Blue Tansy

Did you know?

Blue Tansy is a yellow flowering plant native to northern Morocco, near the Mediterranean Sea. Its naturally occurring constituent, chamazulene, gives the essential oil its signature blue shade during steam distillation.
Seed to Seal
Blue Tansy is an exclusive oil from a scalable, sustainable source.
Guided by our Seed to Seal quality commitment and conscientious, strategic sourcing methods, YL avoids doing harm to the environment and depleting natural resources, thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.
Source Plant:
Tanacetum Annuum
Main constituents:
Chamazulene, sabinene, myrene, camphor

Oil extraction method:
Steam distillation

Plant part used:
Features and Benefits
Has a sweet, floral fragrance
Can be diffused throughout your home to create an inviting, uplifting environment
Has skin-cleansing properties
Helps reduce the appearance of blemishes
Can moisturize and help beautify the skin when added to a moisturizer
Has skin-soothing properties
Soothes fatigued muscles when combined with Cool Azul™ essential oil blend

Add a Little Luxury to Your Beauty Regimen

Practical Uses
Enhance your favorite moisturizer by adding Blue Tansy and applying it topically to help soothe and moisturize the skin.
Combine Blue Tansy with Cool Azul™ essential oil blend and apply it topically to fatigued muscles for a soothing massage after exercise.

Relax and Beautify 2-4 drops Blue Tansy

Practical Uses
Add Blue Tansy to your Gentle Mist™ Personal Diffuser and diffuse it around your face to help hydrate and beautify your skin.

Enjoy Blue Tansy’s skin-cleansing benefits by adding it to Epsom salt and V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex for a relaxing bath.

Usage Tip
While dilution is not required, except for the most sensitive skin, due to Blue Tansy’s color, it has the potential to stain clothing or skin without dilution. We recommend diluting it with your favorite moisturizer or V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex.


Essential Oil Blends
Personal Care


Blue Tansy Bath Salts*

Enjoy Blue Tansy skin-cleaning benefits and help create a relaxing atmosphere by adding the following ingredients to your bath.

- 2 cups Epsom salt
- 5-10 drops Blue Tansy essential oil
- 2 tablespoons V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex

*The deep sapphire shade that makes Blue Tansy so unique may also stain some surfaces, skin, and clothing.


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