10 % Discount on March

Oregano 15ml

Item#: 360505D
PV: 25.50
Wholesale:3,996 yen
Retail:5,265 yen

Thyme 15ml

Item#: 365005D
PV: 31.25
Wholesale:4,860 yen
Retail:6,372 yen

Basil 15ml

Item#: 350005D
PV: 22.75
Wholesale:3,564 yen
Retail:4,698 yen

Cypress 15ml

Item#: 353005D
PV: 17.75
Retail:3,645 yen
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Offer details

・No limit per member.
・Regular PV applys to ER point redemption orders.
・PV reduced by 10% as well as price discount.
・Offer available in March 2019 and while stock lasts.
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