Essential News | June 19, 2017

Relive Convention

2017 convention recap, new Seed to Seal messaging

A look back at the 2017 International Grand Convention

This year’s convention was an unbelievable success—thanks to you, our members! Nearly thirty thousand of you gathered with us from around the globe for the ultimate Young Living experience.

We kicked off the convention fun with the Farm Experience at the scenic and historic Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah. Visitors enjoyed live music, a rock climbing wall, horse tricks, and lavender lemonade and experienced our Seed to Seal® process firsthand at the distillery. They even got to witness a real-life jousting tournament, where the fiercest of knights came back to life in a show of honor.

Back at the Rice-Eccles Stadium, we gathered together for food, fun, and friendship during our convention tailgating parties. It was the perfect opportunity to network and connect with other passionate business builders. At the stadium on Friday, we also got to hear from our keynote speaker, Shawn Achor, who taught us about the critical correlation between happiness and success.

At the Salt Palace, Eric Worre taught about how to break through doubts and fears and grow a large business fast. Attendees also learned critical business-building skills by going to special trainings, including the International RevOILution hosted by D. Gary Young and the Royal Crown Diamond panel. Visitors to our amazing booths at the Expo not only got to experience our new and member-favorite products themselves, but they also got lots of inspiration for sharing Young Living.

At the Wednesday evening general session at the Rice-Eccles Stadium, we announced over 50 amazing new products and were met with tumultuous applause and enthusiasm from our members. We also celebrated the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of our members at the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond recognition events. Other activities and events included YL Fit, the Foundation Color Run, the YL Spa, and so much more!

The grand finale of the 2017 International Grand Convention was a sensational concert with country music superstar Carrie Underwood. It was the perfect ending to our most immersive and inspiring International Grand Convention ever. We’re already excited next for year!

To relive the fun, check out our 2017 International Grand Convention recap video here. Maybe you’ll spot yourself!

To register for the 2018 International Grand Convention, click here. We hope to see you there!

Take a deeper look at Seed to Seal

You may know Seed to Seal® as a series of steps, but we’re proud to give you an updated first look at just how deep that quality commitment runs. As a company that strives to continually improve every aspect of our operation, Young Living has expanded our Seed to Seal story to give you a more in-depth look at our quality commitment. Expanding our story has included defining and highlighting the three pillars of our Seed to Seal program: Sourcing, Science, and Standards. These pillars were introduced by Chief Operating Officer Jared Turner during the convention’s Friday night general session.

Because synthetics, contaminants, cheap fillers, and unethical production practices are not an option for the essential oils in the homes of members, we source our oils from our own farms and vetted suppliers and test extensively. If an oil doesn’t meet our strict testing requirements, we reject the batch.

Our Research and Development department uses clean ingredients based on the most recent health research and trends. Pure, earth- and plant-derived, and effective ingredients that meet our demanding scientific standards are certainly more expensive, and formulating innovative offerings takes time, but we know that members appreciate authentic products they can rely on without a second thought.

Recent growth in the essential oils industry has often outpaced sustainability standards. Young Living is leading the effort to close this gap by creating standards and protocols to ensure quality and environmental stewardship. Our standards in this regard continue to evolve and improve. We are proud to be making an investment in the planet and leading the way.

Our three pillars message focuses on what we do to provide our members with the best products for their families. These pillars also provide broader, more concrete information that supports members as they share these products and their stories about how Young Living has changed their lives.

Check out the new for more details!

Catch up on the convention on social media

Couldn’t make it to the convention? We’ve got you covered! Throughout the event, we updated our social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. You’ll see key moments, learn about new products, and hear about the exciting things happening behind the scenes at Young Living on these channels.

Remember to check out what it was like from the perspective of the people who make Young Living great: members! Attendees used the hashtag #YLConvention to share the fun and connect throughout the event.

A big year for the Foundation at the convention

The efforts of The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation were a tremendous success at this year’s International Grand Convention. Through the incredible generosity of our amazing members, our Foundation Color Splash: Run for a Cause and Foundation Expo Booth raised nearly $1 million! We're hoping with people's text donations we can hit $1 million and more.

