BUSINESS NEWS | June 1, 2018


Dalmatia Trip Update, Mastermind & NEW Women's Wellness ER Bundle

Our European Trip of a lifetime – update

Well done to all our members who are in the running to qualify for this exciting trip!

The qualification period for this exciting promotion has ended. Thank you to all our members who worked hard to qualify for our Dalmatia Aromatic Farm Experience trip coming up in October this year.

The audits are currently being carried out, and we will announce the winners in two week's time.

All the best to our qualifiers for a trip of a lifetime!

Learn more about the Dalmatia Aromatic Farm experience trip (for Australian members)

Learn more about the Dalmatia Aromatic Farm experience trip (for New Zealand members)

Mastermind 2018 - an exclusive training event

Do you want to take your business to the next level and really accelerate your success?

Qualification Period: April 7 - June 30, 2018

Event dates: 25 - 26 August, 2018

Then make sure you qualify to attend Mastermind 2018, open to Australia and New Zealand members. If you are striving to build your Young Living business, then this is an event you cannot miss! You will learn the tools you need to maximise your Young Living business and experience the rewards for your effort.

Click here to learn how you can qualify for this in Australia

Click here to learn how you can qualify for this in New Zealand

Introducing the NEW Women's Wellness Essential Rewards Bundle Plus special promotion!

Discover a natural and holistic way to energise and balance physical and emotional health with this specially designed bundle for women.

The Women's Wellness ER Bundle includes: 30 x NingXia Red® 60 ml sachets; (GST free), 1 x Sensation™ 5 ml, 3 x 15 ml essential oils (Grapefruit, Progessence Phyto Plus™, Tangerine).

  • NingXia Red is guaranteed to nourish your body. Treasured by the natural health community, this natural beverage, rich in goodness, brings life to your cells and promotes optimal wellbeing.
  • Sensation essential oil is a beautiful blend of oils that uplift and arouse. Dabbed onto the inside of the wrists, it’s alluring, romantic scent is guaranteed to spice up your love life!
  • Grapefruit essential oil cleanses and purifies the body. A few drops to flavour your drinking water will help you recover your inner sparkle.
  • Progessence Phyto Plus™ is an amazing essential oil blend much loved by women over 30 throughout the world. It helps you develop equanimity and patience and elevates the mood particularly around challenging times of the month. Apply to the skin daily or use as a facial serum.
  • Tangerine essential oil promotes joy and a lightness of spirit, making it a wonderful oil to diffuse at the end of a busy day.
  • Click here to get the Women's Wellness ER Bundle in Australia

    Click here to get the Women's Wellness ER Bundle in New Zealand

    Women's Wellness ER Bundle Promo

    Take advantage of this special promotion, valid until 30th June or until stocks last!

    Click here to view the Women's Wellness ER Promo

    Training & Events

    Honouring our Founder Gary Young, Symposium Kids Club, Yoga & More!

    Honouring our Founder Gary Young

    A moving service commemorating the extraordinary life of our Founder

    On the 12th of May we lost a legend and an extraordinary leader, our beloved Founder D. Gary Young. It's been a tough few weeks since then. Gary was loved by thousands and we have so many wonderful memories of a very special leader.

    We commemorated Gary's extraordinary life in a special Memorial Service in Sydney on the 19th of May. Our heartfelt thanks to all who were part of, and everyone who attended this moving service.

    Thank you for your sacrifices, legacy, dedication, vision & unconditional love Gary. You're forever in our hearts!

    Watch the video of the reflection of the Memorial Service

    Click here to view photos from Gary's Sydney Memorial Service

    Online tributes

    We invite members and friends to share memories of Gary on the new website dedicated to Gary's life and work:

    Thank you for taking the time to honour a truly great humanitarian. We will forever remember Gary with great fondness.

    Symposium 2019: Kids Club & Exclusive Flight Packages are here!

