BUSINESS NEWS | October 16, 2018


Qualfiers of our September Promo, New Promos, Christmas Catalogue & More!

Announcing the qualifiers of our September Enrolment Promotion!

Congratulations to the qualifying members of our September enrolment promotion!


October Promotions: Looking for a Power Boost?

Promotional Period: 1-31 October, 2018

We all run low on confidence from time to time, but you can get motivated again and start seizing the day in just a few minutes. Whether you need to be at your best for a job interview, a big presentation, a first date, or simply to tackle today’s long list of errands, these essential oils and personal care products can help you refocus so you can conquer the next task!

Reach any of the following PV minimums with your October order and earn these great free products, including a bonus reward - a Basil 5 ml, if you are a qualifying Essential Rewards Member!

Find out more about our October PV promo in Australia

Find out more about our October PV promo in New Zealand


Our Christmas Catalogue is packed full with 18 unique gift packs, free giveaways, new products & more.

Promotional Period: 6th October 2018 - 8th January 2019, while stocks last!

Whether you celebrate with big, extravagant traditions or by focusing on the simple and small ways that you care, the holiday season can turn into a flurry of activity. Our Christmas Catalogue lets you step out of the blizzard of seasonal to-dos and easily find the perfect gift for everyone in your life.

All new orders will now include a printed Christmas catalogue free of charge.

Click here to flip over the pages to our online Christmas catalogue

Shop our 2018 Christmas Catalogue in Australia

Shop our 2018 Christmas Catalogue in New Zealand

We're excited to also bring to you, our first ever Chinese language Christmas catalogue for Australia & New Zealand!

View and Shop our 2018 Christmas Catalogue in Chinese language

YL Leadership Academy: Disneyland and IGC Contest

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Register for YL Academy (Disney Trip)!

Qualification period: 1 October 2018 - 31 March 2019

Event dates: 10-21 July , 2019

Just because the registration deadline for YL Academy is December 14th, don’t delay registering yourself.

Here’s why:

  • The longer you wait, the more pressure you’ll feel (you still need compete the entire 6-month coaching program – but in less time).
  • NOW is a great time to ‘stockpile’ points, because it’s one of the busiest times of the year – and ‘customers’ want to connect! (Check out the criteria for Active Distributors, Stars, Snr. Stars, Executives and Silver ranks. Note, for some criteria, you can earn 2 points for each consecutive month! Imagine how many points you’ll gather if you start now).

Of course, we never want to exclude those Members who join YL during the course of an amazing contest like YL Academy, that’s why we offer a late closing date for all registrations. However, if you’re already a YL Member, we highly recommend you register now, start your journey and make the most of the points-earning opportunities that are here, right now!

Remember, the $50 registration fee will be refunded as a product credit should you not be successful. How good it that!

Head over to your VO > Member Benefits > Promotions and register now! When you do, you’ll receive your first ‘Get Started’ email from your YL Academy Support Team on Friday 19th October and be eligible to view the first webinar too!

Learn how you can qualify for this magical opportunity in Australia

Learn how you can qualify for this magical opportunity in New Zealand

Rising Stars at Versace

Experience 5 star luxury at Palazzo Versace, on the Gold Coast!

Qualification period: August 1 - November 30, 2018

Event dates: 19 - 22 February, 2019

The first 75 Young Living emerging new leaders will qualify for the event, PLUS 5 Wild Card members who will be chosen by Young Living.

The base rank criteria for the Versace promotion as follows:


Any member who ranked Star or Senior Star in June 2018 and any member who has achieved the rank of Executive once only in the last two years (between 1st July 2016 and 31st July 2018) would be eligible to take part in the ‘Stars and Senior Stars rank up to Executive’ competition.

Qualify today and rise up like the star you are!


Any member who ranked Executive in June 2018 and any member who has achieved the rank of Silver once or twice in the last two years (between 1st July 2016 and 31st July 2018) would be eligible to take part in the ‘Executives rank up to Silver’ competition.

No doubt you’re aiming for this. So be sure to register now, in your Virtual Office using the code #25012. Even Wild Cards need to be registered to win a spot!

Click here to learn how you can qualify for this in Australia

Click here to learn how you can qualify for this in New Zealand

2019 Global Leadership Cruise

Are you on board?

Qualification Period: 1 August - 31 December, 2018

Event dates: 7-14 June, 2019

You could win a spot on our sold-out Global Leadership Cruise and experience the breathtaking Alaska Inside Passage aboard Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas. This cruise will be unlike any we’ve ever had before, because we’ll be celebrating 25 years of Young Living! You will want to be a part of this incredible celebration of our roots as we sail into a vibrant future.

