in 1993. He was so dynamic and was an instant hit with everyone at the meeting. Many people enrolled that night, but Diane waited until June of 1995 to enroll with the sponsor of her choice, Marie Bustos, who Diane found was an excellent teacher and mentor.
She could see the company’s potential because of both Gary’s charisma and the wealth of excellent information about essential oils. She started traveling to teach with a member of her downline and found that everyone they spoke with was very receptive.
“I always tell my folks,” she says, “‘the bigger your commission check gets, the more people you have helped!’ It’s just great!”


Tracey Black Nielsen & Trevor Nielsen

California, USA
Former web marketing manager Tracey Nielson stumbled onto oils while blogging. “I instantly fell in love with the products,” she says. “Once I started sharing them on my blog and with friends, I really fell in love with the business of Young Living.” She is passionate about educating others by simplifying what can seem complicated at first. “I want to show how easy it can be to make healthy changes,” she says.

Through Young Living, Tracey has met a group of incredible people. “I love the people I work with even more than I love my oils. They are the best people I know.” Tracey is a Hawaii native living in San Diego with her husband, Trevor—a former semi-professional surfer—and their three boys, all who share the same love for the ocean. Their favorite adventures together include water sports at the beach, traveling, and trying new restaurants.


Anita Ochsenhofer

Anita Ochsenhofer isn’t a rookie when it comes to network marketing. Her mother has more than 15 years of network marketing experience and continues to share the knowledge of the industry with her. Anita attributes much of her success to her parents’ great attention to instilling a sense of independence, education, and diligence in her.

Before Young Living, Anita’s career background ranged from the automotive industry to stock trading to massage therapy. Having a unique history has allowed Anita to support her business and support her Young Living downline every day—something that she feels is one of the most important routines for success.

Her Young Living momentum continues as she looks to continue growing her Young Living business. Anita’s definition of success is simple: setting and achieving goals that are connected to what matters most to her.


Nathan & Jessica Petty

California, USA
Despite not having any previous network-marketing experience, Jessica and Nathan Petty have risen to the top ranks of Young Living membership through their passion for the people and the products. Their desire for natural wellness solutions for themselves and their family led them to Young Living, and they quickly fell in love with the power and purity of essential oils. In fact, Jessica left her 14-year-old financial advisement practice to build her Young Living business full time just two months after she became a member!

The Petty’s favorite Young Living products are Peace & Calming®, Frankincense, and Thieves®. Even though they’ve accomplished so much already, the Petty’s have many more things they want to achieve. They’re focused on helping many more of the members of their organization succeed in their goals and dreams.

When they’re not engaged in sharing the Young Living lifestyle with others, the Petty’s love spending time with their four children. Nathan loves to play the drums, surf, and do photography. Jessica is passionate about reading, meditation, and yoga.

Kimberly & Ryan Prather

Indiana, USA
Friends admire Kimberly Prather for her great intuition. She is a wife and the mother of nine children, and she loves to scrapbook, play the piano, and—most of all—spend time with family. Recently, she and her family moved out of the city to be closer to loved ones, fulfilling one of her longtime dreams.
Kimberly’s work with Young Living has allowed her the opportunity to see people chase their own dreams. “Watching other people accomplish great things has been a great motivator to me,” she says. As her dreams have become reality, Kimberly says she has found abilities in herself that she didn’t know she had. “Before Young Living, I was a stay-at-home mom who didn’t know I could help people like I do today,” she says.
In addition to their full-time work as Young Living leaders, Kimberly and her husband run a foundation that helps families who are adopting children with genetic heart defects—a cause inspired by one of their two adopted children.


Rainbow Forever Trust

Ohio, USA
For thirty-seven years, David Ford drove a freight truck, delivering products and goods across the country. When he joined Young Living, he recognized the quality of the products and wanted to help others learn about essential oils, eventually retiring from a life on the road and dedicating his time to the mission of Young Living. He attributes his success to sharing and helping others, and treating them “the way I would like to be treated.”
Even though David is retired from a life of trucking, he works diligently with his Young Living members, limiting his travel to a radius of sixty miles from his hometown, where he shares his knowledge of Young Living products with his downline and new members. He encourages those new to Young Living to “Share, share, and share with everyone you meet. You never know what is going to happen.”
David married Mary Ford in 1966, just after serving for four years in the United States Navy. Together they have three children, two granddaughters, and two cats. David enjoys playing golf and hopes to pay forward the help he’s received through his life by lifting others through his donations to the Young Living Foundation.

Vanessa Romero & Tom Nikkola

Minnesota , USA
When Vanessa Romero started her Young Living business, her first goal was to help her pay for her son’s college education without student loan debt. Eventually, Vanessa’s husband, Tom, joined her working full-time on her Young Living business. Now Vanessa and Tom work together to build their business and their legacy.
The couple enjoys looking for methods and research that can help them improve in every way. “We are huge believers in personal development,” they say. “Helping others personally and professionally is what brings us the most happiness." Some of their favorite sources of inspiration include John Maxwell and Zig Ziglar, as well as Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.
As devoted Christians, entrepreneurs, and health nuts, Vanessa and Tom are also passionate about having a healthy mind, body, and spirit, and they share their story about wellness on their blog


Callie & Jeremy Shepherd

Texas, USA
When Callie Shepherd was first introduced to Young Living’s essential oils, she incorporated the oils into her household as natural solutions to everyday problems. As a stay-at-home mom, she immediately saw the value in using naturally derived products, but it took over a year and a half to envision the products as a successful business. When she did realize the potential, she saw the value quickly. Sharing Young Living products gave Callie an additional sense of purpose outside of caring for her family, as well as an outlet that she says has made her a “better mom.” Her husband Jeremy recently left his work as a CFO to work with Callie, and now he takes care of the “backend” of business, which often involves paperwork, taxes, and statistics.
Being a stay-at-home mom and a successful business woman can be difficult, but Callie says that finding balance between personal and professional life isn’t about the arrival at balance. “I don’t have to figure it all out,” she explains. “I’m not going to arrive at this place where my time is perfect.” She prioritizes her family first, and lives by the mantra of “no regrets.” Callie’s daily goal of connecting or reconnecting with three new people every day helps her to live up to her principles of following the basics.
Callie and Jeremy have three children and have recently relocated to Texas.

Nanette & Ward Symes

Utah, USA
Most of Nanette Symes’ early life was spent helping her mother grow a Young Living business, and now Nanette carries her family legacy into the future. Her mother began selling oils early on after meeting Mary Young, and Nanette helped her mother organize the business, arranging paperwork so her mother could focus on teaching.
When her mother passed away, Nanette felt compelled to continue caring for and growing what her mother had taken decades to build. “I wanted to help her people,” she says.

Nanette has met some amazing people because of Young Living and is grateful for the business and example that her mother left. She is a mother to two sons and two daughters-in-law and is a grandmother to six.


Kai Tan

From a young age, Kai Tan followed her passion for art. As a child she could be found drawing on the underside of the kitchen table, “like Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel,” she laughs. She later ran an art retail business and taught art classes. “I’m someone who loves trying new things,” she says. Her motto is: “Listen to your heart and everything else will follow.”
Before Kai began her Young Living journey, she dreamed of having more flexibility in her schedule. After her father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Kai began to discover the deep connections between seemingly separate aspects of health. “I learned that we can be so focused on treating a disease that we don’t take care of the person.” She believes there’s much more to the spiritual and emotional aspects of wellness. “Young Living impacts more than just health,” she says. “It’s changing lives.”