BUSINESS NEWS | April 24, 2018


Mastermind 2018 & April Enrolment Promotion

Mastermind 2018 - an exclusive training event

Do you want to take your business to the next level and really accelerate your success?

Qualification Period: April 7 - June 30, 2018

Event dates: 25 - 26 August, 2018

Then make sure you qualify to attend Mastermind 2018, open to Australia and New Zealand members. If you are striving to build your Young Living business, then this is an event you cannot miss! You will learn the tools you need to maximise your Young Living business and experience the rewards for your effort.

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April Enrolment Promotion

Enrol and get a FREE Gentle Baby 5ml Essential Oil

Promotional period: April 7 - 30, 2018

We're celebrating the launch of our Seedlings range with a special promotion!

All new members who enrol with a Premium Starter Kit will receive a FREE Gentle Baby 5ml essential oil. Diffuse this wonderful, soothing blend to create a relaxing environment for peaceful sleep. Dilute and apply for acalming sensation and the release of negative emotions or use in a foot massage to ease everyday stress.

Gentle Baby is valued at AU $35.75 / NZ $38.25.

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Training & Events

Kai Tan & Sheena Ling events, Symposium, Raindrop Training & More!

Kai Tan & Sheena Ling Events : The Art & Science Behind a Strong Team Culture

Join Kai and Sheena in this session to easily understand how our biology impacts the culture of our teams; and meaningfully glean from their personal experiences to understand how their deliberate choices shaped the heart of their Young Living business.

In this extended version of their APAC presentation, dive deeper with them to intentionally revisit how you intend to culture shift with your team for a truly powerful long-term business.


  • Date: Saturday 19th May
  • Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Venue: Novotel Sydney Norwest, 1 Columbia Ct, Baulkham Hills, NSW, 2153
  • Cost: $20.00
  • CLICK HERE to register!


  • Date: Monday 21st May
  • Time: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Venue: Mantra Bell City, 215 Bell St, Preston, VIC, 3072
  • Cost: $20.00
  • CLICK HERE to register!

    Symposium 2019: Registrations Open!

    Register now for the best possible deal to attend Young Living Australasia Symposium 2019 and our 20th Anniversary celebrations!

    Symposium is the biggest event that Young Living Australia and New Zealand hold once every two years and an experience that you absolutely do not want to miss! Make 2019 Your Time to Shine! Symposium is an opportunity to be educated, inspired, motivated and transformed - both personally and professionally. Register now for the best possible deal to attend Young Living Australasia Symposium 2019 and our 20th Anniversary celebrations!

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    Upcoming Business Webinar

    Topic: Follow up is Fun

    • Date: Tuesday, 22nd May
    • Time: 7.00PM (Sydney time)
    • Speaker: Neena Love, YL Platinum member
    • Topic outline: In this webinar Neena would like to share: • How to engage with people so that they are eager for you to follow up with them • How to make follow up flow smoothly in a conversation and appear completely natural • Why following up with this method actually becomes an enjoyable process • When to continue with follow up • When to stop and why • Personal beliefs that may be acting as road blocks to your success • Attitudes to develop around the concept of follow-up

    Click here to join - This is a FREE webinar!

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    Introduction to Raindrop Technique is a one-day training event where participants discover and experience the unique blending of ancient healing traditions, energetic medicine, intuitive wisdom, and pure essential oils used in D. Gary Young’s original Raindrop Technique.

    This one-day basic training is for anyone completely new to the Raindrop Technique as no previous experience is required. Raindrop Technique is a profoundly therapeutic body work technique. You will personally experience the bliss of Raindrop Technique as well as practice on others. Please note: This training does not give you certification to offer Raindrop Technique for a fee. By the end of the basic Raindrop technique training you will have:

    - An understanding of the practical hands-on experience and application

    - Learn how to provide friends and family with an essential oil experience

    - Discover the latest techniques

    - Feel confident in how to talk compliantly about the oils

    Cost: Early bird ticket $69. Regular ticket $99. Regular ticket for non-members is $69.

    Raindrop Training coming up in Australia

  • Brisbane: Saturday 28th April
  • Perth: Saturday 12th May
  • Cairns: Saturday 30th June (Early bird cut off date - 31st May)
  • Find out more and register to attend Raindrop Training in Australia


    Congratulations to our February & March Rank Advancements!

    We are thrilled to announce that the following members have rank advanced in the months of February & March 2018!


