Essential News | June 27, 2016

Relive Convention

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Relive the fun of convention with our recap video!

This year’s convention was an unbelievable success thanks to you, our remarkable members! Our video team was around all week, making sure that we’d always have a reminder of the moments that defined this convention. Check out this video now  and be sure to share with all your friends and family who weren’t able to make it to the Live Your Passion convention. We hope you’ll join us at next year’s convention to experience the excitement once again!

Convention highlights in Drop of Inspiration

Did you listen to the daily Drop of Inspiration podcasts during the convention? Each day we released a quick cast episode with highlights from the general sessions, workshops, and more! If you or any of your team members missed the convention or you just want to squeeze a little more inspiration out of last week, head over to or look up Drop of Inspiration on your favorite podcast app to listen!

Catch up on convention on social media

Couldn’t make it to the convention? We’ve got you covered! Throughout the event we updated our social media channels, including Instagram and Facebook. You’ll see key moments, learn about new products, and hear about the exciting things happening behind the scenes at Young Living on these channels.

Don’t forget to check out what it was like from the perspective of the people who make Young Living great—members! Attendees used the hashtag #YLConvention to share the fun and connect throughout the event.

Foundation Festival raises $225,000

A packed arena of Young Living members started the convention by uniting together for the Young Living Foundation and rocking out with Recycled Percussion at the Foundation Festival Wednesday, June 23.

Members donated a minimum of $10 to receive a pair of YL-branded drumsticks, then drummed to a special Recycled Percussion beat that was synced to a video showing children from Young Living Foundation projects around the world. It was a touching and unifying interactive performance for all.

During the Foundation Festival, the foundation held a fundraiser in which two members of the YL media team, Jonny Turner and Stelios Xanthos, had their long beards shaved on stage while over $106,000 was raised to help rebuild homes and schools as part of the foundation’s Rebuild Nepal project.

Before the Recycled Percussion concert, the audience spread out onto the plaza at the Vivint Arena to play a variety of carnival-style games and to take advantage of the discounted YL swag items at the bargain tent. In addition, there was a dunk tank auction where Executives and YL Diamond leaders were dunked by the highest bidder.  

Thank you to all of the members who came together for some fun and a good cause to make a difference! If you want to catch up on the event, listen to the Drop of Inspiration quick cast!

New Products First Look

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Have you seen our newly unveiled products?

One of the best things about the International Grand Convention is finding out about our new essential oil-infused products! We are excited to introduce more than 15 new products available in U.S./NFR markets. Including a new essential oil blend, einkorn foods and snacks, over-the-counter solutions for natural relief, scientifically proven dietary supplements, essential oil-infused household products, and much, much more, we know there’s something for everyone! See a full list of our new products and learn more about each of them.

Thieves is getting a new look!

We’re freshening up the look of Thieves®! Convention attendees got a look at the new design, and over the next few months, you’ll start seeing the new packaging design on our Thieves line of products in your orders. This look is more contemporary, featuring the same red Thieves logo but with a lighter label design and white packaging instead of amber, matching the Thieves Laundry Soap and Dish Soap we launched at our 2015 International Grand Convention.

Even though our favorite Thieves products are getting a new look, they’ll still have the same formula, as well as the same item number, price, and PV value. Be on the lookout for the updated packaging of our Thieves products throughout the next few months!

Meantime, head over to to see the new look!

The new look and lower price of NingXia® Zyng!

If you haven’t heard, NingXia Zyng™ has a newly designed label and a lower price! Offering a hydrating splash of energy, NingXia Zyng features a blend of Lime and Black Pepper essential oils for a bright, subtle flavor that you’ll always want to keep on hand. NingXia Zyng’s new label reflects its refreshing taste and cool energy that complements the drink you already know and love. Previously, NingXia Zyng was available for $39.75 and 29.75 PV, but it is now available for $34.75 and 26 PV, making it a better value than ever! Be sure to add a little NingXia Zyng to your next order!

Wear your YL pride on your sleeve!

Branded gear is one of the easiest ways to advertise your Young Living business, and this year at convention we released a whole new line of clothing, including athleisure pieces that are right on trend!