    Symposium Kids Club: 23rd & 24th February, 2019

    We're excited to announce your little ones and teens will be in good hands and have just as much fun as you will at Symposium 2019. Symposium is the biggest event that Young Living Australia and New Zealand hold once every two years and an experience that you absolutely do not want to miss!

    Dates available: Saturday 23rd February & Sunday 24th February 2019. You can book for either one day or both days.

    We’ve catered for kids from babies to teens so please note the different tailored options available before making your booking.

    Click here to learn more and book Symposium Kids Club

    Exclusive Flight & Transfer Packages to Symposium by MTA Travel

    Our preferred travel agent, MTA Travel is providing exclusive flight and airport transfer packages to Symposium from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch.

    Please note when booking your flights for Symposium, that you should aim to arrive on Friday morning February 22nd, and leave Gold Coast or Brisbane airport no earlier than 6pm on Sunday 24th February 2019 as the agenda will finish at 3pm. Unlike previous Symposiums, we have a full day of activities on Friday that you won’t want to miss. These include Savvy Minerals makeovers, professional photography portraits, Young Living Foundation Sole Hope workshop, yoga classes and more! Saturday and Sunday will be full days with stage presentations, breakout sessions and Product Expo. Additional details and registration for Friday events will be made available over the next few months.

    Also note that there will be New Executive Training with Nicki Keohohou on the Gold Coast from February 19th to 22nd, so if this is something that you are likely to qualify for, then please take these dates into account when booking your flights. Qualification period commences on August 1st, 2018.

    Click here to book exclusive flight & airport transfer packages for Symposium by MTA Travel

    Aromatherapy Yoga Teacher Training - an opportunity for you

    We're offering Yoga Instructors an exclusive training day, presented by Ed Dailey (visiting from the U.S.) and joined by Brenda Rogers, our Training Manager.

    We're bringing Young Living’s renowned expertise to yoga professionals in your local area and showing them how they can share aromatherapy with students and incorporate it into classes.

    If you are looking to grow your team, build your business and rank advance, this is a wonderful opportunity for you too. Here are just three reasons why:

  • Yoga teachers are like-minded and share a similar client base as Young Living.
  • They are business-minded professionals with a strong, existing clientele.
  • They will appreciate new ways to market their businesses and differentiate themselves from competitors.
  • What can you do to maximise this opportunity?

  • Read the NEW and updated e-flyer.
  • Familiarise yourself with the benefits that Yoga teachers will enjoy.
  • Check out the Yoga Studios in your area and pop in. (Face-to-face is best.) Be sure to leave the flyer and your contact details.
  • Email those just out of reach – but call ahead, send the email and be sure to follow up within 24-hours.
  • Highlight the Early Bird deadline, cost-savings and additional rewards.
  • Promote Ed Dailey’s credentials and that he’s U.S. based and here for a limited time. All the information can be found on the flyer.
  • We’re sure you will have great success. A little time spent now could be a huge boost to your business.

    VIEW & DOWNLOAD the printable Flyer & Agenda

    CLICK HERE to register for Sydney, Brisbane or Perth events!

    Upcoming Business Webinar

    Topic: Follow up is Fun - Part 2

    • Date: Tuesday, 26th June
    • Time: 7.00PM (Sydney time)
    • Speaker: Neena Love, YL Platinum member
    • Topic outline: In this webinar Neena would like to share: • How to engage with people so that they are eager for you to follow-up with them. • How to make follow-up flow smoothly in a conversation and appear completely natural. • Why following up with this method actually becomes an enjoyable process. • When to continue with follow-up. • When to stop a follow-up and why. • Personal beliefs that may be acting as road blocks to your success. • Attitudes to develop around the concept of follow-up. • What to do once your prospect has become a customer.

    Click here to join - This is a FREE webinar!

    View all upcoming training events in Australia

    View all upcoming training events in New Zealand


    Congratulations to our April Rank Advancements!

    We are thrilled to announce that the following members have rank advanced in April 2018!


