Royal Crown Diamond



Hailey & Jeremy Aliff

Louisiana, USA
Before they started their Young Living journey, Hailey Aliff was a birth worker, while her husband, Jeremy, gravitated toward entrepreneurship. After Hailey felt burned out of her job, she and her husband combined strengths with Young Living to help others achieve wellness, purpose, and abundance, opening the door to endless possibilities.
Several of their family members also run Young Living businesses. They continue to travel and form new relationships with people across the globe. Hailey feels that Young Living is a purpose-driven company and that it’s about inviting people to come and better their lives.
Hailey and Jeremy love the freedom and purpose they have found in Young Living. They are excited to adopt a baby soon and start growing their family. *
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Franciela Madrid & Juan Álberto Arevalo

Juan Arevalo and Franciela Madrid have worked together ever since they started dating, when they had their own consulting company and a different set of dreams than they do now. While suffering some health challenges, Franciela decided to dedicate her time to finding alternative solutions that could improve the quality of life for her and her family. She became certified as a naturopath and a health coach and has pursued other natural practices.
In July 2013, Franciela started to share these positive changes with her friends, and their interest was piqued. Once they started using Young Living products, sharing oils became just another excuse to get together as friends and bond over their love of Young Living.
Before she knew it, Franciela had ranked up to Silver and qualified to join Young Living for a trip to Hawaii. It was during that trip that she began to conceptualize her YL business. Once Juan realized that Young Living was not just another business corporation but a company with heart and soul, he joined her and Mariana, their daughter, to connect with friends throughout Mexico. Together, they teamed up to build the largest Young Living organization in Latin America.
What fuels this self-motivated team the most is helping as many other families as they can to achieve their dreams as well.
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Heather & John Brock

California, USA
Heather and John Brock were introduced to Young Living when a friend gave them a generous gift of essential oils at a difficult time in their lives. Heather was grateful for her friend’s kindness, but she was unaware of the role the oils would play in her life.
It wasn’t until two years later, when Heather was able to take a class from her friend, that she had a dramatic experience with the oils. She became determined to share Young Living’s products with everyone she met. Heather told her husband, John, “We are doing this thing.”
She started studying and teaching right away. John was on board with essential oils but skeptical of the business opportunity until he saw the power of duplication at work. John began taking an active role, working the Young Living business part-time, until he could put his time and energy where he wanted: in his family and in the vision of Young Living’s mission of wellness, purpose, and abundance.
The Brocks are honored to be counted among the Royal Crown Diamond ranks and are thankful for their powerful team. Heather and John are grateful for the freedom they now have as parents to say yes to healthy choices, honor the Lord with their work, and help others find that freedom as well. The Brocks homeschool their three children on their small ranch in Southern California. *
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Ulrike & Vijay Churfuerst Hanzal

Ulrike and Vijay Churfuerst fell in love in 2001, which is also when they fell in love with Young Living's philosophy, vision, and products. Among the first pioneers in the European market, they became passionate about bringing Young Living products to the continent before Young Living had even been established there. This decision was the beginning of a new life for the pair. Vijay and Ulli have been an instrumental part of Young Living’s growth in Europe, supporting the company with translations and customer testimonials, all while building their own Young Living business.
For almost 20 years, Ulrike and Vijay have worked through many ups and downs, powered by their belief in being able to make a difference. They feel rewarded for their staying power and their enthusiasm with a wonderfully abundant life for them and their family. *
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Courtney & John Critz

Texas, USA
At a young age, Courtney Critz learned from her mother that individual health and the health of her family were her responsibility. When Courtney first experienced Young Living essential oils, she initially loved the convenience and simplicity of the oils in helping her with that responsibility. But it wasn’t until she had a dramatic experience with NingXia Red that she felt prompted to share Young Living with her family and friends.
As a loyal leader, Courtney spends her time focused on people. She measures her success not by how much she does, but by the love she shows to God, family, friends, and strangers. “People matter more to me,” she says, “than what I’m trying to get done.” Her husband, John, uses his skills in technology to work with Courtney as they teach their teams. She is passionate about freedom—freedom of time as well as emotional freedom.
At home, Courtney is a stay-at-home mom who loves teaching their seven children. Her background before Young Living includes Children’s Ministry. *

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Kathy Farmer & Mark McCaskill

Colorado, USA
As a master herbalist and meditation instructor, Kathy always felt passionate about helping people emotionally, physically, and spiritually. With Young Living, she finally found a career where these passions coincided.

Her husband, Mark—who she met through Young Living—and their children, all share in their love for the products and the career opportunities. “We live the Young Living lifestyle.” She says. “I look at people who are chronologically younger, but they have given up on being young. Young Living is not just a company, it’s an affirmation. There are no limits to what you can do if you give your body what it needs.”
Not only does Kathy feel passionate about her own health, but loves teaching and assisting others. “My husband and I were recently in Australia.” She says. “No matter where we go, we’re home…because of the friends we have all over the world.”

After her own personal tragedy when her son ended his life, Kathy and Mark created a nonprofit group called “A Shining Light” to spread suicide awareness. “We all want to improve the world. That’s the most important thing humans can do.” She says.
Visit for more information about “A Shining Light.” *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Alyssa & Troy Francis

Texas, USA
When Alyssa Francis started researching alternatives for harsh cleaning chemicals in 2010, she didn’t realize that the potential of essential oils extended beyond her countertops. “All I knew about essential oils,” she says, “is that they smelled good and that they could be used to clean my house.” After taking a class from a Young Living leader, she embraced the lifestyle, saying that Young Living’s essential oils were the missing piece in her wellness journey, a journey that has altered the course of her life. “Everything has changed. My life has been turned upside down.”

