Mary Young

Medeoprichter en CEO
Mary Young speelt een actieve rol in de dagelijkse activiteiten van Young Living, ze geeft leiding aan het Executive-team en werknemers. Ze speelt ook een cruciale rol in het begeleiden en helpen van leden omdat zij de missie en voordelen van Young Living met de wereld delen.

Mary werd op de directe verkoop-industrie geïntroduceerd in 1985 en binnen twee jaar had ze een organisatie gecultiveerd en opgebouwd van miljoenen dollars. Sinds de oprichting van Young Living heeft Mary haar uitgebreide kennis, ervaring in directe verkoop en hands-on mentaliteit gecombineerd om Young Living te helpen wereldleider in etherische oliën te worden - en te blijven.

Mary is ook onmisbaar voor de filantropische projecten van Young Living, en ze leidt globale aanwezigheidsprojecten door de D. Gary Young Foundation. Ze belichaamt de toewijding van Young Living om individuen en gemeenschappen te ondersteunen in hun streven naar een gezonde leefstijl.

Jared Turner

Chief Operating Office
Jared began at Young Living as International Associate General Counsel. With his passion for the company’s growth, he quickly rose through the ranks, holding positions as Vice President of International and Chief Global Sales Officer. Most recently, Turner served as Young Living’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, where he was responsible for strategically identifying and executing the company’s global vision for growth and managing 1,000-plus global sales and marketing employees.

Jared is a results-driven leader, with a hands-on approach. He passionately empowers and inspires field sales leadership. He is a genuine example of Young Living’s mission, as he shares the vision with people around the world.

Some of Jared’s passions are snowboarding, traveling, scuba diving, playing basketball, hiking, and spending time with his son, Campbell.

Matthew French

General Counsel and Corporate Compliance Officer

As a part of Young Living’s Executive Management team, Matthew provides strategic counsel in legal and compliance matters, including corporate governance, regulatory compliance, litigation, contract management, and employment law. Prior to joining the company, he worked for a private boutique firm, where he specialized in civil litigation and criminal defense matters, and as a deputy county prosecutor with the Maricopa County (Arizona) Attorney’s Office.

Young Living’s mission to inspire individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance drew Matthew to Young Living. He quickly embraced the Young Living culture and developed a passion to serve its members. Matthew’s philosophy is to uplift the employees he works with while supporting members as they strive to achieve their goals.

Matthew enjoys sports, especially Lakers basketball, music, colorful socks, and spending time with his family.

Kelly Case

Chief of Staff

Kelly has been a valued member of the Young Living team for more than 15 years, and during this time she has gained invaluable insight into many areas of the business. Kelly joined Young Living as a member of the marketing department and was then promoted to executive assistant to the founders, where she also supported various areas of the business.

Her role quickly evolved to that of a trusted advisor, where she has played a key role through many challenges and company growth.

Most of Kelly’s role has taken place behind the scenes, where she has mediated issues, advised, and bridged communication across disciplines to create a cohesive environment.

Kelly continues to be a strategic advisor, trusted voice, and sounding board to the executive team, CEO Mary Young, and Founder Gary Young but now plays a more visible role to the corporate staff and the strategic day-to-day business.

Kelly has a bachelor’s degree in English from Brigham Young University. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two children and loves traveling, spending time at the beach, reading, and attending the theatre.