BUSINESS NEWS | June 22, 2018

Corporate Update

From Kristen Tod, our General Manager

From Kristen's Desk

Dear Members,

What an emotional roller coaster the past month has been. It was with great sadness we all learned of Gary Young, our beloved Founder’s passing on 12th May. I was grateful to Jared Turner, President and Chief Operating Officer for suggesting we host our own Memorial Service for Gary, here in Sydney. My heartfelt gratitude to those of you who attended this special service. I would like to share an excerpt of the eulogy I gave in honour of my boss, my mentor and my friend, Gary Young.

Gary was a driven man, a man on a mission, with a vision that had no boundaries. His own welfare was always secondary. Researching Gary, before I joined Young Living (YL), his well-documented, “love and devotion to his staff”, was the reason I joined YL. Meeting Mary on a Skype call cemented it for me - I felt, “I’ve found my home”.

When I first met Gary, although he wasn’t a big man, the moment he entered the room, I felt his presence fill the room. Gary quizzed me about my thoughts on the business at the time and I explained I felt YL Australia, despite being open for 16 years at the time, hadn’t even scratched the surface. I explained I surveyed 40 people, half of them in network marketing, and yet no-one had heard of YL. What an opportunity! Gary told me he felt our HQ was located in the wrong city and felt Sydney would provide a better opportunity for us to grow. When I saw him next, 3 months later, the first thing he said to me was, “Have you moved yet?!”

Favourite memories I will always treasure, was watching him in his home at Tabiona, interacting with his family. It was obvious how much he loved Mary, Jacob and Josef. Sitting around the dining room table, talking about his childhood, my childhood (both growing up in farming communities), Country & Western music playing, Gary and Mary dancing around the kitchen, Mary singing, Mary doing our washing when I fell in the mud! Gary taking us fishing, even though it was zero degrees! Taking us horseback riding, and when one GM fell off his horse, he said “just get back on!”, with Jacob and Josef looking on in amusement. To Sigrid, our former Marketing Manager he mentioned “you can climb that elk fence, it’s only 6’!”, Or riding with him in a 4-wheeler buggy up the side of the mountain in sludgy snow, with the edge of the cliff only inches away, “Isn’t this fun?!”. For the record, it was terrifying! Gary’s motto was “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space”.

Gary had his finger on the pulse of the business. He treated us, his management team, like we were members of his family. Whenever I called him, he always picked up. Whenever I texted him, he always replied. Gary (and Mary) have always given me unconditional love, support and encouragement and I know I wasn’t special – this is just the way they support the whole team.

I was astounded how simply and modestly Gary and Mary lived. Mary driving her 30-year old car she won as a prize in a previous network marketing company. No salubrious mansion, no private jets, no maids, no private islands, no helicopters to go to golf – it wasn’t what I was used to - coming from 15 years of working for the world’s largest network marketing company which is privately owned. Quite simply, they have no interest in material wealth. Gary and Mary have built a culture where their people come first and foremost, their focus is all about giving back to their members, with the most generous compensation plan in the industry and to those who have little or nothing, through their foundation.

Gary lived the life of 10 men and accomplished more in his life than 100 men! His research and vision has benefited millions of people around the world – so far. How would I describe Gary? I would use these adjectives to describe Gary: Maverick (his spirit), amazing work ethic, passion for life, an inspiration to others, bold, courageous, pioneering, driven, old-fashioned gentlemanly manners and kind.

Mary said God was Gary’s foundation, and his word was his bond, and to let anyone down was to disappoint God. He called the bible his Owner’s Manual. He trusted in others until they proved him wrong. I feel this philosophy he lived by is dying in our society today – sadly, having morals to live by, in one’s personal life and business life - seems to be disappearing. I know how deeply wounded Gary was (because he told me), when the people he trusted the most with his company betrayed him & Mary, and used the salaries he paid them to start a business in opposition to them. How do you recover from that? Yet he held his head high, knowing he had a destiny to fulfil…

YL globally has grown 800% in the last 5 years. And this year we are on track to reach $2Billion! In Australia we have grown 74% in the last 3 years. This year we are tracking to grow 41% & NZ 171%. My vision is that we become the largest network marketing company in Australia & New Zealand & to help us achieve this, we have two amazing people at the helm of our company.

Mary our CEO, achieved the highest rank in another network marketing company before meeting Gary, and this understanding gives her a unique perspective into what you do every day, and makes her the perfect champion for our members.

Jared Turner our new President and Chief Operating Officer, has been mentored by Gary every day for the last 6 years. Jared is a great leader in his own right and understands with great clarity Gary’s vision for the future of the company. Jared and our accomplished Senior Management Team, will ensure we take Gary’s vision of taking the priceless benefits of our beautiful essential oils and products to every home in the world for many years to come.

You are Gary’s ambassadors. You will be his champions, and together we will share Gary’s vision with the world.

God bless you Gary. For I know you will be watching over us.

Fondest regards,

Kristen Tod

General Manager

Training & Events

IGC Highlights, Aroma Yoga Training, 20th Anniversary & More!

2018 International Grand Convention Highlights

Three days of excitement, passion, vision and recognition all came together for one incredible experience at Young Living’s biggest annual event last week at Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Day one of the 2018 Freedom themed International Grand Convention kicked off with powerful moments at General Session as our CEO, Mary Young, reflected on the freedoms that the late Gary Young’s genius brought the world. Together we celebrated Gary's insatiable passion for helping others with powerful oils, and were reminded that in every drop of oil or YL product that we use, we remember Gary. His heart and his soul is in the oils and products that we share with the world, including the exciting new products announced at convention which help us to share that legacy with others.