Alyssa’s husband, Troy, has always been her encourager and cheerleader and now works alongside her, taking care of the daily paperwork and finances. She describes him as a “quiet warrior.” Alyssa’s experiences with Young Living have inspired further lifestyle changes, which include working from home with her husband and taking care of her physical body.

Only a few years after working with Young Living, Alyssa realized that working behind the computer for long hours was causing her physical health to decline. “I wasn’t making my physical health my priority,” she explains. She’s been on a fitness journey over the past year, using essential oils to support her workouts. She has a love affair with Valor®. “It makes me feel like Superwoman,” she says. *
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Frances Fuller

Frances Fuller relocated to Singapore from Palm Beach, Florida, where she was nationally certified by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and state certified by the Florida Department of Health as a licensed massage therapist and continuing education provider.
Integrating essential oils into all the modalities that she has practiced and taught through the years, Frances’s passion is helping others elevate their lives.
For years, her ultimate goal had been to get Young Living to Singapore. Having accomplished her goal and built a large team there, she’s more passionate than ever about sharing the products. However, more than growing her business, “growing people” remains her greatest passion.
“While Gary Young called himself a farmer, I refer to myself as a people grower,” Frances says. “I never tire of witnessing growth in others.” *
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Carol Yeh-Garner & Scott Garner

California, USA
When Carol Yeh-Garner bought her Starter Kit in October 2013, she had no plans of starting a Young Living business; but she loved the oils and diffuser so much that she started sharing her story, and her business grew organically. With a large existing network, Carol built her business very quickly—reaching Silver in fewer than 3 months, Diamond in 11, and Royal Crown Diamond in 27.
In 2015, Carol’s husband, Scott, transitioned from his job as a teacher to begin working with Carol in their essential oils business.
Carol’s business-building approach focuses on helping others fall in love with their essential oils and building their business in a personable, natural way. Her experience in clinical social work and hypnotherapy have helped her support her team and replicate her success. She’s shared her insights as a speaker at Young Living’s International Grand Convention and at many other business events. Carol and Scott’s goals are to help as many of their team members as possible be successful with their Young Living businesses and to make a positive impact in people's health.
Carol and Scott live in Carlsbad, California, with their two kids and their dog. Together, they have traveled to Young Living farms around the world and are very excited about working to create a legacy for their family and for their team.*
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Adam & Vanessa Green

This couple has experienced opportunities and adventures to last a lifetime, traveling to more than 30 countries, and they greatly attribute their successes to Young Living. “Our career with Young Living has given us the opportunity to live life full out, in every stage of life,” Adam says. “We just welcomed our first son, William, to the world and have the freedom to both be at home for these precious moments of life.”

As many Young Living members have found, both Adam and Vanessa agree that one of the greatest blessings of this business is working with others and helping them succeed. “I enjoy having a purpose greater than myself,” Adam explains. “Being able to build a legacy for our growing family while assisting others to do the same seems like a dream job.”

Financial independence began as a goal for Adam long ago. “Growing up, I was very fiscally responsible,” he says. Not only did he pay for his own college education, but he also purchased a house at 20 and paid off the mortgage by 25. “We want to continue helping others to become financially stable and free,” he says.

Adam and Vanessa continue to inspire anyone they meet. “I have never felt a passion for a career like I have with Young Living,” Adam says. “It never feels like work when we are active out in the field, meeting members and families and sharing our story.” *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Carla & Bill Green

Carla and Bill Green like to spend their time exploring the great outdoors, traveling the world, and dancing every opportunity they get. Bill loves motorcycles and has even been known to motorcycle from their home in Alberta, Canada, to Salt Lake City to help raise funds for the Young Living Foundation. They are passionate about empowering others to, as they put it, “take charge of their health and find financial success.”

While raising their four children, who also joined Young Living, Bill and Carla made the decision to always keep one parent home. Helping others reach their family and life goals is the Greens’ way of paying it forward. “With Young Living, we’re able to share so much more with everyone around us.”*
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Lindsey & Evan Gremont

Texas, USA
Lindsey Gremont worked at IBM for 15 years doing corporate and IT strategy for very large companies, which taught her several valuable lessons about networking. Four years prior to joining Young Living, Lindsey created her Homemade Mommy blog because she loves sharing with others how to provide unprocessed, real food for their families.

After nine months of trying samples from her friends April Pointer and Jen Jordan, Lindsey enrolled with Young Living, though she was so busy with her corporate job and writing two books for her blog that she didn’t jump into the business with both feet. Three months later, she invested the time to try the oils for herself and verify that they helped her and her family. Only then did she start to share with others on her blog.

Lindsey had no idea what her potential would be with Young Living when she started. Once she hit Silver, she knew that she’d be able to reach Diamond rank shortly thereafter. According to Lindsey, “When I set my heart on something, I just do it, and it happens!”

Lindsey has been able to leave her corporate job for good and is glad that she’ll never have to work a day job again. Lindsey’s husband, Evan, has now joined her business, and they feel tremendously blessed that Young Living came into their lives.*
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.