It didn’t matter if you were an avid runner or a first timer, the Foundation Color Splash: Run for a Cause race focused less on speed and more on getting together for a great cause. Plus, the event included other great activities! Attendees loved the opportunity to have fun and make a difference in the lives of underserved individuals.

The Foundation Booth at the Expo offered members the opportunity to speak with representatives from our partner organizations and projects. The booth also featured a fashionable selection of the latest Foundation swag, including items directly from Ecuador, Cambodia, Uganda, and Nepal. The most exciting part? Three lucky donors at the booth went home with their very own motorcycle—generously donated by a few of our amazing members.

Because Young Living pays for 100 percent of the Foundation’s operational costs, all proceeds went directly to the Foundation’s carefully selected projects and partnerships. The generosity of our great members is the reason why we’re able to positively change lives all around the world. Thank you to everyone who came together for some fun and a good cause to make a difference!

To learn more about the Foundation and to get involved, visit

Congratulations to the Spirit of the Foundation winners and honorable mentions

At the convention Awards Gala last Thursday night, we announced our Spirit of the Foundation award winner Rien Nasution and two honorable mentions: Deborah Sleight and The Essentially Equipped Challenge Group. They are all shining examples of how a committed individual or group can make a tremendous impact and even help change the world. Here’s look at each of their stories:

Rien Nasution
When a devastating tsunami stuck Indonesia in 2004, Rien traveled there from her home in Malaysia to help bring medical and food relief to the main capital. She also sheltered, fed, and cared for the displaced children who survived the tsunami. Years later, she started a self-funded orphanage in a rural area, five hours from the main city. She has lived a life of selfless service and has taken it upon herself to help those in need, to lift those who are being overlooked.

Deborah Sleight
Deborah is a Star member who volunteers each month at a local women's rehabilitation center, cooking and serving for 20–25 individuals. She also takes the time to sit and listen to each person. She knows them by name, loves being their friend, and enjoys giving back to these women who have felt like no one cares about them. Every Christmas, she provides gifts to children in need, and in 2014 she arranged a humanitarian service trip to build an orphanage in Guatemala.

The Essentially Equipped Challenge Group
This band of inspiring men within Young Living are always looking for ways to serve and give back. Last year, in a few short months, they raised more than $150,000 that the Foundation used to purchase a brand-new bus for the children at the Young Living Academy in Ecuador! This year they are raising funds to help the Young Living Foundation rebuild homes in Nepal. They’ve donated motorcycles for the Foundation to give away to three lucky donors, so we can raise even more funds for the Foundation’s Rebuild Nepal project.

Please join us in thanking and congratulating these individuals for their outstanding sacrifices and efforts. They truly encompass what the spirit of the Foundation is all about.

Have members in mind who do extraordinary things? Watch for your opportunity to recommend them for the award next year!

Help us make next year’s International Grand Convention even better!

Another spectacular International Grand Convention has come and gone, and now we want to hear from you! We’ve created this short survey to help us know exactly what you want to see at the convention next year.

We want to hear it all—the good, the bad, whatever you think would help us improve. And don’t worry, it’s completely anonymous. This survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete and will be used only to assist us in making future conventions even better!

If you attended the convention, click here to begin. Please complete the survey by June 26.

Thank you for all you do for Young Living and for participating in this important survey!

New Products First Look

New convention products, Savvy Minerals makeup line

Find out more about our more than 50 new convention products

It was so rewarding to see the incredible enthusiasm expressed by Young Living members as we announced our new products at this year’s International Grand Convention. We don’t know what we’re more excited about: the Savvy Minerals makeup line; the Seedlings line of baby care products; or all the new, naturally-derived OTC products, including our LavaDerm After-Sun Spray and Mineral Sunscreen Lotion.

We know you are excited to try these out at home! Order yours today and starting July 1, you’ll be able to add these products to your Essential Rewards order.

For more information about our new offerings, check out our comprehensive landing page for the new convention products.

