BUSINESS NEWS | September 24, 2018

Corporate Update

From Kristen Tod, our General Manager

From Kristen's Desk

Dear Members,

We've certainly had an amazing August! I'd love to share some of the highlights with you, in addition to more exciting updates for this month.

It was certainly a memorable weekend at the Mastermind exclusive training event. All our numbers have grown significantly in the last three years, and no doubt Mastermind has contributed to this success. We have grown from 61 attendees to Mastermind three years ago, to 269 this year! We were privileged to have three of the world’s gifted speakers and YL Diamonds, Sarah Harnisch, Richard Brooke and Kimmy Brooke educate and enthral the audience with their knowledge and expertise.

Thank you to all our members who travelled near and far to attend this event. I received great feedback and so many messages of appreciation soon after the event so I know it was well received. For those who were there, I'm sure your learning at Mastermind will be a growth accelerator for your business and mindset. This year we also had many of our Perth leaders watch the ‘live stream’ of Mastermind at Sydney from our new Perth Experience Centre. If you missed out on attending this year, it's certainly a worthy goal for to work towards for next year.

Whilst at its heart, our business and our culture remain the same, there is no doubt we have new members joining the business today who immediately grasp the business opportunity. We are on track to achieve $2B globally in sales this year. This will mean we will pay out over $1B in commissions to our members. No other network marketing company shares its profits as generously as Young Living does. Sharing everything he had was a big part of Gary’s legacy, one that Mary will continue. For Gary, it was always about putting members first.

This gives me an exciting segue to sharing with you, Young Living’s 5-year plan: the Young Living 5x5 Pledge. The 5x5 Pledge was announced by Jared Turner, our CEO who shared this recently. Beginning in 2019 and over the next five years, Young Living pledges to expand Gary’s vision in five interconnected ways, all of which will benefit you and your families in powerful ways: Five times more people empowered by the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation, Five years to zero waste, Five or more corporate-owned or partner farms developed each year, Five or more new markets opened each year and Five million additional households reached in five years. Learn more about this great plan for expansion in our Notices section below.

I’m excited to announce a valuable opportunity for all those aspiring to our Rising Stars at Versace promotion! As you may know, qualifiers of this the promotion will get to enjoy the exquisite 5-star Palazzo Versace hotel for three days leading up to our sold out 20th Anniversary celebrations in February 2019. Members who qualify for Versace will be eligible to purchase one ticket to our sold out 20th Anniversary Celebration to be held on 22-24 February 2019.

In this edition of Essential Business news our ‘Member Success Story’ features YL Gold leader, Meredith Olen. Meredith has gone from teaching music to embracing our oils and sharing this great opportunity with others. Her story resonates with so many women who are on this very same journey - juggling a work-life balance and aspiring for financial freedom.

I’m delighted that our Live Your Passion rally events are coming up soon (Saturday, 6th October). I hope you will take this wonderful opportunity to learn, network with other members and unite with the global YL community on our shared vision for wellness. There are so many great promotions and products lined up, so make sure you attend a rally near you.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the very exciting YL Leadership Academy reward trip to Disneyland California and the YL Whispering Springs Farm in Mona, Utah and/or International Grand Convention 2019 to enjoy with your family!

I wish you every success in achieving this ‘dream’ of an opportunity!

Fondest regards,

Kristen Tod

General Manager, Australia and New Zealand

Training & Events

Live Your Passion Rally & Savvy Minerals Training Coming Soon!


6 October

Can you feel the excitement? The October Live Your Passion Rally: #YLUnites is almost here!

In July, members across the globe gathered for the Live Your Passion Rally. Now we’re ready to do it again, on October 6 with even more Young Living members joining in the fun! We’ll share news, information, and training.

Everyone is welcome at these events, from the newest member to the most seasoned Crown Diamonds. You’ll also hear a corporate update to get a first look at exciting product launches and announcements.

Click here for information on LYPR event locations near you

Savvy Minerals & ART Skincare Training Coming Soon

Don't miss out!

If you love Young Living’s ART Skin Care and Savvy Minerals Make-up, then you’ll love this news!

Amanda Vastag our ART and Savvy Minerals Contract Trainer will be heading to the following cities, so diarise these dates now.