Gary's long-held beliefs and personal example resonating in every detail of convention, "The best thing you can do is invest in yourself, trust in yourself and live your dream." That is at the heart of convention, it's about investing in yourself, your passion, your beliefs and finding your path to achieving your full potential!

Read more about the highlights of this spectacular Convention

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Aromatherapy Yoga Teacher Training - an opportunity for you

An opportunity you don't want to miss!

Offering Yoga Instructors an exclusive training day, presented by Ed Dailey (visiting from the U.S.) and joined by Brenda Rogers, our Training Manager.

We're bringing Young Living’s renowned expertise to yoga professionals in your local area and showing them how they can share aromatherapy with students and incorporate it into classes.

If you are looking to grow your team, build your business and rank advance, this is a wonderful opportunity for you too.

What can you do to maximise this opportunity?

  • Read the NEW and updated e-flyer.
  • Familiarise yourself with the benefits that Yoga teachers will enjoy.
  • Check out the Yoga Studios in your area and pop in. (Face-to-face is best.) Be sure to leave the flyer and your contact details.
  • Email those just out of reach – but call ahead, send the email and be sure to follow up within 24-hours.
  • Highlight the Early Bird deadline, cost-savings and additional rewards.
  • Promote Ed Dailey’s credentials and that he’s U.S. based and here for a limited time. All the information can be found on the flyer.
  • We’re sure you will have great success. A little time spent now could be a huge boost to your business.

    VIEW & DOWNLOAD the printable Flyer & Agenda

    CLICK HERE to register for Sydney, Brisbane or Perth events!


    13-15 July, 2018

    Enjoy a day of essential learning and pampering with ART skincare & Savvy Minerals By Young Living!

    These FREE workshops are a hands-on and interactive training sessions that will take you on a journey to luxurious, gorgeous, younger-looking skin with our pure skincare & makeup products.

    Workshops are exclusive to New Zealand members and friends.

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    20th Anniversary Celebration 2019: Get your tickets before earlybird pricing ends on June 30!

    22 - 24 February, 2019

    Young Living Australasia turns twenty next year - this is an event that you absolutely do not want to miss! Register now for the best possible ticket pricing to attend our 20th Anniversary celebrations.

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    Kids Club

    Your little ones and teens will be in good hands and have just as much fun as you will at Kids Club.

    Dates available: Saturday 23rd February & Sunday 24th February 2019. You can book for either one or two days.

    We’ve catered for kids from babies to teens (under 15 years) so please note the different tailored options available before making your booking.

    Click here to learn more and book Kids Club

    Exclusive Flight & Transfer Packages by MTA Travel

    Our preferred travel agent, MTA Travel is providing exclusive flight and airport transfer packages to our Anniversary Celebration event from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch.

    Please note when booking your flights, you should aim to arrive on Friday morning February 22nd, and leave Gold Coast or Brisbane airport no earlier than 6pm on Sunday 24th February 2019 as the agenda will finish at 3pm. We have a full day of activities on Friday that you won’t want to miss. These include Savvy Minerals makeovers, professional photography portraits, Young Living Foundation Sole Hope workshop, yoga classes and more! Saturday and Sunday will be full days with stage presentations, breakout sessions and Product Expo. Additional details and registration for Friday events will be made available over the next few months.

    Also note that there will be New Executive Training with Nicki Keohohou on the Gold Coast from February 19th to 22nd, so if this is something that you are likely to qualify for, then please take these dates into account when booking your flights. Qualification period commences on August 1st, 2018.

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    Upcoming Business Webinar

    Topic: Follow up is Fun Part 2

    • Date: Tuesday, 26th June
    • Time: 7.00PM (Sydney time)
    • Speaker: Neena Love, YL Platinum member
    • Topic outline: In this webinar Neena will discuss what to do now that your prospects have become customers. How do you keep them and turn them into fans?
    • Click here to view Part 1 on our YouTube channel.

    Click here to join - This is a FREE webinar!

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    View all upcoming training events in New Zealand (checkout the FREE training coming up in July)


    Member Success Stories


    This month we talk to Katie Bashford, YL Platinum about how her life has transformed since taking up the Young Living opportunity.

    From our one-on-one with Katie Bashford:

    How has your life changed since you joined Young Living?

    Oh my, I am not sure there is enough room to list all of the changes in my life since joining Young Living! Well, I sleep swiftly and deeply every single night, despite breaking all the pre-sleep routines and working on my computer until 5 minutes before bed.

    As a family we are so much healthier, avoiding much of the illness that goes through my kids’ school. I love that my children, ages 3, 5 and 7, are big fans of the essential oils and they intuitively know what they need.

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    Business Promotions

    Mastermind 2018 & YL Gear's EOFY Sale!

    Mastermind 2018 - an exclusive training event

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    Announcing our Global Leadership Cruise - join the waitlist!

    Join the Waitlist for the Global Leadership Cruise!

    7-14 June, 2019

    At the 2018 International Grand Convention, we announced that we are setting sail to celebrate 25 years of Young Living! The Global Leadership Cruise (GLC) will run June 7-14, 2019, and it will allow members to experience the breathtaking Alaska Inside Passage aboard Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas. The GLC is a wonderful opportunity to network with peers and learn from the global Young Living community—but it’s not all about business! Registrants are invited to bring their family for an unforgettable week of fun and relaxation.

    Due to an overwhelming amount of registrants for the 2019 GLC, we are currently sold out of cabins; but you can still get on the waitlist by signing up here and selecting your preferred cabin type. In the event that your requested cabin type becomes available, you will be contacted in the order the request was received.

    Thank you for your support and understanding. We are excited to celebrate 25 years of Young Living!