Feel confident without compromise with Young Living’s new makeup line

One of the most exciting announcements made at the convention this year was the launch of Young Living’s very own mineral makeup line: Savvy Minerals! Every gorgeous product in this line was created so you can feel fabulous about yourself and what you’re putting on your skin. Here’s a quick look at what makes this line so exceptional:

  • Savvy Minerals cosmetics are pigmented with naturally derived minerals that meet Young Living’s superior ingredient standards and provide gorgeous, concentrated colors.
  • This line uses mineral-based powders that are made of a finely ground mica base, resulting in a smooth, flawless application.
  • Our mineral cosmetics are free from bismuth and talc, which are inexpensive, low-quality, and potentially skin-damaging fillers used by other mineral makeup brands.
  • Like all Young Living products, Savvy Minerals was created with quality and purity as the ultimate goal.

See how this line can empower you to be the woman you want to be by purchasing Savvy Minerals products today and adding them to your ER order starting July 1.

Introducing Seedlings: An exclusive line for your little ones

There is nothing parents care more about than the safety and happiness of their little ones—and what’s important to you is important to us. That’s why we created Young Living Seedlings™: a line of pure, gentle products that makes it simple to care for your littlest, most vulnerable family members.

The soothing, plant-based formulas use infant-safe essential oils and are free from harmful ingredients to help you gently comfort and care for your child. With essential oil-infused products made by experts and diluted to a strength safe for your baby, Seedlings leaves you with peace of mind and your baby feeling snug and secure.

Be sure to purchase our new Seedlings products today and add them to your Essential Rewards order starting July 1.

Get to know our new nutrition products

We’re always looking for ways to help you achieve greater wellness in your life. That’s why at this year’s International Grand Convention, we launched not one, not two, but three new nutritional products. Get a first look here:

Super Cal Plus:
Off the rocky coast of Iceland, red algae is harvested from the ocean floor for use as a key ingredient in Young Living’s Super Cal™ Plus. This natural nutritional powerhouse provides the calcium, magnesium, key vitamins, and trace minerals in Super Cal™ Plus that help maintain and support the integrity and density of bones. This carefully selected ingredient also makes Super Cal Plus a great addition to Young Living’s line of calcium supplements.

Optimize your workout recovery with the triple-targeted formula of AminoWise™. It uses three blends for one powerful result: The Muscle Performance Blend aids muscle building and repair, the Recovery Blend helps reduce muscle fatigue, and the Hydration Mineral Blend replenishes important minerals lost during exercise.

AlkaLime Single-Serve Packs:
Young Living’s AlkaLime™ now comes in convenient single-serve stick packs, so you can enjoy it on the go. Formulated with Lemon and Lime essential oils, organic lemon powder, and biochemical mineral cell salts, this effervescent supplement formula starts working right away to soothe the occasional upset stomach.

These products are available for purchase today. Be sure to include them in your ER order starting July 1, so you can start enjoying their wellness benefits!

The perfect pair: Our newest Young Living blend and diffuser

In keeping with International Grand Convention tradition, we created an all-new essential oil blend specially formulated to capture this year’s theme: Fulfill Your Destiny. Sweet, fresh, and spicy, the Fulfill Your Destiny blend encompasses the complex and beautiful journey that leads to achieving your goals and full potential.

The perfect partner for this inspiring blend is our new Desert Mist™ Ultrasonic Diffuser, also launched at the convention. With its dreamy Moroccan-inspired design and soft glow, the Desert Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser is an effortless addition to your home décor. It features remarkably long run times, a full spectrum of lighting options, and a customizable design.

With these two together, you can create the perfect atmosphere for dreams to be thought up, cultivated, and brought to life. Get yours and get diffusing!

Show your YL love with a personal website

Want a stunning website to help you build your business and share your YL love? Showcase your passion with help from! We’ve updated our official branded sites, so you can easily share your story with the world. When you subscribe, you’ll get a beautiful personal site, featuring a custom URL and these exciting features:

  • Mobile-first design: Enjoy a desktop-friendly site that’s also fully functional and sleek in the palm of your hand.
  • Brand prestige: Harness the selling power of the Young Living brand for your personal business.
  • Multiple themes: Choose between multiple professionally built, YL-branded themes to represent your business and lifestyle.
  • Contacting tools: Connect with customers with click-to-call, texting, integrated calendars, email, and more.
  • Social media integration: Seamlessly connect your social media channels to your YL site.