  • Saturday 27th October – Brisbane
  • Sunday 28th October – Melbourne
  • Saturday 3rd November – Sydney
  • Sunday 4th November – Adelaide
  • Saturday 10th November – Perth
  • Venues to be confirmed shortly.

    This is your chance to learn the basics, experience the products, check out the range and have a lot of fun too!


    Member Success Stories


    This month we talk to Meredith Olen, YL Gold about how her life has changed since taking up the Young Living opportunity.

    From our one-on-one with Meredith Olen:

    How has your life changed since you joined Young Living?

    I now have a life where I set my own work hours with the knowledge I am building financial security for my family and others in a way not possible before. I am able to be involved in my children’s lives more too, and the joy I experience supporting other women in particular, is immeasurable. I have regular ‘pinch me’ moments and am travelling more than ever before... something I love to do as well.

    Click here to read more from our interview with Meredith

    Click here to view all our featured Member Success Stories

    Business Promotions

    August Enrolment Promo Qualifiers, YL Academy Disney Rewards trip & Versace Promo!


    Congratulations to the qualifying members of our special August enrolment promotion!

    The following qualifiers get a FREE ROSE 5ml Essential Oil (our most precious EO, valued at AU$314.60/ NZ$340 Whsl.) for enrolling 5 new wholesale members on ER with a 200 PV order. The new members' first time order should have included a Premium Starter Kit, plus another 100 PV of any Young Living products.

  • Emima R, VIC
  • Helene H, NSW
  • Jenni C, WA
  • Masqrurah M, VIC
  • Rahel M, WA
  • Rosilah S, NSW
  • Shaojuan L, VIC
  • Theresa R, WA

    Congratulations to our winners for their incredible hard work and effort. Enjoy your special Rose essential oil!

  • A MAGICAL Opportunity to earn a FREE family trip to Disneyland & International Grand Convention, USA!

    Qualification period: 1 October 2018 - 31 March 2019

    Event dates: 10 - 21 July, 2019

    Be a goal achiever and reward your family!

    We're excited to announce that the Young Living Leadership Academy Class of 2019 is here!

    Earn a rewards trip to Disneyland California and the YL Whispering Springs Farm in Mona, Utah and/or International Grand Convention 2019 with your family

    This trip is available for Star and above members.

    Find out more & enrol now for this magical opportunity in Australia

    Find out more & enrol now for this magical opportunity in New Zealand

    Rising Stars at Versace: Registrations close October 1, plus more!

    Qualification period: 1 August - 30 November, 2018

    Event dates: 19 - 22 February, 2019

    If you’re aiming to be a Rising Star at our Versace promotion on the Gold Coast, the above dates will definitely be on your mind!

    If not…why not?

    Register for this amazing contest NOW before registrations close on October 1st. Don’t wait. You must be registered for a chance to be one of our 5 ‘wildcard’ qualifiers.

    There’s more! Qualifiers will also be eligible to purchase a ticket to our sold-out 20th Anniversary Celebration to be held on 22-24 February 2019!

    Just a reminder for qualification criteria:

    You must enrol new Members on Essential Rewards with 100PV. You must make sure your new Members place 3 consecutive Essential Rewards orders.

    Our first 75 emerging Leaders will attend!

    Click here to learn more on this promotion in Australia

    Click here to learn more on this promotion in New Zealand


    New YL 5x5 Pledge, Member Services Notices & New Partner Farm


    It’s no secret that Young Living has not only established but has led the modern-day essential oils movement for nearly 25 years. As we approach our quarter-century anniversary, we’re continuing to lead by keeping our focus on bold, world-changing goals. Yesterday, Young Living’s executives announced an unprecedented program that will not only redefine our industry leadership but will also elevate our positive impact on the earth, on communities, and on individual families—5 million families, to be exact. Meet the Young Living 5x5 Pledge!

    Beginning in 2019 and over the next five years, Young Living pledges to expand our founder D. Gary Young’s vision in these five interconnected ways:

    FIVE TIMES MORE PEOPLE EMPOWERED BY THE D. GARY YOUNG, YOUNG LIVING FOUNDATION From rescuing children from human trafficking and slums to preventing malaria, the Foundation currently changes thousands of lives every year by empowering the underserved. We believe in uplifting people, so in the next five years, we pledge to quintuple the number of lives changed by our Foundation.

