BUSINESS NEWS | December 21, 2018

Corporate Update

From Kristen Tod, our General Manager

From Kristen's Desk

Dear Members,

What a year we’ve had! I’m thrilled to recap some of the highlights from 2018 with some of ‘what’s in store’ for 2019.

The year kicked off with our very first Live Your Passion Rally event in January across Australia. The response was overwhelming, and following suit we’ve had three more rallies this year across Australia and New Zealand. Your support and enthusiasm was the reason for the success we’ve achieved with these member-led events that are a great occasion to connect with members, learn about our new products, recognize achievements and invite others to share this wonderful opportunity!

In March we welcomed and honoured our Kiwi members and leaders with the launch of Young Living New Zealand, an event to remember! We had a full house with more than 700 guests at the launch and it was certainly a nostalgic journey for me, going back ‘home’ to Aotearoa where I spent my early years. Our presence in New Zealand has enabled substantial growth in this market and shows great promise for the future.

Our Member Experience Centre/Training Theatre came to fruition in Western Australia opening in July! A wonderful result from the fantastic growth in WA and the hard work our Perth leaders have put in to make it a reality. This Centre has enabled much faster order processing and next day delivery for many members. The positive feedback we receive daily from our WA members is encouraging.

We were also privileged to have three of the world’s gifted speakers and YL US Diamonds, Sarah Harnisch, Richard Brooke and Kimmy Brooke at our Mastermind exclusive training event with a record crowd in attendance!

This year we hosted our business promotion with a trip to the Young Living Dalmatia Aromatic Farm in Split, Croatia. Our qualifying members had a wonderful opportunity to visit the farm where our precious Helichrysum is grown and also experience the distillation process which results in our pure Helichrysum essential oil. Qualifiers also got to visit the beautiful cities of Dubai and Rome - lasting memories of a trip of a lifetime.

2018 also saw the launch of our Global Vision and Young Living’s 5-year plan: the Young Living 5x5 Pledge. Beginning in 2019 and over the next five years, Young Living pledges to expand our founder Gary’s vision in five interconnected ways. This pledge will benefit you and your families in powerful ways: Five times more people empowered by the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation, Five years to zero waste, Five or more corporate-owned or partner farms developed each year, Five or more new markets opened each year and Five million additional households reached in five years. We have already made great progress on this with our partnership with Youlefang in China, Philippines opening, plus new partner farms in South Africa, Mexico and in NSW, Australia!

More recently, our YL Leadership Academy launch has been phenomenal! Enthusiastic members are undertaking the coaching program aiming towards a reward trip to Disneyland California and or, the YL Whispering Springs Farm in Mona, Utah and/or International Grand Convention 2019 along with their families.

I’m very pleased to note we’ve again grown by a massive 33% over last year, across Australia and New Zealand - an incredible feat! What’s interesting to note is that new enrollees also increased by 33%! I reminisce how far we’ve come since inception 19 years ago and I’m thankful to you, our loyal and hard-working members for the growth we have enjoyed every year.

This year also brought us incredible sadness with the loss of our inspirational founder D.Gary Young – my boss, my mentor and my friend. Gary was a driven man, a man on a mission, with a vision that had no boundaries. His own welfare was always secondary. When I first met Gary, although he wasn’t a big man, the moment he entered the room, I felt his presence fill the space.

Gary had his finger on the pulse of the business. He treated us, his management team, like we were members of his family. Whenever I called him, he always picked up. Whenever I texted him, he always replied. Gary (and Mary) have always given me unconditional love, support and encouragement, and I know I wasn’t special – this is just the way they support the whole team. Gary has helped each of us in many different ways and impacted millions of lives for the better with his incredible vision and pioneering work with essential oils.

Gary and Mary have built a culture where members come first and foremost, their focus is all about giving back, with the most generous compensation plan in the industry, and to those who have little to nothing, through the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation.

Gary lived the life of 10 men and accomplished more in his life than 100 men! His research and vision has benefited millions of people around the world – so far. You are Gary’s ambassadors. You will be his champions, and together we will share Gary’s vision with the world.

Thank you for all your hard work and support this year, without which, none of our achievements would have been possible. I sincerely appreciate your commitment in sharing Gary’s global vision to take essential oils to every home in the world.

Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and abundant New Year from Mary, my family and I, and your team in the ANZ office.

Sydney staff & families at the YL Christmas party – can you guess who Santa is?

Fondest regards,

Kristen Tod

General Manager, Australia and New Zealand

Training & Events

January LYPR, NZ Exclusive Training & Northern Lights Festival

The January Live Your Passion Rally: #YLUnites is coming!

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Light Up your New Year by hosting at the first Live Your Passion Rally in 2019!

Thousands of Young Living members in cities across the globe will be gathering for a member-hosted, training-focused meeting at Live Your Passion Rallies. These meetings provide an organised opportunity to reflect on past achievements and plan for the upcoming quarter. A great place for members to make new friendships, strategise with other teams, and network with other YL enthusiasts. We’ll share news, information, and training. You bring your energy, spirit, and passion. This is your opportunity to unite with the global YL community!

Host a rally event and get your team excited and ready to roll for 2019. There are lots of exciting prizes and surprises in store!

Learn more about LYPR and how you can host a Live Your Passion Rally event in Australia

Learn more about LYPR and how you can host a Live Your Passion Rally event in New Zealand

'Join' the YLUnites host Facebook group where you'll get the latest information relating to the rally, such as host conference calls, hints and tips as well as a chance to network with other hosts. Note: this is a closed group, so you will need to be LYPR host to join this group.

NZ Exclusive: Nutritionals & Essential Oil Workshops!

Join us for exclusive workshops!