    • Doll N, NSW
    • Julie V, SA
    • Annie A, NZ
    • Katrina G, WA


    • Jasmin C, QLD
    • Karin H, VIC
    • Dee T, WA
    • Steven J, SA
    • Cicilia M, NSW
    • Kerry S, QLD
    • Joana J, QLD
    • Cherie T, NSW
    • Eloise L, NZ
    • Anna H, NZ
    • Robin G, WA
    • Pam & Josh R, SA

    CORPORATE Update

    A message from Gary Young, our Founder

    Founder's Message

    This is Gary's final message to you, written more than a month ago.

    It seems that the more we grow and the bigger we become, the more other people try to take advantage of what we have. In the past few weeks, I have learned about other people who are giving out my oil recipes, making light of how to blend oils, and thinking they can show you a cheaper way to have the same formula.

    Anyone can take the oil ingredients off the label and think they can recreate what is in the bottle, but it is not quite that simple. Obviously, for people to go to all that effort, they must think that what we have is really great; but to do this, they have to be guessing about a lot of things.

    Over the years, as I have formulated blends, I have discovered that the order of combining the oils greatly affects the efficacy of the blend. Sometimes, a few of the oils are blended and then put in the cool room for 24 hours to homogenize together. Then that part of the blend is brought to room temperature before I add the rest of the oils to complete the blend. Sometimes individual oils have to be combined in a certain order because of their particular chemical compounds in order to achieve the desired aroma and effect. With some blends, as few as two oils have to be blended before the other oils can be added.

    I have not met anyone who goes to this degree of exactness or who has the expertise to create a “perfect” blend for a particular reason. Creating an oil blend is quite an art, which for me has taken a lifetime of experimenting and learning.

    So beware when individuals tell you how many drops to combine for any blend; they are not only guessing at the numbers, but they are missing the art of blending, for which they have little or no knowledge.

    Your essential friend always,

    Read a special edition of The Essential Edge US Newsletter dedicated to Gary by Mary Young, our Co-Founder and Gary's beloved wife.


    UPDATE: A change to subsidised shipping rates to NFR markets

    Now effective 1st July 2018

    It’s an exciting time to be building a Young Living business. Working as a team, our business is growing exponentially, both internationally and locally. As a business, Young Living has never been stronger, and sometimes with growth comes change. In order to accelerate the growth of Young Living as a global business, it has been decided to cease subsidised shipping rates to NFR (Not For Resale) markets worldwide. For the Australian and New Zealand markets this will be effective the 1st July 2018. These changes have already been implemented in other markets around the world.

    This new policy allows all members to easily manage their monthly Essential Rewards program and reduces the need to switch between local and US programs. Essentially, the changes will allow us to provide an even better service and encourage increased participation in the ER program.

    This is an important business decision designed to help support stock and infrastructure requirements in currently opened and soon to be opened markets.

    In line with this change it has also been determined:

    • NFR orders for Australia & New Zealand can be STANDARD orders only and not ER orders
    • Australia & New Zealand members will no longer qualify for US promotions

    It is important to understand that while these decisions may have a short term impact on some members, the long term benefits to the majority of our members will be enormous.

    Exciting updates to Elite Express!

    Launching 1st July

    The enhanced “Elite Express” program launched in the US and certain international markets in April is coming soon to Australia & New Zealand.

    We have revised the qualification period in between each rank and also added a new level - Diamond in 8! The qualification period for Elite Express will now start at Senior Star instead of Star. The Elite 20 will be extended to Elite 30!

    With the enhanced program, Elite Express qualifiers will get Essential Rewards points as well as Express Rewards points instead of YL product and YL-branded gear. This gives you and your teammates a lot more flexibility in how you use your rewards, with the ability to collect points and spend them however you’d like!

    Express Rewards points will be earned at each qualifying rank and are redeemable on the Young Living’s new reward website for prizes and products like electronics, apparel, home essentials, baby products, and gifts.

    We know these updates to the Elite Express program will be valuable in building your business! The current Elite Express program is still this month.

    For more information about the US program, please visit the Elite Express page.