This interactive business tool is perfect for every YL member, so be sure to share this exciting tool with your team. Check out the VO today to learn more!

Check out the all-new

At the convention Expo, we launched a new collection of stylish, Young Living-branded merchandise, including cardigans, yoga gear, hoodies, oil cases, and lots more. If you weren’t able to pick up any at the convention or want to snag even more, head over to the brand-new and place an order of $50 or more to get a free hat while supplies last.

This offer is available only through the end of the month. Be sure to let your downline know about this exciting promo, so your whole team can update their YL wardrobe.

Get Engaged

2018 convention preregistration, LYP Rally, Lavender Day

Plan ahead for these upcoming Beauty School events

We are excited to share with you two Beauty School events coming up this year. Make sure to mark them on your calendar, so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

The first is the Beauty School Workshop at the beautiful Country Springs Hotel in Waukesha, Wisconsin. This one-day workshop on September 30 will offer the same quality training taught at our two-day Beauty School, including unmatched hands-on education, facial photos, giveaways, and a healthy lunch buffet. Also included is the new Beauty School Workshop Kit! Registration is open now and space is limited, so be sure to sign up soon!

The next event is our Winter Beauty School! December 1–2, surround yourself with the European charm of the beautiful Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah. Featuring new and exciting beauty products, as well as innovative business-building tools to help you reach your goals, it’ll be a rewarding and memorable experience you’ll never forget!

For more information, check out the Beauty School event page and be sure to register before November 15 to receive the early bird pricing of $310, a $30 savings!

Get ready to rally this summer

Did you party with us at April’s Live Your Passion Rally? Are you ready to rally again? Host your next Live Your Passion Rally event on July 8! We’re encouraging members across the United States and Canada to host or attend as we learn, grow, and bring the spirit of our International Grand Convention directly to local communities and teams. If you missed it last time, this is your opportunity to join the fun!

Learn how you can host or attend here.

Get outside with Young Living’s Lavender Day

Celebrate our annual lavender harvest with us! Join us for our Lavender Day celebration and the popular Run Through the Lavender 5K and 1K races at the Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah, on July 8.

Explore our fields of blooming lavender, enjoy dozens of family friendly activities, and discover our proprietary Seed to Seal® process. Plus, 5K winners will receive cash prizes! Both fun and inspiring, this unique event will offer something unforgettable for every member of the family.

Get the full agenda and learn more at

Get exclusive pricing on the 2018 International Grand Convention

We know you are excited to come back next year, so we’re giving this year's convention attendees $149 preregistration pricing for next year’s International Grand Convention, Freedom, in Salt Lake City. This preregistration opportunity will be available until Friday, June 30, at

If you miss this window or don’t qualify for this preregistration price, don’t worry: early bird registration opens to the general public on July 1 at $189 per person. We’re already excited for what next year has in store!

Unlock your best self by living your life Infused!

Young Living’s transformational two-day OolaPalooza event will give you the tools you need to grow the 7 F’s of Oola in your life, so you can enjoy less stress and more satisfaction. Join us September 8–9 in Dallas, Texas, for the opportunity to plan your goals directly with Dr. Dave Braun (the OolaSeeker) and Dr. Troy Amdahl (the OolaGuru). As you experience the power of the Infused 7™ line firsthand, you’ll discover how it can help you take action toward your dreams and pursue your OolaLife.

Click here for more information and to register for this inspiring event today!

Calling all men! Join us for a life-changing experience in the Uinta mountains

We’re looking to take ordinary men and turn them into Young Living warriors! The 2017 Iron Will Men’s Camp—hosted by D. Gary Young himself—will train participants to be experts in the daily combat of life through personal development workshops, discussions, and exercises.

Held at the Skyrider Wilderness Ranch in Tabiona, Utah, this event will help attendees learn and grow through activities such as backcountry horseback riding, 4-wheeling, fishing, hiking, shooting, even fire walking! Yes, we said fire walking.

This year’s event will take place over two weeks: August 1–6 and 8–13. The first week will be for first-time attendees, and the second week will be for all returning attendees from last year.

Registration is open now! Make sure to sign up, so you don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind personal development opportunity.