    FIVE YEARS TO ZERO WASTE Our members value the fact that when they use a bottle of our essential oil, they are interacting ethically and authentically with nature. From the Standards pillar of Seed to Seal to the Green Globe and LEED specifications we will be following at our new Global Headquarters, we take our stewardship of the planet seriously. We are humbled by our responsibility and visibility as an industry green leader, so in the next five years, we will take our global operations to zero waste status and strive to offset our carbon footprint through our vast network of partner and corporate farms.

    FIVE OR MORE CORPORATE-OWNED OR PARTNER FARMS DEVELOPED EACH YEAR Our farms are the heart of our Seed to Seal commitment and forever part of our DNA. They help us create a more stable and controlled supply chain, allow us to stay on the forefront of essential oil research, and empower our members with the knowledge of where their oils come from. We are passionate about collaborating with nature to bring our members the most pure products on Earth, so each year for the next five years, we will develop five or more of these beautiful corporate-owned and partner farms.

    FIVE OR MORE NEW MARKETS OPENED EACH YEAR With every new market Young Living opens, we open doors of wellness and empowerment to both new members in that market and to talented new employees who are passionate about making a positive impact. Because our mission is to allow more people than ever to experience whole-life wellness through becoming a part of the Young Living family, we will open at least five new markets each year over the next five years.

    FIVE MILLION ADDITIONAL HOUSEHOLDS REACHED IN FIVE YEARS As we expand our positive impact through philanthropy, green initiatives, new farms, and new markets, our reach will also increase. Gary dedicated his life to bringing essential oils to every home in the world, and because we are committed to dramatically furthering that vision, we pledge to reach 5 million more households within five years.

    This bold pledge is just that—bold; but so too was Gary, who was never content to rest on his accomplishments. The core of this pledge is based on the Latin phrase Gradatim Ferociter, or “Step by step, ferociously,” which is the way Gary lived his life.

    Use the Young Living 5x5 Pledge to guide your journey at Young Living, because we need the passion and buy-in of each member to accomplish these goals. Feel free to print off this flyer and keep it posted in key locations around your home to stay inspired. We will also be sharing much more detailed information about this pledge with you and the world in the coming months.

    Thank you for all you do. Let’s make five times the difference in 2019 and beyond!

    Member Services open on 29th September & 6th October, closed 1st October

    To better support your needs towards the tail end of the month, please note that Member Services Australia and New Zealand phone lines will be open from 10am – 4pm on Saturday 29th September AEST.

    Please note, the Labour day public holiday closure for Member Services Australia & New Zealand on Monday 1st October.

    Member Services Australia and New Zealand phone lines will also be open from 12pm – 5pm on Saturday 6th October AEST to better support you on Live Your Passion Rally day.

    We wish all our hosts and attendees a successful rally day! Thank you.


    Let's all give a big welcome to one of Young Living's newest partner farms: the Amanzi Amahle Farm and Distillery. With offices located in the Cape Town, South Africa, region and more than 29,000 acres of farmland all over Africa, this new farm is going to pack a big punch for Young Living. Amanzi Amahle will help provide some of your favorite household essential oils, including Tea Tree, Eucalyptus Radiata, Grapefruit, Orange, and Lemon!

    We're proud to join with the Amanzi Amahle Farm and Distillery because of their 35 years of experience in sustainable growing practices for essential oil botanicals. They boast an extensive farming network and have massive potential for new crop development, which allows them to grow with Young Living as we become a $2 billion and beyond company!

    It's important to us that wherever we put down roots, we're bolstering and supporting the local community. Young Living is excited about this farm's commitment to socially conscious principles!

    The soil our botanicals will be grown in is of the utmost quality. At the Amanzi Amahle Farm, most of the weed control is done by hand, and they proudly practice Seed to Seal® sustainability by scattering leftover spent leaf biomass back into the land, among other sustainability methods. Of course, all aspects of the process—from planting to distillation—are monitored and maintained through their quality control practices and testing; an independent audit also ensures that the essential oils produced meet our strict Seed to Seal standards.

    We are thrilled to have the Amanzi Amahle Farm and Distillery join with us to deliver high-quality essential oils to families across the globe!