Dr. Marcella Vonn Harting & Jim Harting

Arizona, USA
As a Young Living member of 25 years, Marcella Vonn Harting has a deep love for the business. “Being an entrepreneur runs in the family,” Marcella explains. Her passion for learning is shown in her PhDs in integrated health and psychoneurology. “I could be in school my whole life,” she says. That sentiment carries over into everything she does, as seen in her email signature: “Live with passion.”

Not only has she enjoyed achieving dreams and goals through Young Living, but she is now motivated most by helping others do the same. “I believe in people before they believe in themselves,” she says, “Serving others lights me up.” Marcella goes on to share that her happiness is a choice and a reflection of her life. “I don’t know how you could be where I am in this company and not be happy,” she says. “I wake up in the morning and know I’m making a difference. If God took me today, I would have no regrets in my life because of the experiences I’ve had with Young Living.” *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Annie & Chris Hauser

Pennsylvania, USA
For Annie and Chris Hauser, Young Living has been about the opportunity to connect with individuals, communities, and their family. They prefer to spend their time with their two children, friends, family, and pets and to open their home to children in foster care; and it has been a huge motivator behind what they do.
The couple also loves to see their team members grow as they work alongside them and teach them how to be empowered on their wellness journeys. “These people are world-changers,” Annie says. “We cherish them so much, and being able to share experiences together is the best reward. I’m a better mom, wife, friend, daughter, and leader because of Young Living.”
The family lives in Philadelphia and enjoys watching movies at home and traveling together. *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Jeanmarie Hepworth

Arizona, USA
Jeanmarie Hepworth has been a leader with Young Living for the company’s 25-year history. She continues to dedicate her time to nurturing leaders and educating members through meetings and regular written publications. She proudly represents one of the largest organizations within Young Living, which has grown to more than a million members.
Jeanmarie has an impressive background in health product sales and marketing, plus extensive experience in the banking and insurance industries. She has also held the prestigious position of national sales trainer with a Fortune 500 company.
When asked what her favorite oil is, Jeanmarie is quick to reply that she considers each Young Living oil to be a gift from God, so they are all her favorites.*
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclosure Statement.

Echo & Danny Hill

Texas, USA
As leaders, Echo and Danny Hill are positive, inspirational, and high-energy. They strive to create leaders who aren’t just followers but empowered members who can act for themselves. Providing support and encouragement is a key aspect to their leadership style, and they say they feel the happiest when they’re serving others and helping them find success and reach their goals. #RhinoUp
Echo & Danny love their Young Living business and the crossline connections for the sense of community—which they see as a second family—and for the opportunity it provides to give their son a better life. Both of them grew up in difficult circumstances, and because of this they strive to create a healthy family life. Through Young Living, they’ve found that they can obtain all the freedoms necessary to live their best lives.
Echo & Danny’s ideal day would include a quiet morning with tea in hand, hitting up the gym, working with their tribe and crosslines, playing outside as a family, and cooking dinner together. *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Max & Karen Hopkins

Oklahoma, USA
As partners in life and business, Max and Karen Hopkins both agree that their true success in Young Living began when they started working together. “Before Young Living, I was at a time in my life when I felt I’d failed at everything,” Karen says, “but Max always believed in me and supported me.”
Max goes on to say that, “Karen is my greatest influence. Whatever it takes for her to get somewhere and share about Young Living, she will do. She’s my hero.”
They have also greatly enjoyed being involved with the details of the Seed to Seal® commitment. “We’ve been to nine of the global farms and worked on each one. I’ve planted seeds, cut, harvested, and sealed the bottles myself,” Max says.
Karen explains how Young Living was never about the money: “Abundance to us is never being limited in our ability to give. That is what Young Living offers us.” She also takes inspiration from a prayer given by her mother. “When my mom was going to lose me six months into the pregnancy, she dedicated me to God. Knowing that motivates me to succeed,” Karen says.
Max and Karen have shared 46 years of marriage. Their greatest treasures include their three children and eight grandchildren. *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Carol & Ben Howden

Carol and Ben, who spend most of their home time in a small town on Vancouver Island, say their favorite part about working with Young Living is being able to help improve the quality of life for someone else. Carol goes on to say, “I love seeing when people have that ‘light bulb moment’ as they advance in their personal development.”
Young Living products aren’t the only change that this business brought to the Howdens. Carol says that in the past she was a shy, introverted person. “Then I discovered that when you care more than you fear, you speak up,” she says. “I have no doubts about what I’m sharing, and the reward is always far greater than any fear.”
Carol and Ben agree that Young Living has provided them with a wonderful, fulfilling life. “We love to travel, experience other cultures, and spend time with family.” Because of their experiences with this business and its people, Carol says, “Our lives will be forever changed, and we remain forever grateful.” *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.


Gregg & Carol Johnson

Colorado, USA
Gregg and Carol Johnson have been faithful Young Living product users for nearly 24 years. Their journey began when they were introduced to a Young Living Essential 7™ kit in 1993. After Carol found Lavender soothing to her dry skin, she started to believe in the power of oils and experimented with other uses.