Young Living Global HQ teams win multiple industry awards

Recently, the Young Living Brand Awareness team, working with the Ketchum PR agency, took home a 2017 Silver Anvil Award from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). The Silver Anvil Awards are among the most prestigious in the public relations industry and recognize the best of the best in brand communications and public relations.

The award honored our December 2016 Lavender Room, which offered holiday shoppers on New York City’s Fifth Avenue an aromatic reprieve from the busy season with an essential oil-infused pop-up shop that was part meditative space and part sampling space. It immersed busy New Yorkers in the relaxing bliss of Young Living’s Lavender essential oil and featured a quiet Zen-like room with a forest of more than 5,000 stems of fresh lavender.

This award is the latest in a Young Living winning streak across several departments. Earlier this year, our Creative Services department was selected as a Brand Experience Packaging 2016 Brand Leaders & Risings award recipient in the category of Best Collaborative Team for their work on our incredible, immersive new Starter Kits.

In February, the Stevie® Awards, which recognizes excellence in workplace performance, awarded our Member Services team with the Gold Award for Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year. 

Additionally, the EO Magazine managed by the Global Sales team, was recently honored with two prestigious awards from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts: the Award of Distinction in the Consumer Magazine for Marketing/Promotion category and the Award of Excellence in the Design Features/Photography for Marketing Promotion category, the highest award possible.

And finally, the Young Living Content Marketing team has been nominated for the 2017 Content Marketing Institute Awards in five different categories.

Please join us in congratulating our Brand Awareness, Design, Global Sales, and Member Services teams on their big wins and wishing our Content Marketing team good luck! Get the full details about the Lavender Room here.

Promos and More

June PV promo, June enrollment promo

Get out of town with June’s travel-friendly PV promo!

June is the heart of the travel season. With longer days and school breaks, it’s the perfect time to get out of town. Whether you’re heading out on an adventure or sticking with something local, take on your summer trips with June’s PV promotion. It’s full of on-the-go, travel-friendly products—including En-R-Gee™ and NingXia Nitro®—to help you stay moving!

300 PV Value**
Retail Value: $213.16

  • 15-ml En-R-Gee: En-R-Gee has a spicy, uplifting aroma and is made with herbaceous oils such as Rosemary, Lemongrass, and Balsam Fir. Use it for a refreshing aroma on the road, during long layovers, or while sightseeing.
  • NingXia Nitro®: Don’t let the afternoon slump slow down your adventure! Infused with essential oils, green tea extract, Korean ginseng, and D-ribose, NingXia Nitro supports alertness and cognitive fitness.*
  • 5-ml AromaEase™: Use the calming scent of AromaEase to unwind during the stress of planning and packing. It includes oils such as Peppermint, Spearmint, and Ginger for a refreshing, uplifting aroma.
  • 15-ml Cypress: Hit the road with the herbaceous aroma of Cypress. Diffuse it in the car to create a secure, grounded environment, or apply it to the wrists, nape of the neck, and temples while you’re taking a moment to refresh and refocus at pit stops.
  • Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 15-ml Patchouli: Revive travel-worn skin with the nourishing benefits of Patchouli. Dilute with a neutral moisturizer and store in your purse, backpack, or carry-on to replenish hydration lost on long flights.
  • Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 5-ml Spearmint Vitality™: Been in the car, taxi, or plane too long? Add Spearmint Vitality to your water to stay hydrated and support normal digestion with its minty-sweet taste!*

Check out the full promotion at or call 1.800.371.3515.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**Due to the USPS policy regarding shipments of Dangerous Goods (DG) to APO, FPO, or DPO addresses and Cypress essential oil being classified as a Dangerous Good, during June online orders totaling 190 PV or more and shipping to APO, FPO, or DPO addresses will not process. To complete an order of over 190 PV shipping to an APO, FPO, or DPO address, please call our Member Services department at 1.800.371.3515.

Enroll friends, get Valor!

This summer, share Young Living with friends and family and get a special bonus. When you enroll three members with a Premium Starter Kit and they join Essential Rewards at the time of enrollment between June 17 and 30, you’ll get a free 5-ml bottle of our best-selling Valor®!

