2019 New Year Kits

Get the support you need to see your New Year’s resolutions through this year with the ResOILution Kit and Fresh Start Kit, available for a limited time. Support your physical and emotional wellness as you accomplish each goal!

ResOILution Kit

This kit features our Envision™, Motivation™, and Abundance® essential oil blends. This collection of essential oil blends contains scents that can help set the stage for your most successful year yet! The aroma of Envision can stimulate feelings of creativity; Motivation has a fragrance that can promote feelings of action; and the spicy, citrus scents in Abundance welcome joy and peace. It’s the perfect aromatherapy for the goal-setting soul!

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Fresh Start Kit

Our new Fresh Start Kit contains a powerful trifecta for supporting your wellness goals. This kit features Allerzyme®, MultiGreens™, and Inner Defense®. Allerzyme promotes digestion while easing occasional stomach symptoms; MultiGreens is nutritious and boosts vitality; and Inner Defense reinforces system defenses and promotes respiratory function.* Think of them as your goal-setting support system.

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