Carol says, “Today our home is filled with Young Living products, from toothpaste to diffusers. We love traveling to share the oils and tell others how Young Living has changed our lives.” Gregg adds, “How grateful we are for the healthier and happier lifestyle that we enjoy because of Young Living.” *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Sera & Darren Johnson

Texas, USA
Sera Johnson’s Young Living journey started in 2006 after she asked God to reveal his plan and tools for her family’s abundant health. She found her answer in Young Living Essential Oils. After extensive research and viewing photos of Gary Young on the company farms, she knew this opportunity would change her life.
As Sera saw how the Starter Kit impacted her family’s life, she felt a burning desire to teach and empower others. She became an unstoppable force when she read about essential oils from the Bible and constantly shared Young Living with the world. Along with her phenomenal team, Sera loves to encourage others to focus on their own unique Young Living journey. She believes that using the products consistently to achieve personal wellness, sharing with passion and purpose, and dreaming big as they discover abundance can help others live a greater life.
Sera and her husband, Darren, balance running the business with homeschooling their four children. Their family loves the freedom Young Living offers. They can travel, pursue their God-given passions, support ministries, and bless others. They couldn’t be more grateful! *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Jen & Adaryll Jordan

Kentucky, USA
Growing up, Jen Jordan knew she wanted to be a doctor, but on her way to getting a degree, she realized that she didn’t want the lifestyle associated with the health care industry. In her words, she “handed her dream over to God,” and when a husband and then three children came into her life, she felt her decision was confirmed, and her role as a wife and mother took priority. “This was it. This is what I was made for,” she says. Today she helps others become “their own health advocates,” and she feels certain that God prepared her for this role through her education and experience. “I feel like Young Living handed my dream back to me,” she says.
Jen’s experience with oils began around 2009, when her sister, April Pointer, who is also a Royal Crown Diamond, introduced her to Young Living. Jen relates that her initial response was not a positive one: “I thought she was crazy!” she says. Jen started using oils two years later, but then only as a “closet oiler,” despite the fact that essential oils changed her life. She reluctantly taught her first class, thinking that the attendees would just “go away” after listening. Of course, that didn’t happen.
With a life motto of “Love God; love people,” Jen has built her business around encouraging, empowering, and building others up. She explains that she is “continuing a culture of positivity” in the lives of the leaders she works with. Jen and her husband are inspired to continue that generosity with those they meet in everyday life.*
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.


Joanne Kan & Eric Yang

Hong Kong
Joanne and Eric’s passion for Young living’s mission kickstarted their business and propelled them to become role models and leaders in the company. Their Young Living journey began in 2011, when Joanne was looking for household products formulated without toxins. After her positive experience with Young Living products, Joanne started sharing them with her friends and family. Once she received her first check in the mail, she realized she was creating her own business! When Joanne reached Gold rank in 2013, her husband, Eric, joined in to help out.
Before Joanne discovered Young Living, she had aspired to become a Waldorf early childhood teacher because she wanted to nurture children and educate parents. Young Living allows her to do just that and more! Beyond her role as an educator, Joanne is a mother, international speaker, author, and entrepreneur.
This power couple helped to launch the Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China markets and are currently leading the largest Chinese global team in Young Living. Their team includes four Royal Crown Diamonds and many other Diamonds!
Joanne looks forward to new challenges in her life. She says, “Having a growth mindset is important. I adapt and stay positive when met with challenges.” One of those challenges was writing the book Following the Leader, a book dedicated to her beloved mentor—and Young Living Founder—D. Gary Young. In her book she retells what she learned and observed from Gary over the 30 times she worked closely with him beginning in 2011 until he passed away in 2018. *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Mark & Melissa Koehler

Oregon, USA
In 2013 Melissa Koehler was pregnant with her third child and wondered where she would find time to devote to her photography business. She had spent nine years building it through blogs and social media, but her husband traveled for work, and with three babies at home, she thought she would have to put her dreams aside. During this time, her friend Lindsay Moreno introduced her to Young Living essential oils. Melissa was thrilled to try them and shared them through her social media outlets.

For two months she received messages from friends and acquaintances about the oils, which she answered privately, but she didn’t pursue the business publicly until she knew that working with Young Living would allow her to continue her professional dreams and potentially free up her husband’s time. Melissa, along with her husband, Mark, work together from home now, and Melissa enjoys working on her photography on the side.

Melissa finds inspiration in helping women build successful businesses and relating to them through her own story. “It brings me so much joy to do that,” she explains. Her joy comes with challenges though, and she occasionally struggles to believe in herself. Melissa finds it helpful to seek out others for affirmation and support when she is struggling the most and says that she can overcome. “I’m always going to be working on that,” she says. *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.


Zach & Kari Lewis

Oregon, USA
Kari Lewis fell in love with her starter kit the moment she opened it in 2014, and has shared the goodness of essential oils ever since. Not long after her introduction, she realized growing a business with Young Living would be a worthwhile investment of her time. She recalls asking herself the question, “Why not?” and dedicated her time and energy to what she describes as a “beautiful whirlwind.” Kari enjoys working alongside her best friends and making new friends through her work with Young Living, and she is grateful for the opportunity her husband now has to spend more time at home with her and their children.
Despite their fierce dedication to growing with Young Living, Kari and Zach make time for their relationships first: dating each other, spending time with their children, and going on adventures. Kari finds inspiration in the people around her and the adventures she takes. Before Young Living, Kari was a couples photographer, photographing couples in all stages of life—from dating, to engagement, to fifty years of marriage.
Kari and Zach are foster parents, and have a passion for the role they play in the lives of the kids they take in. “I am who I am today because of the children that have looked to me as mom, and the way that God has shown me how much He loves and cares deeply for each of us,” says Kari. She loves exploring outdoors and taking her children for walks. Kari and Zach have two children, a boy and girl, and a miniature schnauzer named Cece. *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.