This essential oil blend is a Young Living favorite and one of our most popular products. With Black Spruce, Camphor, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, and Geranium, Valor has a woodsy, uplifting aroma that helps create a positive, empowered environment. Plus, this promotion is a great way to stock up on this popular oil, since ordering is limited to one bottle per account per month. With such an exciting bonus, this summer is a great time to start sharing your YL love!

Click here for full details and official promotion rules.

Valor will be automatically added to orders of 50 PV or more between July 6th and August 31st

Congratulations to our Pin It to Win It winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Pin It to Win It contest! We appreciate your help as we spread the word about the importance of creating, pinning, and sharing information about Young Living products that is up to date.

As you continue to use Pinterest as a tool for building your business, we encourage you to continually review your Pinterest boards throughout the year and invite your team members to do the same.

Please join us in congratulating the winners of the Pin It to Win It contest: Beth Jennings, Karri Allen, Kelsey Brown, Andrea Williams, Caryn Dilks, and Brittani Gabowitz!

Looking for some great content for your essential oil Pinterest boards? Visit our page at and happy pinning!

Learn and Share

Convention podcasts, YL Taiwan market

Best of the blog

The Young Living Blog is a great resource for essential oil recipes, facts, lifestyle tips, shareable videos, infographics, and much more! In each edition of Grow! Essential News, we feature some of the newest blog posts. Here are the recent posts you’re going to want to check out!

Learn & Love: A guide to Purification essential oil blend
Whether it’s a stuffy office, the lingering odors of last night’s dinner, or a gym bag forgotten in the car for a few hot days, you can count on Purification to combat even the worst odors.

Photosensitive essential oils: Summer safety tips
Don’t let fear of essential oils that cause sun sensitivity keep you indoors. Read up on how to safely use oils, even in the summer!

8 Helichrysum oil benefits and facts
You know Helichrysum packs a big punch—but do you know these fun facts?

Grow your business with educational tools in Virtual Office

Did you know that we maintain an extensive library of educational tools in Virtual Office to help you learn how to talk about Young Living products? You’ll find PIPs, digital marketing flyers, PowerPoints, and so much more! Check it out today in the VO under Member Resources>Product Education. You’d be surprised what a little extra education can do for your business.

Listen to the convention podcasts!

Did you know that we recorded special-edition podcasts each day at the convention? These 5–10 minute episodes are fun, informative looks at some of the biggest moments at the convention. Relive the Farm Experience; product launches; The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation booth; and all the excitement from the main stage!

Listen at or on your favorite podcast apps!

June Learn & Love: Purification

Purification® is one of Young Living’s most popular blends, and it’s not hard to see why! Made with a blend of Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavandin, and Myrtle, Purification has a sweet, refreshing scent. Its constituents—such as neral, cineol, geranial, camphor, and geraniol—give this oil odor-fighting properties and help create an annoyance-free environment. With so many versatile uses to help you keep a happy home, Purification is a must for every family.

Purification essential oil blend uses:

  • Put 4–8 drops on cotton balls and place them in vents at home or in the car. Try putting them in your windowsills, closets, storage bins, or under the seats in your car.
  • Diffuse Purification for 15–30 minutes every 3–4 hours to replace popular synthetic chemical air fresheners in your home.
  • Add its sweet, bright scent to your cleaning. Use a few drops in Thieves® Household Cleaner, laundry soap, or any of your own DIY cleaning recipes.
  • Diffuse Purification and apply Young Living’s brand-new Insect Repellent at your next BBQ for an annoyance-free experience.

Check out our blog post that's all about Purification to learn more!

A thriving new market in Taiwan

On October 28, 2016, Young Living opened the Taiwan market. Not even one year has passed, and this market has already experienced significant growth, fueled by the passion and drive of members in the region. In fact, one of the market’s top five best-sellers is Abundance™—an indication of their commitment to living the Young Living dream.

This growth has also been fueled by Taiwan’s exciting Mine for Silver contest—their first-ever contest! Members around the region worked hard for their shot at the top prize: a trip to this year’s International Grand Convention. This contest had such an outstanding response that the market immediately launched two more campaigns offering the opportunity to visit Young Living farms and the convention. These additional contests have helped keep the momentum going and have led to exciting plans for future campaigns.