Australian Ericifolia Essential Oil

Australian Ericifolia essential oil, commonly known as “Lavender Tea Tree,” synergistically combines the benefits of Tea Tree with the soothing nature of Lavender. Found in Tasmania, the vivacious Melaleuca ericifolia plant is steam distilled to create an essential oil that is sweet and woodsy with lingering notes that are freshly floral.

Australian Ericifolia is a powerful addition to your beauty routine and aromatherapy sessions. Its dynamic benefits and familiar aroma will have you reaching for this unique oil day and night.

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Product Snapshot

Product Snapshot

  • Key constituents include eucalyptol, limonene, b-pinene, linalool, a-terpineol, and viridiflorol
  • Great aromatic companion for outdoor activities
Has a pleasant, woodsy aroma with herbaceous, floral back notes


Melaleuca ericifolia† leaf oil
†100% pure essential oil
Suggested Uses

Suggested Uses

  • Add to V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and apply it to your chest to revitalize your spirits after a long day.
  • Combine with Lavender and Rosemary and apply it to your scalp for envy-worthy locks of hair.
  • Dab a few drops directly onto your face for refined and supple-looking skin.
  • Diffuse it with Roman Chamomile for a nighttime routine filled with self-care and rejuvenation.
Australian Ericifolia has a subtle aroma that blends the herbaceous, refreshing qualities of its cousin Tea Tree and the floral sweetness of Lavender. When diffused it boosts your every space.
Topical: Apply 2-4 drops directly to desired area.
Aromatic: Diffuse up to 30 minutes 3 times daily.
Storage: Keep in cool, dark place.
Get to Know

Get to Know

Australian Ericifolia comes from wildcrafted populations of Melaleuca ericifolia grown on Flinders Island in Tasmania. The bright plant grows 10-26 feet tall around the coast and hilly slopes. With an aroma and benefits often compared to Tea Tree, Australian Ericifolia is a member of the same family as this EO favorite. Only select populations are harvested to ensure oil consistency and sustainability.