Plus, we’ve made it even easier than ever for you to buy Young Living-branded merchandise with On this webpage you’ll find all your gear in one place! Whether you’re looking for little items like tote bags or pens to share or classic pieces of clothing that you can wear anywhere, it’s all there. Head over today to check it out! 

Just launched: The new Oracle ERP

Just before the convention, we launched phase I of a new Oracle ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform for our company. This software allows us to streamline and automate many of our business processes, meaning you get the smoothest and easiest experience possible when using our systems. With Phase I, our inventory management, materials planning, worldwide financials, purchasing, warehousing, and manufacturing were switched over to the new platform. During Phase II, it will expand to provide advanced warehousing, sales order integration, fulfillment and manifesting in Oracle, and replace most of our Blue Steel customer tools. Phase II will launch in December.

Our ERP deployment replaced Microsoft Great Plains in the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, and the farms. On August 1 we plan to do the same with Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Ecuador, Europe, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, and Singapore.

Learn and Share

Member reactions to products, Spirit of Foundation, YL Foundation in Nepal

Members’ reactions to new products

Convention attendees got a sneak preview of the latest Young Living products, including Live Your Passion™ essential oil blend, our over-the-counter cough drops and pain relief cream, Animal Scents® Dental Pet Chews , and so much more!

We asked them what they thought of the new products and wrote about it on the blog. Head over to  to see what they had to say! 

Spirit of Foundation Award winner

We were thrilled to present our Spirit of the Foundation award at the convention. Each year we honor a Young Living member for his or her extraordinary acts of kindness that embody and exemplify the spirit and ideals of the Young Living Foundation.

This year the top award went to Linny and Dwight Saunders of Arizona, USA. Honorable mentions went to Crystal and Verick Burchfield of Missouri, USA, and Yonie Bonawi of Singapore.

Linny and Dwight have dedicated their lives to giving a voice to the voiceless. They have adopted 13 children, and in 2011 they founded the International Voice of the Orphan, which feeds 16,000 orphans and vulnerable children.

Crystal and Verick are modern-day abolitionists. They work tirelessly to put an end to human trafficking and were instrumental in connecting the Young Living Foundation with anti-trafficking partner Hope for Justice.

Yonie Bonawi passionately serves special needs children in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Often, these children and their families are neglected and simply fall through the cracks of society.

Have team members in mind who do extraordinary things? Watch for your opportunity to recommend them for the award next year!

Efforts to rebuild Nepal

At the convention Founder D. Gary Young shared an impactful video showing the effect your donations are having in Nepal following the 2015 earthquakes. In Yarsa, a mountain village completely destroyed by the earthquakes, we have completed the first several homes, started several others, and have also started rebuilding the primary school. We are moving forward with plans to build 112 homes in total. In addition to rebuilding the primary school, we will also build the first-ever high school in the village, so students will no longer have to walk two hours each way to go to a secondary school.

To help us accomplish this and supply jobs to unemployed locals, we’ve set up a brick-making plant in the area. Gary has been spearheading the project and has traveled to Nepal multiple times in the past months to guide the construction efforts. Catch up on the Foundation’s efforts in Nepal and see how your donations are being used at


Rank advancements, recognition retreats, Elite Express, and Drive to Win video

Rank advancement events

We love sharing the successes of our members and recognizing the hard work that leads to it. This year we recognized rank advancements with a Silver Soiree, a Gold Luncheon, a Platinum Luncheon, and a Diamond Awards Night for those who advanced to Silver and above between June 2015 and March 2016.

Silvers dressed to the nines to mingle with Diamonds and Young Living corporate executives at the Silver Soiree; Golds heard from Royal Crown Diamonds Melissa and Mark Koehler about reaching their goals; and Platinum members got inspired by Royal Crown Diamonds Alyssa Francis and Vijay and Ulrike Churfuerst Hanzal. During the general sessions, qualifying Platinum and Gold members got to walk on stage and be recognized by Gary and Mary Young for their dedication and advancement. At Awards Night, emceed by television star Mario Lopez, Diamonds got their time to shine and be recognized as leaders.

We’re so proud of all our members who advanced in time to attend these events and make the convention better than ever. See how you can join us next year by visiting

Upcoming recognition retreats

We’re not done bringing hard-working people together! This year we’ve still got the Gold, Silver, and Platinum retreats coming up.

