BUSINESS NEWS | February 8, 2018


Commonwealth Games, Dalmatia, Take the Lead , YL Gear Promotions & more

Win tickets to the 2018 Commonwealth Games!

Qualification period: 5th January - 2nd March, 2018

Build your Young Living team over the next eight weeks for the chance to win tickets to the Commonwealth Games on the beautiful Gold Coast in April 2018. Eight hard-working members will be rewarded for their efforts!

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Build your Young Living team and earn a trip of a lifetime!

Qualification Period: 1st January - 31st May, 2018

Be rewarded for your hard work with a lavish trip that includes flights, accommodation and more! Explore the incredible city of Dubai, the ancient port of Split, the Young Living Dalmatia Aromatic Farm and the beautiful city of Rome.

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Take the Lead Rewards Challenge

Share Young Living and WIN a Trip to Grand Convention!

Qualification Period: 1st January - 31st March, 2018

Looking for an extra incentive to grow your business? Share your Young Living lifestyle and win fantastic prizes in our Take the Lead Rewards Challenge!

Each qualifying Australian member has the opportunity to earn points based on every new personal enrollment, member reactivations in his or her organisation, rank advancement and Organisational Group Volume (OGV) growth. Regardless of your rank or the size of your team, you can compete for one of the 25 slots to the Young Living 2018 International Grand Convention held from 13th - 16th June 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

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FREE SHIPPING on your first order with Young Living Gear!

ENJOY FREE SHIPPING on your first order with is the place to get all your Young Living branded merchandise and now you can get your first order shipped FREE!

Enter the code YLFIRST at checkout to receive free standard shipping on your first order.

Note: This code can only be redeemed one time per user. Valid for one month from sign-up. Valid for Australia and New Zealand orders.

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February Promotions: GET READY TO LOVE!

February is all about going above and beyond to show friends, family and that special someone how much you care, but don’t forget to invest in yourself!

Reach any of the following PV minimums with your February order and earn these great free products, including a bonus reward if you are a qualifying Essential Rewards Member!

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190 PV orders:

Standard orders: All Members that order 190 PV or greater receive Lavaderm™ Cooling Mist 59 ml and Cedarwood 15 ml. (total whsl. value of $41.75)

ER orders: Essential Rewards Members who order 190 PV or more also receive a Grapefruit 15 ml addition to the Lavaderm™ Cooling Mist 59 ml and Cedarwood 15 ml.(total whsl. value of $69.45)

250 PV orders:

Standard orders: All Members that order 250 PV or greater receive a Patchouli 15 ml in addition to the Lavaderm™ Cooling Mist 59 ml and Cedarwood 15 ml. (total whsl. value of $$95.85)

ER orders: Essential Rewards Members who order 250 PV or more also receive a Grapefruit 15 ml in addition to the Patchouli 15 ml, Lavaderm™ Cooling Mist 59 ml and Cedarwood 15 ml. (total whsl. value of $123.55)

320 PV orders:

Standard orders: All Members that order 320 PV or greater receive a Vitassage EO Dispensing Massager and Lavender 5 ml in addition to the Patchouli 15 ml, Lavaderm™ Cooling Mist 59 ml and Cedarwood 15 ml. (total whsl. value of $227.85)

ER orders: Essential Rewards Members who order 320 PV or more also receive a Grapefruit 15 ml in addition to the Vitassage EO Dispensing Massager, Lavender 5 ml, Patchouli 15 ml, Lavaderm™ Cooling Mist 59 ml and Cedarwood 15 ml. (total whsl. value of $255.55)

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Training & Events

NZ Grand Opening Update & Business Webinar

New Zealand Grand Opening - 3 March 2018

Young Living Australia is thrilled to announce the opening of the New Zealand market in March 2018!

As we get closer to the launch of our New Zealand market this March, we're excited to update you on the latest AGENDA for the event and training info.

As a valued member, we want to extend to you, a personal invitation to attend this inaugural event and witness a milestone in our history.

This is an event that you don’t want to miss!

For travel packages to the event please contact MTA Travel:

Chris Prouting - Mobile : +61 (0) 488 040455 (24 hours) Office : +61 (0) 2 6562 5843 (Business hours) Freecall : 1300 365 688 Ext 730 (Business hours)



Click here to see all the latest details and register for the New Zealand Opening Event (FREE) on Saturday 3rd March.