Stacie & Todd Malkus

California, USA
As a mechanical engineer and later as a graphic designer, Stacie Malkus realized that she was missing her “bigger purpose,” one she found when she began sharing Young Living products with family and friends. While reluctant to become part of a direct sales company, Stacie had an experience that changed her mind about sharing. “After having an incredible success with Lavender oil for my toddler, I realized that every mom I knew needed these oils,” she explains.
From there, Stacie found a passion in her purpose to help others “live healthier lives, use products free of toxins, and ask the right questions” about their health. “I constantly share about this being the best job ever,” she explains, and she loves that she works with friends and gets paid for it. On her role as a leader, Stacie says when she started, she just wanted to help people. “I’ve had to slowly learn leadership skills so that I could truly help people and make an impact on so many.” *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Joanna & Justin Malone

California, USA
Joanna Malone, a former action sports designer, thought she had the perfect job before Young Living; but through her work with essential oils, she found more purpose. Joanna and her husband, Justin, have a passion for the products, the business, and their team, which Joanna says, “Comes from seeing people have breakthroughs in their lives and reach new levels of life—whether physical, emotional, financial, or spiritual.”

Joanna feels like the business chose her, and she embraced her calling from the very start. Her journey has been one of magical transformation, which she sees as one “big, personal developmental project.” This inspires her to give back and dedicate time to in-person experiences at retreats that inspire growth. These team-favorite experiences focus on emotional health, where Joanna can use her gifts of empathy and encouragement to help others reach their own potential.
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Connie Marie McDanel

Minnesota, USA
Connie Marie McDanel is on a mission to help as many women as possible by teaching the importance of creating a financial back-up plan for life’s unexpected circumstances. Raised by entrepreneurial parents who owned a successful agate wholesaling business, she learned important lessons at a young age about customer relationships and looking at the big picture to maintain a successful company.

Growing up on a hobby farm, she dedicated herself to her horses and later become a 14-time saddle winner in the North Dakota rodeo circuit. In the 1980s, she was instrumental in achieving equal pay for women athletes in the North Dakota Rodeo Association and other state associations. Connie was featured nationally in an Associated Press article by Will Grimsley that highlighted women in sports. She also made a talk show appearance with TV game show host Gene Rayburn in New York City.

Now residing in Minnesota, Connie has a love of preservation and protection of our land and natural resources, which she says drew her to Young Living in 1998. A company that values and respects sustainability and preservation of nature, Young Living inspired her to educate her community about the importance of creating a healing home and the ability to lead others in creating their own entrepreneurial empires. She now leads a group of over 100,000 members in 24 countries and continues to personally mentor those who share the passion to get essential oils into every home. She wants all Young Living leaders to know that though this journey will challenge you, it pays to be brave! *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Jeremiah & Monique McLean

Alabama, USA
For both Jeremiah and Monique, faith and family are what matter most. Previous to finding Young Living, they experienced setbacks with other business ventures. “Things crashed and burned.” Monique says. “When I decided to go into business with Young Living, we wanted to make sure our priorities were in line.”

Through the trials and errors, they agree that there are great lessons to be learned from mistakes. “My goal now is to do everything with excellence and put God first. When you do that, it pays off.” Monique says.

In many ways, Young Living has not only reset their priorities, but also helped previous dreams to be realized. “Through this business, I can combine my greatest passions into one.” Monique explains. “Before—when I worked as a nurse—I was unsure of myself because I wasn’t using my gifts and talents.”

Spending quality family time every day adds to the benefits they now experience through Young Living. What inspires them now is helping others. “I take every opportunity to point people to God,” Monique says. “We want to help others to find their sparkle.” *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Wendy Renee Mercure

Florida, USA
Wendy Mercure started working at age 13 and hasn’t stopped since. Whether flipping burgers, piercing ears, brewing and serving coffee, attending flights, or teaching eighth graders, she’s worked hard—but always under someone else's thumb. All of that changed, however, with the launch of her Young Living business. “When I teach people how to live a harsh chemical-free life,” she explains, “it's based on my curriculum, my handouts, and my dumb jokes. I dig it.”

The most significant change for Wendy came when her husband, Tyson, quit his job. “After years of deployments and long days in school, my boys finally have their dad back,” Wendy says.

Being a catalyst for change brings excitement to Wendy’s life. “I used to say that working for Young Living is like winning the lottery, but it’s better than that,” she says. “Only Young Living could give me such a full heart.”*

*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Jodie Meschuk

California, USA
Jodie Meschuk is a mom to one girl and two boys and is married to a successful football coach. A Southern California native, she is a certified yoga instructor who majored in sports medicine. Her “lightbulb moment” of increased health awareness came as a result of her son’s challenges as a baby.

According to Jodie, some of her family’s lifestyle changes include “taking time for stillness and meditation and experiencing the power the oils have on the emotional brain.” Jodie says she is a stronger, more present and intentional leader as a result. “I’ve been given the opportunity to face my fears head-on and own who I am and what I can offer the world,” she explains.

