BUSINESS NEWS | April 6, 2018

Corporate Update

From Kristen Tod, our General Manager

From Kristen's Desk

Dear Members,

What a buzz of activity this past month has been! I’d love to share some of this with you, along with more exciting things coming up this month.

The official launch and celebration of Young Living New Zealand proved to be great success and an event to remember! We had a full house with more than 600 guests at the launch and it was certainly a nostalgic journey for me, going back ‘home’ to Aotearoa where I spent my early years. It was indeed a heartwarming moment to recognise and honour our Kiwi YL Leaders and acknowledge the effort they put into sharing our much needed products with New Zealanders; they definitely laid fantastic groundwork for us to build on. My sincere thanks each and every one of you who travelled near or far to make it to this momentous occasion. Special thanks also to our team at the YL office for a tremendous effort in making this happen.

Needless to say, the New Zealand market sales have been overwhelming and our warehouse in Sydney has been busy shipping out multiple pallets of event orders! Within the first week of opening the New Zealand market, Year to Date (YTD) sales are up 176.7% and we have over 350 new enrolments! An incredible result all round.

Congratulations to our eight lucky winners Zhe Delicia Sheng (NSW), Kristen Pavez (WA), Emma Izzard-Knight (WA), Kristen Riches (NSW), Alinta Fidzewicz (WA), Rosilah Sani (NSW), Mary Robinson (QLD) and Kelly Morris (QLD) from our popular Commonwealth Games promotion who got the opportunity to attend the Commonwealth Games happening this week in Australia. I’m sure it will be a thrilling experience to attend the games and witness the sporting events ‘live’!

In this edition of Essential Business news our ‘Member Success Story’ features our YL Platinum member, Janet Knight. A true daughter of the Earth, Janet sincerely appreciated the source and purity of our products. Janet continues to give back to the community and her journey with Young Living is inspirational.

The European trip of a lifetime awaits you with our Dalmatia Aromatic Farm Experience reward trip coming up later this year. It’s great to see so many climbing up the leaderboards for both Australia & New Zealand every week. Keep up the great work, and I hope I see many of you on this trip of a lifetime!

I’m delighted to mention that our Live Your Passion rallies are happening this Saturday, 7th April. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn, network with other members and unite with the global YL community on our shared vision for wellness. There are so many great promotions and products lined up at the rallies across Australia & New Zealand, so make sure you attend a rally near you.

In closing, I would like to encourage you to try a fun challenge with me. For every week this month try one new positive thing you haven't done before. It can be as simple as trying a new oil you’ve never tried or, as adventurous as venturing into a new business-building activity you’ve only seen others members do but never tried yourself; for example, conducting your own workshop. By the end of the month you would have tried four new things and have four different chances to add newness and create all-new value to your life.

Have an inspiring April!

Fondest regards,

Kristen Tod

General Manager

Training & Events

LYPR, Seedlings and Upcoming Training!

Our Live Your Passion Rally: #YLUnites is nearly here!

Join us tomorrow, 7th April

In January, members across the globe gathered for the Live Your Passion Rally. Now we’re ready to do it again, with even more Young Living members joining in the fun! Join us tomorrow, 7th April for a day of excitement!

A great opportunity to learn and network with other members, plus you get to find out about many great promotions and products lined up.

We look forward to seeing you at a rally near you!

Click here for information and to attend an event near you


Our launch for our baby range, Seedlings is still going ahead in Perth & Auckland!

Register to attend the launch in Perth or Auckland:

  • Perth: Saturday, 7th April
  • Auckland, NZ: Sunday, 15th April
  • Find out more and register to attend the Seedlings launch

    Upcoming Business Webinar

    Topic: Regulatory and Compliance

    • Date: Tuesday, 24th April
    • Time: 7:00 PM (Sydney Time)
    • Speaker: Steve Said
    • Topic outline: In this Regulatory and Compliance webinar Steven will take you through the major regulatory bodies in Australia and how Young Living interact with them, leading to a better understanding of what is needed to bring products to market, why compliance is so important and how to speak compliantly as a Young Living member.

    Click here to join - This is a FREE webinar!

    View all upcoming training events in Australia

    View all upcoming training events in New Zealand


    Member Success Stories


    This month we talk to Janet Knight, YL Platinum about how her life has been transformed since taking up the Young Living opportunity.

    From our one-on-one with Janet Knight:

    How has your life changed since you joined Young Living?

    When I joined Young Living, I studied as a teacher’s aid and looked after my 3 teenage children. I wasn’t in it for the business to start with; instead I used the Young Living products just for our family. Later, I was able to quit my salary job, and spent more time in my Young Living business.

    I did some of the big trade shows and networked with people that I knew. The business grew pretty quickly and I reached the rank of Silver a few years after my first convention in 2005, called Gold Of The Gods. At the convention, I really saw what Young Living was about. I loved it all!

    Click here to read more from our interview with Janet

    Business Promotions

    Leaderboard for our Dalmatia Aromatic Farm Experience!

    The leaderboard for our European trip of a lifetime is here!

    Promotional period: 1st January - 31st May 2018

    We're excited to bring you this latest Leaderboard of members who are on track to qualify for our Dalmatia Aromatic Farm experience.

    Click here to view the Australia Leaderboard

    Learn more about the Dalmatia Aromatic Farm experience trip (for Australian members)

    Click here to view the New Zealand Leaderboard

    Learn more about the Dalmatia Aromatic Farm experience trip (for New Zealand members)


    YL's Huge Growth, Improved Online Shopping & Updates

    Young Living’s huge growth continues!

    We are proud to announce that with your help, support, and passion for Young Living’s pure products, our 2017 sales surpassed $1.5 billion USD! This benchmark represents a 34 percent increase in 2018 year-to-date, and it makes this the third year in a row that we have surpassed $1 billion in sales, with revenues up a staggering 800 percent over the last five years!

    To maximize this momentum, better support our global markets, and meet the ambitious goals set by Founder and Chairman of the Board D. Gary Young, Co-Founder and CEO Mary Young, and the executive team, we have made a number of promotions at the senior vice president and vice president level. This investment in corporate leaders is just one more way Young Living is committing to growth and ongoing leadership in our industry.

    Young Living continues to fulfill Gary and Mary’s vision of providing our pure, authentic essential oils to every home in the world. Learn more and see what’s next when you read the full press release about our financial success here.

    Thank you for all you do to move Young Living’s mission forward!

    Improved online shopping is coming soon

    Signing up as a retail customer will now be easier than ever! Beginning 8th April, you’ll see some changes to online checkout that will make it easier to add retail customers to your team and take advantage of 24 percent differential volume on retail orders! We’re working hard to make our online member experience sleek and simple, so you can focus on building your business. We’re sure you’ll love these changes!

    Wolfberry Crisp Bars discontinued & Alkalime is back

    Please note that Wolfberry Crisp bars are now out of stock and this product is discontinued. Our product development team is working on the even more delicious chocolate-coated version for our market so watch this space.

    Alkalime is back in stock after a VERY long wait. Thank you for your patience! Watch out for more product information in next week’s Product e-newsletter.

    Click here to learn more about Alkalime (319902) for Australia

    Click here to learn more about Alkalime (319902) for New Zealand