BUSINESS NEWS | July 19, 2018


LYPR Enrolment Promo Extended, NEW Savvy Minerals PSK & Rising Stars at Versace

LYPR Enrolment Promotion - Extended!

We're celebrating our Live Your Passion Rally member events across Australia and New Zealand held last Saturday with this special offer!

For a limited time only, you can enrol with the LYPR Dewdrop Premium Starter Kit, which includes a Dewdrop PSK plus a second Dewdrop Diffuser priced at 40% off!

Promotional Period: July 14 - July 20, 2018 (Extended due to popular demand!)

Learn more about the LYPR Enrolment Promo in Australia

Learn more about the LYPR Enrolment Promo in New Zealand

Introducing the NEW Savvy Minerals by Young Living Premium Starter Kit!

Get all your Savvy favourites in one gorgeous kit!

Enrol with our Savvy Minerals by Young Living Premium Starter Kit, and start your journey with Young Living by putting your freshest face forward. Our mineral makeup range is free from nasties, cruelty-free and you'll feel absolutely amazing wearing it.

Choose a Savvy Minerals by Young Living Premium Starter Kit with a makeup set that has everything you need to create effortless, versatile looks without ever compromising on quality.

Our makeup kit lets you choose from two options, with shades selected to complement a range of skin tones and premium products, including our pure mineral foundation, super-pigmented eyeshadows, and universally flattering lip gloss.

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Click here to learn more about the Savvy PSK in New Zealand

Rising Stars at Versace

Experience 5 star luxury at Palazzo Versace, on the Gold Coast!

Qualification period: August 1 - November 30, 2018

Event dates: 19 - 22 February, 2019

The first 75 Young Living emerging new leaders will qualify for the event, PLUS 5 Wild Card members who will be chosen by Young Living.

Qualify today and rise up like the star you are!

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Training & Events

20th Anniversary Celebration, Webinar & Events

20th Anniversary Celebration 2019: Last Few Tickets!

22 - 24 February, 2019

Young Living Australasia turns twenty next year - this is an event that you absolutely do not want to miss! Ticket sales have been phenomenal, so register now to secure your spot and save 20% off original ticket pricing to attend our 20th Anniversary celebrations.

Learn more about our 20th Anniversary celebrations

Register Now for only AU$440 instead of AU$550. The monthly payment plan spread over 6 months makes it really affordable.

Kids Club

Your little ones and teens will be in good hands and have just as much fun as you will at Kids Club.

Dates available: Saturday 23rd February & Sunday 24th February 2019. You can book for either one or two days.

We’ve catered for kids from babies to teens (under 15 years) so please note the different tailored options available before making your booking.

Click here to learn more and book Kids Club

Exclusive Flight & Transfer Packages by MTA Travel

Our preferred travel agent, MTA Travel is providing exclusive flight and airport transfer packages to our Anniversary Celebration event from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch.

Please note when booking your flights, you should aim to arrive on Friday morning February 22nd, and leave Gold Coast or Brisbane airport no earlier than 6pm on Sunday 24th February 2019 as the agenda will finish at 3pm. We have a full day of activities on Friday that you won’t want to miss. These include Savvy Minerals makeovers, professional photography portraits, Young Living Foundation Sole Hope workshop, yoga classes and more! Saturday and Sunday will be full days with stage presentations, breakout sessions and Product Expo. Additional details and registration for Friday events will be made available over the next few months.

Also note that there will be New Executive Training with Nicki Keohohou on the Gold Coast from February 19th to 22nd, so if this is something that you are likely to qualify for, then please take these dates into account when booking your flights. Qualification period commences on August 1st, 2018.

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Upcoming Business Webinar

Topic: Regulatory and Compliance

  • Date: Tuesday, 24th July
  • Time: 7.00PM (Sydney time)
  • Speaker: Steve Said, YL Director of Compliance
  • Topic outline: In this Regulatory and Compliance webinar Steven will discuss the Young Living Policies & Procedures and how they impact on your business. Keep yourself informed! It is important to business growth that you understand the Young Living Policies and Procedures and how these are used as the basis for building a successful Young Living Membership.

Click here to join - This is a FREE webinar!

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Congratulations to our May Rank Advancements!

We are thrilled to announce that the following members have rank advanced in May - what a fantastic month!