Upcoming Business Webinar

Topic: Compensation Plan Made Simple (Part 1 of 2)

  • Date: Tuesday, 27th February
  • Time: 7.00PM - 8.00PM (Sydney time)
  • Speaker: Andrew Wild
  • Topic outline: You wouldn’t accept a job offer without knowing how much you were getting paid! Equally, you can’t grow a prosperous Young Living business without knowing how you’re going to get paid. Maximise your income by attending this upcoming 2-part webinar series. Your presenter Andrew Wild, Young Living Gold, will be sharing critical information you need to maximise the returns on your investment of time, money and effort.

Click here to join - This is a FREE webinar!

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Congratulations to our December Rank Advancements!

We are thrilled to announce that the following members have rank advanced in December!


  • Rhona P, QLD
  • Michelle M, WA
  • Alinta F, WA


  • Danielle C, QLD
  • Rebecca K, QLD
  • Alex B, WA
  • Jung S, WA
  • Masfufah S, NSW
  • Vivian A, WA


  • Elly P, QLD
  • Moya S, QLD
  • Tennille P, SA
  • Karen E, QLD
  • Nicole C, VIC
  • Vanessa M, WA
  • Gloria E, NSW
  • Jean C, SA
  • Caitlin S, NSW
  • Justine M, WA
  • Dana E, NSW
  • Natalie R, VIC
  • Dynamic O, WA
  • Meow N, WA
  • Melinda S, NSW
  • Wan S, VIC
  • Amy W, WA
  • Sandra P, QLD
  • Naomi H, NSW
  • Qinaa A, NSW
  • Rosilah S, NSW
  • Debbie & Chris A, WA
  • Marissa H, NSW
  • Jo A, WA


A message from Gary Young, our Founder

Founder's Message

Happy February!

I feel excitement everywhere as we begin the second month of the new year. Young Living continues to have record sales each month, which could be the banner for the next eleven months to come. We, on the corporate side, readily acknowledge the amazing force of our members carrying our message of hope and opportunity to the world. Your success is our reward, as employees in our global offices celebrate with you.

From the beginning, I have known that our farms are, and will continue to be, the foundation of our business; and I am constantly engaged in looking for more property to expand our crops. There are land possibilities all over the world, but I have to consider location, climate, soil health, good water availability, work force, and my ability to oversee the construction and operation. This puts a lot of criteria on any purchase.

Most of you know about, and some have visited, our Skyrider Ranch in Tabiona, Utah. I have spent the last three years experimenting with different crops to see what might grow well there. We are thrilled that einkorn has flourished, already yielding more than 400 tons that are in storage ready to be processed.

To my dismay, we have not found a mill capable of hulling this hearty grain; so with 300 additional acres to be planted and harvested this year, building our own flour mill is a necessity. I am happy to report that the ground for it is cleared and being prepared, the equipment is bought and being imported, preparation for it is almost finished, and construction will be ready to begin this month, with the help of our partners in France, who are currently in Tabiona, Utah, helping with this project.

Last week, we met with the governor of Utah to discuss plans for Tabiona. Governor Herbert recently unveiled his plans for economic development in rural Utah to create jobs and opportunities where few have previously existed. So far, Young Living is the only company that has come forth with substantial plans to help bring the governor’s plans to fruition. He was extremely complimentary of our company, our growth, and our commitment to not only be a part of the community but to also offer ideas and implement our farming expertise to help other ranchers and farmers.

Thank you again for your continued dedication to purity, integrity, and serving others as we go forward into 2018.

Essentially yours,


NEW FEATURE: Young Living Shareable Graphics are HERE!

Sharing our beautiful images have never been easier.

You asked, we listened. Now you can share social media graphics that we’ve created just for you to your Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter accounts directly from the Virtual Office and it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

You can also save the images directly to your computer, phone, tablet or other device to share in other ways like in a text message, a blog post or an email.

Log into your Virtual Office and navigate to Member Resources.

Then click on the Shareable Graphics button, located near the top of the page.

To make it even easier for you, we've created a quick ‘How to use shareable graphics’ guide.

Click here to view the Shareable Graphics How To Guide

Once you’re logged into your VO and have selected Member Resources > Shareable Graphics, you’ll see an amazing collection (of over 250 images), one that we’re continuously building up, of shareable graphics neatly separated into categories.

Go ahead and share these gorgeous images. Have fun and enjoy your social media success!

Pricing changes - 1st March

Due to an increase in raw material costs, the price of some of our products will be increased effective 1st March, including Basic and Premium Starter Kits. Please note that the PV will be also increased on products that have a price rise. Many of our top selling products are unaffected by this price rise and some products have been given a higher PV, despite remaining at their original price!

Thank you for your continued support of Young Living.