By choosing to be present and find happiness right where she’s at, Jodie is able to use her ability to connect with others to fuel her business and her life. When she’s not empowering others through Young Living, she loves being “snuggled up with family, a good movie, and a cup of tea.” *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Lindsay Teague Moreno & Michael Moreno

Colorado, USA
Lindsay is a world champion iPhone karaoke singer, expert problem solver, and avoider of all household chores. She has a collection of dry shampoo that puts any momtrepreneur to shame. Her passions include helping women start businesses, watching videos of baby goats online, and seeing the world with her family.
Michael credits his dimple for not only much of his life success but also the free upgrades he tends to receive. His passions include hanging out with his family, laughing at inappropriate Internet memes, and cheering on the Arizona Cardinals.
Together, Lindsay and Michael live in their Barbie Dreamhouse in Colorado with their three daughters and the family mascot, Fitzgerald.
Lindsay started her Young Living business in 2013. Her goal was to bring essential oils and an online business to her tribe—which is mostly made up of moms with kids at home and not a lot of time for extra anything. With a strong desire to make the business and product easier, the Lemon Dropper team was born and grew at an alarming rate. Michael joined the team to take care of the back end of the business in 2014 because Lindsay’s brain doesn’t work like that. Together, they have started multiple other businesses together.
Because Lindsay’s business was completely built online through writing and connecting with women through words, she published the book Getting Noticed in 2017 and recently signed with the HarperCollins for two new books. The first will release in the fall of 2019. *
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Vicki Opfer & Chris Opfer

Colorado, USA
Young Living is truly a family business for Vicki Opfer and her son Chris, who, as Royal Crown Diamonds, seek to help people live happier and healthier lives with their business, Young Living Family, Inc. They love working for their Young Living family together and co-authored a book on how to build a Young Living business from the heart, without hype or pressure.

Vicki has a background in computer science and engineering but has worked in the natural health field for nearly 40 years. She is also a certified nutritional counselor. With an eye for detail and a passion for truth, she has made it her mission to study and teach natural health and nutrition.

Her teachers have included natural health luminaries such as D. Gary Young, Bernard Jensen, and Reverend Hanna Kroeger. She joined Young Living in 1994 and was one of the first members to achieve the rank of Diamond. She is currently a Royal Crown Diamond and lectures on the Young Living lifestyle and how to share it with others.
Vicki’s books have been used by Young Living leaders around the world to build successful businesses. Her goal is teaching people how to live longer, healthier, and happier lives in a way that the valuable information can be shared easily to benefit future generations.

Growing up around the Young Living lifestyle, starting with his mother’s introduction to the oils in 1994, Chris Opfer joined Young Living in 2002. Although he was an avid and faithful user of the products, he pursued his dream to become a lawyer and prosecutor. Chris graduated from the University of Denver in 2007 with a degree in both Political Science and Criminology. Three years later, in 2010, he earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and began practicing as a prosecutor in Colorado’s most populous judicial district. In 2016 Chris left his successful career as a prosecutor to join Vicki as a business partner. Chris has lectured for Young Living and greatly enjoys helping others share the freedom that comes with the Young Living lifestyle.

“We are here to help our Young Living family achieve ultimate freedom,” said Chris, “by living happier and healthier lives through these wonderful products.” *
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Nathan & Jessica Petty

California, USA
Before her contact with Young Living, Jessica Petty had several experiences with essential oils, but it wasn’t until seeing Young Living’s lavender farm in Mona, Utah, that she knew she needed to become a Young Living member. From that moment on, this former stockbroker wanted to share her love of oils with others, but she had reservations about direct selling to family and friends. Her concerns were resolved after Young Living members in a social media group explained that the core of Young Living was about sharing knowledge, not pushy selling. Jessica started and grew a successful business, despite the disappointment of low attendance at her first class.
Jessica is married to Nathan Petty, a wedding photographer who supports Jessica through taking care of their four children and their home, contributing to her success by “picking up the slack.” The Petty family enjoys miniature golfing together, and Jessica enjoys reading and meditation. Nathan attests that if she has a free moment, her mind turns to oils. “I just wake up so excited,” she says. “I never thought work could be fun.”
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Melissa & Wayne Poepping

Minnesota, USA
While Melissa Poepping was first introduced to essential oils in 1998, it wasn’t until 2005—while she held her newborn baby—that she realized the importance of using plant-based and naturally derived products. What began as an effort to improve her home grew into much more. “I started this journey so I could have a home free of harsh chemicals for my kids,” she says. “But what came with the journey was my ability to stay home and raise them.”
Melissa describes her transition into Young Living as a “leap of faith,” and it has brought amazing results into her life and into the lives of those around her. “Before I knew it, we were creating a movement in our community,” she says.
In her pursuit to immerse herself in this new lifestyle, Melissa began designing naturally derived, mineral-based cosmetics. Her passion continued to grow, and in 2017 she played a critical role in the addition of Savvy Minerals by Young Living®, Young Living’s high-quality cosmetics made with premium ingredients.
Melissa and her husband, Wayne, have three children, and the family enjoys living in the country on their hobby farm. Whether it’s driving four-wheelers, dirt biking, swimming, or spending time at their cabin, they believe the best life is the one you’ve designed. *
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April & Jay Pointer