The GLC promotion is well underway! It ends December 31 at 11:59 p.m. (US MT).You’ll earn points by boosting your rank and the ranks of the downline members you earn commission on. The more points you have, the closer you get to winning a spot on this historic GLC! This is our opportunity to reward you for your incredible efforts in growing your business.

Members of all ranks can participate. To be eligible for the prize, you must reach and maintain Silver rank or above between August 1-December 31, 2018. You will compete against members within your market with the same paid rank status as of June 2018. See the official rules for information about rank, market, and global qualifications.

Keep the competition alive by seeing your name on the leaderboard! There is still plenty of time left to earn points as part of this incredible promotion—you could come out on top!

Click here to learn how you can qualify for this (link leads to a YL US webpage)

View the leaderboard in your Virtual Office

Be informed - get social!

Stay up-to-date on all the news on this exciting promotion and 'like' the GLC facebook page

Training & Events

ART Skincare plus Savvy Workshops, Webinar & Blog

ART Skincare & Savvy Minerals Workshops!

Bring your guests and join us!

  • Brisbane: Saturday, 27 October 2018
  • Sydney: Saturday, 3 November 2018
  • Perth: Saturday, 10 November 2018

This is an exclusive hands-on, interactive workshop that allows you to touch, see, feel and try the entire Young Living ART Skincare & Savvy Minerals Make-up range.

Be quick. SAVE with Early Bird Pricing: $59 (On The Day Pricing: $69)

Get a FREE 5ml essential oil for attending and go in to the draw to win 1 of 3 prizes throughout the day!

Please note: As requested, lunch will not be provided in order to keep costs down for both Members and Guests. All venues have free onsite parking and are in close proximity to trains, cafes and shops.

Unfortunately, due to time of year challenges and venue availability, we are sorry to say that we’re unable to host events in Melbourne and Adelaide at this time.

Tickets are limited – Don’t delay - Find out more and Book Now!

We look forward to seeing you there!


Topic: How to Create a YL Christmas Experience Your Guests Will Love

Join dynamic Gold Leader Donne Cuzzola as she outlines what you can do to create a fun-filled Young Living Christmas experience; one that will engage and delight guests and (with a little follow-up) transform them into long-term customers and even Team Members!

Limited availability - Register Now for this FREE webinar to secure your spot.


Greet Spring with these DIY Custom Blends

Creating your own DIY spring-inspired blends is the perfect way to bring a breath of fresh air into your home. Diffuse any of these three great blends to embrace the cheery brightness of spring! Read more

Breathe in; breathe out: Our 5 essential oil picks for recharging

There are countless ways to use essential oils. Applying them topically can bring a range of benefits, and we love using our culinary essential oils in recipes. When we need a boost, there’s no denying that one of our favourite ways to recharge is simply enjoying the aromatic benefits of Young Living’s essential oils and blends by taking a few deep breaths. Read more

Ingredients you’ll never find in YL products

Do you remember middle school science class? The pungent smell of formaldehyde filling the air as you performed the school ritual of animal dissection? Did you know that many popular personal care products list formaldehyde as an ingredient or mention a preservative that releases formaldehyde? Yeah, we think it’s gross, too. That’s why we don’t include it in our products and have a list of other ingredients that Young Living doesn’t use. Read more


Member Success Story: Maria Jones & Rank Advancements!

Member Success Stories


This month we talk to Maria Jones, YL Gold about how her life has changed since taking up the Young Living opportunity.

From our one-on-one with Maria Jones:

How has your life changed since you joined Young Living?

I love being of service, and this company has given more than I could ever hope and dream of. I love making a difference - and on top of that, I have seen this bless so many families and people on every level with health, purpose and abundance.

Click here to read more from our interview with Maria

Click here to view all our featured Member Success Stories

Congratulations to our Rank Advancements for July & August!

We are thrilled to announce that the following members have rank advanced in July and August - congratulations!