  • Kylie & Glenn Byrant, WA


  • Jen Gallagher, QLD


  • Cyrene K, VIC
  • Rebecca K, QLD - Qualified for Elite Express


  • Wan Sze C, VIC
  • Katrina M, WA
  • Rebecca M, WA
  • Tania M, WA
  • Catherine C, VIC
  • Abbie M, SA
  • Melissa B, NZ
  • Amy B, TAS - Qualified for Elite Express
  • Renita S, NZ
  • Emma C, WA
  • Maria W, WA
  • Stacey H, WA
  • April A, WA - Qualified for Elite Express
  • Ratamanee C, NSW - Qualified for Elite Express
  • Marjolaine S, VIC
  • Kristen P, WA
  • Fang L & Jianhua W, NSW


  • Anthony P, NSW
  • Merlion X, VIC
  • Sophia W, NZ
  • Michelle S, NZ
  • Dorothea & Martin L, WA
  • Kayleigh K, QLD
  • Gabriella T, VIC
  • Ingrid G, VIC
  • Gloria L, WA
  • Lyn W, WA
  • Yin C, VIC
  • Kelly H, NSW
  • Isaac G, QLD
  • Joanna L, WA
  • Lee T, Julie H, NSW
  • Wendy O, VIC
  • Sahori S, SA
  • Tanya J, WA
  • Rachel D, NSW
  • Lesley L, VIC
  • Siok Mei L, VIC
  • Rachel L, QLD - Qualified for Elite Express
  • Le Ann B, NSW
  • Mikaela P, WA
  • Helen D, WA
  • Cari H, NSW
  • Brian & Bev R, NSW
  • Casey I, WA
  • Vrushali M, WA
  • Duangtip C, NSW - Qualified for Elite Express
  • Hannah P, NSW
  • Shantala C, SA
  • Sharon G, NSW - Qualified for Elite Express
  • Esther A, NSW - Qualified for Elite Express
  • Michael G, WA - Qualified for Elite Express
  • Laura F, VIC
  • Jacinta D, WA - Qualified for Elite Express
  • Wan R, WA
  • Natalie J, WA
  • Kylie B, WA
  • Susan H, WA
  • Lorrene M, SA
  • Chrissy W, WA
  • Lai Ngor M, VIC


A message from Mary Young, our Co-Founder

A message from Mary

As I contemplate what I might write, I find it difficult to express on paper the sadness of such a great loss. Feelings of shock, sadness, and loving support keep coming from around the world. I feel a heavy responsibility and am grateful for all the support from those in the office and you out there in the field.

Gary’s funeral was truly a celebration of his life and the greatness that he achieved. He loved the horses, he loved the bagpipes, and he loved those who spoke and the family who gave him tribute. I felt so blessed with the dignity that Jacob and Josef showed as they paid homage to their father.

His body rests in a beautiful mountain setting overlooking the ranch in Tabiona that he loved so much. He is exactly where he wanted to be laid; and for those of you who visit, in a quiet moment, you might hear him riding his horse and laughing at us who mourn. He might even have a message for you if you are sensitive enough to hear it.

Gary’s passing, as tragic and early as it was, causes great introspection about life, how we live each day, how we treat each other, and to prepare the path we walk. Gary accomplished more in his life than probably a hundred men combined. He lived life to the fullest and didn’t waste a minute. He was a genius—a visionary—who saw no boundaries and wondered what was wrong with all the rest of us who simply didn’t get it.

What he has given the world, no other man has given, nor will any other man be able to walk in his shoes. However, the knowledge he has given us will continue to inspire and motivate those who are looking for answers to help them find the opportunity to achieve beyond their own expectations.

We will all miss him deeply, but his dream will live within us as we carry his mission to the world with the pure essential oils for which he gave his life.

May God bless you all in your quest to follow your dreams with the opportunity that Gary set in place for us. Let us never forget his sacrifice and honour him with our commitments and the way we keep the love burning within our Young Living family.

With heartfelt love and thanks,


Introducing: Young Living Central!

A One-Stop-Shop for all your Young Living Resources!

The new Young Living Central (Or YLC as it is called) categorises all the business tools such as product infographics, product information pages, videos, powerpoint presentations as well as all the forms that you need in easy-to-navigate categories.

From now onwards if you’re looking for any product or business information this will be the place to start. Its very intuitive and easy to understand. This is just the first of an ongoing process and the Young Living team will be continuously adding on new tools as they are developed.

You can find the YLC tab under Member Resources in the Virtual Office.

Click here to view the YLC video on our YouTube channel

Savvy Minerals New Mascara - item code change

Please note that the item code for the Savvy Minerals by Young Living Natural Black Mascara has been changed. Please order this product using the item code 24331 and not 22000 as advertised. This has been updated on the VO, website and digital pricelist. Our apologies for any confusion caused.

Click here to learn more about the Savvy Mascara in Australia

Click here to learn more about the Savvy Mascara in New Zealand