Texas, USA
April Pointer found Young Living in 2009 and purchased a bottle of Thieves®—now Thieves Vitality™—for her husband’s immune system. It worked and made them believers. Essential oils were the missing link in their home with her love of health, wellness, and natural living.
After two years of using oils, she looked at the income opportunity after enrolling a friend who desired to generate an income with YL. April decided it was time to take a shot. With the humble goal of getting her oils paid for each month, they began teaching monthly classes together. “Teaming up had a major impact on our success,” she says. Momentum set in, and it grew each month.
At Gold, Jay was laid off from his corporate job, and April’s YL income ended up being the “plan B” they never planned for. Jay found a niche in April's business while still pursuing his own goals. They went on to achieve Royal Crown Diamond in 2014. “History is happening with essential oils, and we are in the greatest company in the world!” she says, alluding to the musical Hamilton.
The Pointers desire to build a culture of goodness, freedom, and legacy. “I want to build something that is going to outlive me," April says. They desire to make a difference and are passionate about establishing clean water wells, ending human trafficking, supporting disaster relief, and missions.
April’s advice: “Talk less and listen more. Effective and focused listening is the unsung hero of communication.” *
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Debra Raybern

Texas, USA
Debra Raybern always had a passion for plants. She became a master herbalist and even taught classes about herbs in her home. She discovered Young Living while researching how her students could incorporate herbs into their everyday lives. The unique properties of essential oils have intrigued her ever since.

This discovery proved fortunate after the unexpected death of Debra’s husband of 21 years. The loss left her the sole provider for her daughter. That’s when she decided to turn her fun herbal hobby into a source of income. “Those first years as a single mom were the most difficult,” Debra said. “You can’t quit. You decide you want it, and you do it.”

Debra now lives with the desire to help her members achieve success. She’s forever grateful for the strength provided by her Christian faith and the positive people in her life.

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Erin & Bronce Rodgers

Tennessee, USA
As evidenced by her past careers as a pharmaceutical rep, a high school math teacher, and a photographer, Erin Rodgers is a keen multitasker determined to create a path to success for her family. When she first stumbled into the world of essential oils, she was a wife and mom simply trying to survive the first few years with little ones at home. In a period of mama-desperation, she reached for essential oils to support her family’s health—and she was stunned when they worked! She could see a new life for her family, and she didn’t want to wait for it, so she jumped in.
Her simple effort to support her family’s health and wellness grew into something bigger, and she knew she would never be satisfied if she kept quiet. When she saw other moms feeling frustrated, helpless, and confused, she started to tell her story.
Now years into their Young Living adventure, the family is more committed than ever to create a legacy—to plant seeds without knowing whether they’ll see them grow into a garden—and to share the opportunity of wellness and abundance with everyone around them. As the Rodgers family sees new families embrace essential oils, they’re more convinced than ever that the Youngs’ vision is real—to take pure essential oils to every home. *
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Chérie Ross

Minnesota, USA
Cherie Ross has had an entrepreneurial spirit since she was a young girl. “I started my first business at 8 years old, growing organic vegetables on my grandparent’s farm to sell on our lawn,” she says.

Since then, her personal experience has included managing a restaurant, working with animals, bookkeeping, and performing as a professional dancer and actress. Eventually, she found great success in the beauty industry as a salon and spa owner. She even did hair and makeup for fashion shows, commercials, billboards, and magazines.
Cherie came to Young Living to support her health and wellness, but that’s not all that motivates her now. “I’ve been in a lot of industries and professions, and this is unlike anything I’ve ever known," she says. “I love helping people remember their own value and create a life that they love to live.”
Above all, Cherie is grateful for the experiences and relationships she’s gained through Young Living. “The people here saw something in me—believed in me—when I couldn't. “Every day, I'm committed to being an exemplary steward in this world,” she says. “Because of this work, I’m inspired to be the best person I can possibly be." *
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Jordan & Doug Schrandt

Missouri, USA
Jordan Schrandt was introduced to Young Living while working as a freelance writer for agricultural publications. Because of the purity of Young Living products, Jordan felt a need to leave a “toxic culture and chemical-laden society.” Though her dream was writing and communications, she decided it was time to step away from writing about the world of harsh and toxic chemicals in our food and products and instead focus on educating people about a lifestyle of overall wellness.

Today, Jordan and Doug run their Young Living business while also raising eight children. Jordan returned to her first love of writing and recently published and launched her own magazine—a place where she combines natural living with the publication world.

Jordan also enjoys playing the piano, running, homeschooling, and homesteading. She loves empowering women and sharing her faith with others. She says she’s developed the most “authentic friendships” through Young Living, and she feels that her experiences with the people and products have added so much love and fullness to their lives and the lives of so many others.
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Brenda & Scott Schuler

Minnesota, USA
While they now share the same career and lifestyle, Scott and Brenda both had different jobs before their involvement with Young Living. “When Brenda first came to me with the idea to join Young Living,” Scott says, “I had no idea what to expect or how it would take our lives in such a dynamic direction.”

“Young Living has offered us a lot of firsts,” Brenda says. “The most recent was when I rappelled down a waterfall in Ecuador.” Scott adds that, “We could couch surf the world with all the friends we’ve made.”