    • Naomi H, NSW - Qualified for Elite Express
    • Natasha S, QLD
    • Caroline V, NSW - Qualified for Elite Express
    • Hilda L, VIC
    • Ebony T, NZ
    • Melissa W, WA - Qualified for Elite Express
    • Soulla C, NSW - Qualified for Elite Express
    • Irene M, NSW - Qualified for Elite Express


    • Tam Y, VIC
    • Aurea C, VIC - Qualified for Elite Express
    • Khuan C, NSW
    • Skye D, NSW
    • Rhonda B, NSW
    • Renae C, QLD
    • Melissa N, SA
    • Laetitia D, VIC
    • Kristy A, NZ
    • Annie A, NZ
    • Carina D, WA
    • Denise G, NZ
    • Joshua C, NZ
    • Deborah S, NZ
    • Shelley B, NZ
    • Candice F, SA
    • Melissa B, NZ
    • Cally H, NSW
    • Charlotte O, QLD - Qualified for Elite Express
    • Nicola C, NSW - Qualified for Elite Express
    • Kristen P, WA
    • Yui H, VIC
    • Yuet C, VIC
    • Doll N, NSW
    • Letitia C, NSW - Qualified for Elite Express
    • Lindsay S, WA
    • Min L, SA - Qualified for Elite Express
    • Karissa H, NSW

    CORPORATE Update

    A message from Gary Young, our Founder

    Founder's Message

    Hello, my friends,

    Homes in Yarsa, Nepal, are being built at a quicker pace than ever before; and by this time next month, we project that all homes will have their walls up, and those involved in the member-led service trip will be helping with roofing and finish work. My heart is full of gratitude and joy thinking about the many members who joined with me in dedication and commitment to help rebuild this city.

    I remember when I was first asked if I would take time to visit this impoverished country to assess the destruction caused by multiple earthquakes to see if I had any ideas about how we could help these people and relieve some of their suffering. My time was tight and I really didn’t have room in my schedule, but I felt impelled to go. I had never been to Nepal before, so this was a new experience for me.

    When we first landed, the stench of burning and decay was ever so faint in the air, giving an eerie feeling of what I was about to see. We traveled to several villages, seeing the same devastation. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of wanting to help.

    I ordered a brick-making machine out of South Africa like the one we have in Ecuador; and with the anticipation of its arrival, we began to make plans and get organised. It was an adventure teaching these people how to make bricks out of the dirt they walked on combined with just a little sand and cement. Big dump trucks, excavators, and loaders began to arrive, bringing a sense of renewal that seemed to permeate the air. Our Foundation was the platform; and as we felt the enthusiasm of our members, I knew we were going to have a great experience. As our members arrived, the villagers were filled with an enormous feeling of hope and gratitude.

    Serving God’s children for the same purpose brings people together in a very special way. How grateful I am for those who shared this experience together, creating lasting memories and hearts filled to overflowing.

    We are experiencing so many wonderful things around the world as our Foundation continues to reach out to new areas of need. Being part of the Foundation and sharing the joy of giving of ourselves and our abundance to so many in need is truly a blessing.

    Thank you for all you continue to do.


    A change to subsidised shipping rates to NRF markets

    Effective 1st June 2018

    It’s an exciting time to be building a Young Living business. Working as a team, our business is growing exponentially, both internationally and locally. As a business, Young Living has never been stronger, and sometimes with growth comes change. In order to accelerate the growth of Young Living as a global business, it has been decided to cease subsidised shipping rates to NRF markets worldwide. For the Australian and New Zealand markets this will be effective the 1st June 2018. These changes have already been implemented in other markets around the world.

    This new policy allows all members to easily manage their monthly Essential Rewards program and reduces the need to switch between local and US programs. Essentially, the changes will allow us to provide an even better service and encourage increased participation in the ER program.

    This is an important business decision designed to help support stock and infrastructure requirements in currently opened and soon to be opened markets.

    In line with this change it has also been determined:

    • NFR orders for Australia & New Zealand can be STANDARD orders only and not ER orders
    • Australia & New Zealand members will no longer qualify for US promotions

    It is important to understand that while these decisions may have a short term impact on some members, the long term benefits to the majority of our members will be enormous.


    25 April, 2018

    Please note our Sydney office, Product Pickup and Member Services department will be closed on Wednesday 25th April, 2018 for the ANZAC Day public holiday.

    We thank you for your understanding!