Dates: 15 January - 10 February, 2019

This half day workshop will take you on a journey of knowledge. Learn about YL Nutritionals & Essential Oil Basics and see the incredible ‘Shaping a Diamond’ Presentation by Gold Member & Leader Maria Arora.


  • January 15 - Napier
  • January 20 - New Plymouth
  • January 25 - Palmerston North
  • January 27 - Wellington
  • February 3 - Christchurch
  • February 7 - Nelson
  • February 10 - Auckland

Price: $15 per attendee and receive a FREE essential oil!

Learn more and register for the workshops in New Zealand!

Join us at the Northern Lights Festival

Join our YL adventure in Fork Collins, BC, Canada

9-23 March, 2019

Are you ready for our Northern Lights Winter Festival?

We are excited to experience the great white north with you and join in the fun winter activities, such as dog sled races, snow mobile tours, build snowman building, antler tossing, hot springs outing, and jousting. Be a part of our effort to build the world’s largest snowman and see Young Living’s very own Seed to Seal® quality commitment firsthand. Mark your calendars for March 9-23 and get ready for the Northern Lights Festival, packed with winter activities your whole family will love.

More festival adventures to look forward to include:

  • Watch as champion ice carvers create sculptures in a large outdoor competition, battling it out for $7,500 in prize money.
  • Have fun and compete with native hand games.
  • Enjoy the outdoor antler tossing competitions.
  • Roll up your sleeves for a tea boiling contest.

We’re rounding out the event by kicking up our heels to live music from several popular Canadian artists. Registration is open now through February 28, 2019, at 5 p.m., MT.

Check out the event details and register now


Member Success Stories


This month we talk to Kim Dellar, YL Gold about her life transformation since taking up the Young Living opportunity.

From our one-on-one with Kim Dellar:

How has your life changed since you joined Young Living?

Young Living has given me another purpose in life. To share wellness and abundance with others. Young Living has also given me many new relationships with like-minded people, which makes life even more enjoyable.

Click here to read more from our interview with Kim Dellar

Click here to view all our featured Member Success Stories

Business Promotions

YL Academy Disney Leaderboard & Global Leadership Cruise!


Qualification period: 1 October 2018 - 31 March 2019

Event dates: 10 - 21 July, 2019

Our latest YL Academy Leaderboard results are here!

Here’s more fabulous news about YL Academy and especially our amazing participants! As we head into Month 3 of the programme, a whopping 80% of YLA participants have completed ALL assigned tasks! We’re absolutely thrilled with these results and if you’re in the programme, kudos to you!

Check out the latest LEADERBOARD of members who are on track to qualify for our Young Living Academy Disneyland Trip.

All the best to our members who are in the running for this great experience!

Find out more & enrol now for this magical opportunity in Australia

Find out more & enrol now for this magical opportunity in New Zealand

2019 Global Leadership Cruise

We’re counting down to the 31st December. Are you?

Qualification Period: 1 August - 31 December, 2018

Event dates: 7-14 June, 2019

If winning a place on our (sold-out) Global Leadership Cruise and experiencing the breathtaking Alaska Inside Passage aboard Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas is on your mind –you should be counting down the days. (By the way, we’ll be celebrating 25 Years of Young Living so, it’s going to be extra-special!)

First: diarise this date now: The GLC qualification period ends 31 December at 11:59 p.m. (US MT).

Second: remember, the criteria requires you to earn points by boosting your rank and the ranks of the downline members you earn commission on. It’s so simple. The more points you earn the closer the cruise!

Third: note that…

  • Members of all ranks can participate.
  • To be eligible for the prize, you must reach and maintain Silver rank or above between 1 August - 31 December, 2018.
  • You will compete against members within your market with the same paid rank status as of June 2018. See the official rules for information about rank, market, and global qualifications.
  • Will you be packing your suitcase a cruising the seas?

    Click here to learn how you can qualify for this (link leads to a YL US webpage)

    View the leaderboard in your Virtual Office

    Be informed - get social!

    Stay up-to-date on all the news on this exciting promotion and 'like' the GLC facebook page


    ER Bonus Update, Chinese Product Pricelist & More

    The ER Bonus is here to stay!

    Earn EXTRA with new ER enrolments!

    An exciting addition to the YL compensation plan

    Introduced earlier this year, the Essential Rewards Bonus was originally a temporary promotion that gave business-builders a bonus for helping new team members get on board with the benefits of Essential Rewards, but members loved it so much that it’s here to stay! As you continue to enrol friends and family with ER, you’ll receive this bonus!

    Here’s how it works:

  • If a member enrols with a Premium Starter Kit (PSK) and signs up on Essential Rewards (ER) with a 100 PV order at the same time, the enroller will earn an additional US$15 bonus paid out along with the Starter Kit Bonus.
  • For the bonus to apply, the ER order must process successfully the following month. In other words, the member must enrol with a PSK and sign up for ER in the first month, and the second-month ER order must process with 100 PV for the enroller to qualify for the bonus.
  • If the 100 PV ER order does not process successfully in the second month, the bonus will return to Young Living the following month.
  • Now it’s even more exciting for you to share all that Young Living has to offer. We’re excited to share with you this newly permanent compensation plan perk that rewards your efforts even more!

    With all of the amazing enrolment on ER challenges and activity, it’s worth reminding yourself of the additional rewards currently in place.

    Need a quick 6-minutes refresher course?

    Learn how this additional bonus and existing enroller bonuses work in this terrific webinar from Gold Leader, Andrew Wild

    New Chinese Product Pricelist is Here!

    Our Product Price Lists are now available in Chinese language!

    We're excited to bring to you the Chinese language versions of our Australian & New Zealand product pricelists.

    View Chinese launguage Product Pricelist for Australia

    View Chinese launguage Product Pricelist for New Zealand

    View Chinese launguage Product Pricelist on our Chinese language website

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