Their newfound flexibility includes knowing no sacrifices are being made on their personal well-being. “We know now that there’s a better way,” Brenda says. “I want to show others and our three young sons how to live a life by design, not by default,” Scott adds. *
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Christa & Jason Smith

Oklahoma, USA
Christa and Jason Smith have been together for almost 25 years. With OB nursing, physiology, and advertising backgrounds, it doesn’t surprise them to see how their whole-body wellness lifestyle community has blossomed.
Christa has given birth to 15 children in the span of 19 years. She shares her wisdom and inspires other mommies around the world, offering peace of mind when it comes to their babies' best. As their community grows, the Smiths are planning to open a wellness life spa in Texas for one-on-one experiences.
The entire family works and travels for their team. While Christa conducts educational teachings, the kids manage daily activities, business classes, and follow-ups. Members know them as the "Smith Nations,” a name Christa uses, and can easily be identified. They are well-known for their “on-the-spot BIG hugs.” Jason shares business tips through his educational videos for those in the know, offering a welcomed comic relief.
The Smiths have enjoyed several cruises with seven of their children to Honduras, France, and Croatia, plus building homes in Ecuador for underprivileged families, which has given their personal homeschooling efforts new perspective and meaning. The family loves to help other families, share their vision to give their own children real-life experiences, and hold fast to their ability to go or give anytime God says to.
The Smiths love traveling. They caravan almost all summer, stopping first at the International Grand Convention. Among their favorite destinations are Lavender Day, jet skiing, and lakes. They also absolutely love the ocean. Christa says, "Being in nature with your children cannot be defined, but I'd use the word dreamy; can you pinch me?"*
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Madison & Tyler Vining

Oklahoma, USA
Madison and Tyler Vining have been together since they were 14, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they would dive into Young Living hand-in-hand. “We got involved when we needed a system support,” says Madison, “and we woke up the next day [after using Thieves®] and bought our Starter Kit.” Since then, Madison and Tyler have been teaching and inspiring others, helping Young Living leaders and members find whole-body wellness.

Madison and Tyler both work on their team’s front lines, with Tyler managing the nuts-and-bolts aspects of the business, tracking numbers, setting goals, and coordinating travel, while Madison teaches and works with leaders. Tyler loves connecting with the men who are skeptical about Young Living, and he runs a special men’s group for this very reason.

Young Living has brought opportunities into the lives of Madison and Tyler that might not have been otherwise possible, including the opportunity to adopt three children. In 2014 Madison and Tyler were able to “say yes to God” and adopt two beautiful babies, followed by another recent adoption. The couple wants to help families fund adoptions, moving “anytime God says to move,” they say. The Vinings love being outside in nature with their five children and especially love four-wheeling on their land, where Madison says her phone is turned off, making their time together more enjoyable. *
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Vivian Wan & Alan Chik

Hong Kong
In 2014 Vivian Wan joined Young Living as a leader. A friend introduced her to essential oils, and she fell in love immediately. Her love for Young Living products and her desire to teach others how to live healthier lives propelled her into Young Living’s highest leadership rank within 21 months, making her the fastest-advancing Royal Crown Diamond leader in Asia.

During that period of incredible growth, Vivian was able to quit her job as a marketing director, and her husband joined her business shortly after she reached the rank of Royal Crown Diamond, leading to even more growth. “It’s good that we can work together as a couple and take care of the children together. We enjoy more financial freedom and spend more time together,” she says.

Vivian genuinely enjoys the new relationships she has made with Young Living and the opportunity to be a leader. “I love to help members to become healthier…and also seeing how they grow themselves in this organization.” She values passion and hard work in leadership and continues to develop management skills through reading, hands-on experiences, and valuable advice from other Young Living leaders.

Vivian has a dream to one day open a children’s center so she can care for children who have been abused. “I want to help more innocent children. This is the reason why I keep working, even though I’ve reached the top rank in Young Living.” *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.

Casey Wiegand

Texas, USA
Casey Wiegand values the community of fun, like-minded people she meets working for Young Living, as well as the opportunity to promote natural products. Known as someone who is kind, loving, and warm-hearted, she supports others by offering help and opportunity while building a strong community.
On her journey to Young Living leadership, Casey’s husband has been her biggest influence, believing in her and encouraging her to be confident and follow her dreams. Because of her success, she feels the opportunity that Young Living offers is universal. “I believe with my whole heart that anyone can do this business,” Casey says. She stays motivated by recalling the positive way her body responded to switching over to Young Living products from mainstream commercial products. Young Living, she feels, has helped her provide a healthier life for her and her family. Casey is inspired by physical and emotional freedom and the support she and her team offer to one another. In her free time, Casey enjoys being outdoors at the lake or park with her husband and four children. *
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.


Myra & Ernie Yarbrough

Alabama, USA
Myra Yarbrough grew up surrounded by family on a small farm in north Alabama. She was accustomed to home remedies, wellness, and nutrition prior to her introduction to Young Living. Because of her passion for inspiring others to live a beautiful life, Myra launched a lifestyle blog called to share her life and creativity, as well as to build friendships online.
Myra made many connections with like-minded women through her blog, including one with Alyssa Francis, who introduced her to Young Living. Myra was super skeptical and vowed she "wouldn’t ever do the business.” Her oils remained unopened on the kitchen counter for two weeks before she got the courage to open them. About six months later, Myra wrote about Lavender essential oil on her blog and a business was born. “It was an accidental business, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!” she says.
Myra and her childhood sweetheart and husband, Ernie, work as a team to run a successful business. “We divide and conquer everything,” she says. It really is an amazing thing to work from home together. Ernie makes the unglamorous side of the business successful, as he handles piles of paperwork, paying taxes, and coming up with the most amazing team incentives ever.
Since joining Young Living, Myra’s lifestyle has drastically changed. She prioritizes self-care, which enables her to be the best she can be for her family and business. Myra’s advice to those starting out in Young Living is to live intentionally and begin sooner, rather than later, saying: “Done is better than perfect. Just use your oils and share them freely!”*
*For more information regarding Young Living’s average earning results, please see the Income Disclose Statement.