10 % Discount on August

Schedule: 10/1 9:30~10/15

Blend Essential Oil Thieves 15ml

Item#: 342305D
PV: 31.25
Wholesale:4,950 yen
Retail:76,545 yen

Thieves White Plus( 113.4g)

PV: 10.25
Wholesale:1,650 yen
Retail:2,200 yen

Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash (236mL)

Item#: 368305D
PV: 10.00
Wholesale:1,650 yen

Thieves Hard Lozenges(30 pieces)

Item#: 328205D
PV: 17.00
Wholesale:2,673 yen
Retail:3,537 yen

Thieves Foaming Hand Soap (236.5mL)

Item#: 367405D
PV: 11.75
Wholesale:1,925 yen
Retail:2,585 yen

Offer details

・To apply the campaign price, be sure to select and use the number with "D" after the product number.
・Changes to YL OTOKU-BIN for October 2020, including the above products, will be accepted from 9:30 on October 15 (Thursday).
・If high-quality materials cannot be secured due to various conditions such as weather and growing conditions, the promotion target products may be rescheduled or out of stock without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

・No limit per member.
・Regular PV applys to ER point redemption orders.
・PV reduced by 10% as well as price discount.
・Offer available in October 2020 and while stock lasts.
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