  • Charlotte O, QLD - Qualified for Elite Express
  • Lisa M, NSW
  • Carmel I, WA
  • Kristine S, WA


  • Kathryn-Anne J, WA - Qualified for Elite Express
  • Lauren C, NSW
  • Margot B, NZ
  • Sheila P, VIC
  • Elise B, QLD - Qualified for Elite Express
  • Nikki H, NSW
  • Melanie J, WA
  • Rachel W, NSW
  • Gemma J, WA
  • Nicola B, WA
  • Cathy B, WA
  • Luna D, NSW
  • Nicky S, WA
  • Annie L, VIC - Qualified for Elite Express
  • Vicki N, WA
  • Kathryn C, NSW
  • Amy I, WA
  • Erin H, NSW
  • Lisa Z, VIC
  • Kevin R, SA
  • Sharon J, WA
  • Jenny P, NZ
  • Kristie B, WA
  • Christian G, NSW
  • Mercedes D, WA
  • Amanda F, WA
  • Fauna C, WA
  • Belinda S, NSW
  • Shayne C, WA
  • Sarah M, WA
  • Roda J, NSW
  • Natalie M, QLD


A message from Mary Young, our Co-Founder

A message from Mary

Hello, My Friends,

July was a very busy month for those of us living in Utah. Our Young Living jousting troupe was invited to do a demonstration at the Days of ’47 Rodeo that took place at the Utah State Fair grounds. It was only a 16-minute show; but even in the 100°F hot sun, it went very well and was fun for all those who were there to watch. Then our jousters went walking through the crowds in their heavy armor to answer questions and invite people to our Draft Horse Show in September.

However, most amazing to me was the tribute paid to Gary during the rodeo. Last year, Gary was invited to sit in the announcers’ box and talk about our horses, while Jason Goodman drove our six-up Percheron hitch as a new attraction for the rodeo, which was magnificent. Gary was the Idaho State champion in Saddle Bronc riding when he was in high school and had a great love for the cowboy skills demonstrated at rodeos.

Gary really connected with the directors of the rodeo, and they were greatly saddened by Gary’s passing. They gave a very beautiful tribute while Jacob led Gary’s horse into the arena. Then when Jacob moved out, Felix Santana rode in on one of our dancing Friesian horses to show the amazing ability of this breed of horses. He finished with the horse walking on his hind legs, which caused a roaring applause from the crowd.

They talked about Gary’s great love of horses and how he started the exciting modern-day essential oils movement. They love who we are and talked about Gary and Young Living throughout the entire rodeo. Everywhere we looked, we saw the words Young Living. The rodeo took place for five nights; and the last night when the prize money was given out, one of the riders who took first place in his event was asked how he felt, and he said, “I wouldn’t have made it if it hadn’t been for the Young Living products that helped me so much.” We were all surprised and amazed.

I was asked to present the awards for one of the events with Utah’s Governor Herbert. He and Gary met a few years ago, and Gary drove the stagecoach with the governor sitting next to him during one of our big holiday parades. The governor expressed his sadness as well but gave me a big hug with his support. It was wonderful to visit with him.

We had two big tents that were packed with people enjoying our NingXia products; and with such hot temperatures, we couldn’t fill the cups fast enough. The rodeo riders loved using Cool Azul and drank a lot of NingXia Red. The inquiries and new experiences people were having were very rewarding for all of us who spent long hours to make this event very successful for the rodeo and Young Living.

With love and gratitude,


New Product Guide, Pricelist, YL Gear & Nepal Service Trip


Our new Product Guide is now available to order! A great catalogue of our entire range with full colour images and information, the Product Guide is a useful resource & business tool.

The new Australian & New Zealand Pricelists are also available now.

Download these resources in your Virtual Office, in 'Member Resources > Price Guide & Product Guide'.

View the AU & NZ Product Guide

View the AU Price List

View the NZ Price List


Get a range of new pull up banners from Young Living Gear Australia & New Zealand!

Young Living Gear is the place to find all our Young Living business tools and merchandise such as banners, posters, apparel and more.

Check out the new banners and the whole range of YL merchandise at

Nepal Service Trip

Join us in empowering communities in Nepal!

Want to see the impact of your giving firsthand?

This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! Apply today to participate in The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation’s 2019 Nepal service trip. From now until October 31, you can apply for the Foundation’s March 8-21, 2019, service trip to Nepal. During this incredible excursion, you’ll get to:

  • Serve the children of Nepal— work on restoring 16 schools damaged in the 2015 earthquakes
  • Build and restore two women’s centres
  • Support local vendors and women’s co-op shops—join us on a shopping and sightseeing outing

Please note that this will be a physically strenuous service trip. Members will be working in construction, which includes hauling 12 to 15 pound bricks, pouring cement, cutting and tying rebar, etc.

There are a limited number of spots available for Foundation service trips. We will let all applicants know on November 5 if their application has been accepted. We are excited to serve with you!

Learn more and apply now