Qualifying Silver members will visit the Mona farm and Salt Lake City, Utah; qualifying Gold members will head to Spokane, Washington, and the St. Maries, Idaho, farm; and members who qualify for the Platinum Retreat will visit the farm in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Members from each rank will experience the Seed to Seal® process firsthand while enjoying a hard-earned trip and networking opportunities.

While registration for the Gold Retreat has closed, qualifying members for the Silver Retreat and Platinum Retreat should keep their eyes open for upcoming registration periods and watch the videos from last year. We hope to see you there!

Get on the fast track to success with Elite Express!

If the convention inspired you to hit refresh on your business goals, then Elite Express may be for you! This incentive program rewards your drive and hard work with high-value product and gear bundles that include:

  • Gold iPad mini
  • Exclusive 30-oil collection
  • Fitbit Charge HR wearable
  • 5-diffuser collection
  • 1,000 Essential Rewards points
  • And much more

Elite Express offers rewards to high-performing leaders who reach Executive, Silver, Gold, and Platinum within specific timeframes. A bonus reward track is available for those who go from Star to Platinum in 20 months or fewer! If this sounds like just the encouragement you need, then check it all out at

Drive to Win recap video

We gave our Drive to Win qualifiers a little more time to shine by recognizing them on stage at the convention. These individuals set themselves apart and earned points by sharing the Young Living lifestyle, and we rewarded them with a Hawaiian getaway and grand prizes for the top three winners.

Want to see a little more about their experience in Hawaii? Watch our recap video and see the highlights for yourself!

Get Engaged

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Beauty School is Luxury Learning

Our global Beauty Schools offer lavish, business-advancing education at unique venues. This year you can enjoy hands-on training on our skin care regimen as you sail down the Mexican Riviera August 15–19 or experience Utah’s spectacular winter wonderland December 2–3.

We have a lot more surprises planned that we’re not ready to reveal yet, but here’s what we’ve done in the past:

  • Launched new products available first to Beauty School guests
  • Offered unique tools and invaluable resources for your personal and business development
  • Pampered guests with gifts
  • Offered themed events like glamping, boot camps, and member-requested workshops

Along with these perks, our venues and education are first-class. You’ll feel pampered while being taught by the experts behind the products and techniques. Beauty School is truly luxury learning at its finest.

Register at

How did we do?

Now that the convention is over, we want to hear what you thought! We’re conducting a survey to find out what you liked, what you loved, and how we can continue to improve our convention experience!

Share your thoughts with us by clicking here.

New Young Living Foundation website and partnership

Among the many exciting things that happened at the convention was the unveiling of the foundation’s new website that makes it easier to make a difference, plus a brand-new partnership! The website features an updated look and logo, including beautiful images and videos of children your donations help, as well as an interactive map to show you where each of the foundation’s projects are located around the world.

The new
With the release, you’ll notice a new, customized donation experience that allows you to donate via commissions or credit card. You’ll have the ability to log in using the same login credentials that you use to access your Young Living Virtual Office. The My Account section will also give you full visibility into past donations, and you’ll be able to print out a donor statement at the end of the year for tax purposes.

New partnership: Hope for Justice
Hope for Justice is an international nonprofit organization on a mission to end human trafficking and slavery in our generation. With more than 20 million slaves in the world—more than half of whom are women and girls—human trafficking is one of the most devastating social issues of our time. Hope for Justice uses a four-tiered strategy to bring freedom to these individuals. In fact, more than 90 percent of victims who go through Hope for Justice’s restorative programs never return to trafficking—that’s the highest percentage among nonprofits battling human trafficking. What Hope for Justice is doing and how they are doing it is driving long-term change throughout the world, including in the U.S. and Europe, and the Young Living Foundation is ready to join the fight.

See it all for yourself and make a difference today by heading over to While you’re there, check out the Hope for Justice page and read all about this amazing nonprofit that the foundation just partnered with.

2017 International Grand Convention

If you can’t wait to come back next year, we’re giving this year's convention attendees $149 early bird pricing to register for next year’s convention in Salt Lake City.

For those of us who like to plan ahead of time, we’re opening this registration until Friday, July 1, at If you miss this window or don’t qualify for this early access, don’t worry, we’ll re-open it when the 2017 International Grand Convention is closer! We’re already excited for what next year has in store.