We believe that by simply deciding to authentically share the natural solutions that have transformed your home, you have the chance to influence others for good. That’s why we’re empowering you with Help 5! A program designed to support you in focusing on the five each month and reward you for two habits YL’s most successful business builders’ practice continuously.

When you make it your goal to help five, you have an opportunity to set aside your personal obstacles and negative self-talk to strategically help someone in your community take the next steps towards enhancing their wellness with healthier alternatives. Plus, you’ll earn points toward monthly Help 5 incentives and training to support you in your business.

How to earn help 5 points

Personally enroll new members with a Premium Starter Kit (PSK): Earn 1 point for each downline member you personally enroll with a qualifying PSK during the promotion

Personally reactivate new members with a Premium Starter Kit (PSK): Earn 1 point for each downline member you personally reactivate after 12 months with a qualifying PSK during the promotion

Personally enroll downline members in Essential Rewards (ER): Earn 1 point when a downline member of your team—whom you personally enrolled enrolls in ER, or reactivates** on ER after six+ months of ER inactivity, and places an ER order of 50 PV or higher during the promotion period.


We are taking Help 5 to the next level and introduce the Ultimate Help 5 Challenge!

Set your sights high because beginning September 1st through December 31st, 2018, the Help 5 points you earn will count towards your cumulative total! If you are one of the top FIVE members in Europe with the highest number of qualifying points by December 31st you will be invited to choose (in the order of your final points placement) one of five, all-expense-paid, transformational trips to Salt Lake City, Alaska or Ecuador!

Promotion Rewards

International Grand Convention

International Grand Convention, two qualifiers get to join us for the 25th Anniversary of YL in Salt Lake City, Utah in July 17th – 21st, 2019 and can bring a guest! (Approximate retail value 2.500 Euros)

D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation to Guayaquil

Service trip with the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation to Guayaquil, Ecuador, to tour the Finca Botanica Farm for two qualifiers to participate in a hands-on service project at the school and to celebrate the graduating class of the Young Living Academy (Approximate retail value 4.600 Euros).

Global Leadership Cruise 2019

Join the SOLD OUT global leadership cruise around the Alaska Inside Passage with a guest, June 7-14, 2019 (Approximate retail value: 7.700 Euros).
Current DECEMBER qualifiers***
Keep track of your Help 5 progress this month and qualify to receive September's reward! Review your current Help 5 point totals*** and be sure set your enrollment and reactivation goals for the remainder of the month!
*A reactivated member is an inactive Young Living member (in a terminated status) who the participant personally enrolls during the promotion period. Points will be awarded only for the purchase of one qualifying Premium Starter Kit per reactivated member during the promotional period.

**For the purposes of this offer, a qualifying ER reactivation is a member who has not placed an ER order in the last six months.

***This list is an un-vetted, un-audited static list of enrollments and is meant only to give members an idea of possible attainment of reward under this promotion. In the event of a discrepancy between the rules used to develop this list and the Official Rule, the Official Rules will govern. Members who qualified for monthly prize(s) will be contacted directly with details for claiming their prize(s).

Lists will be updated MOTNHLY . The list was last reviewed and updated September 16th, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. GMT.