Recognition Yearbook

2020 Recognition Yearbook

Did you rise to a new rank this past year? Achieve one or both of our new programs, Silver Bound or Bridge to Gold? Reach the pinnacle of success as a new Royal Crown Diamond? We have just the place for you to relive and celebrate all of your milestones, memories, and more--digitally! Find it all in our new 2020 Recognition Yearbook!

Silver Bound

In April 2020, we unveiled a new program to help fast track your business through the Young Living success ladder. We call this program Silver Bound and we’re happy with what we’ve seen so far, and you should be too! If you’ve become Silver Bound Qualified (SBQ) at the Star, Senior Star, Executive or Silver level, this is the place for you! Be proud!

Bridge to Gold

As if Silver Bound wasn’t enough, we also introduced our new Bridge to Gold. Bridge to Gold is there to keep that motivation high on the way to the rank of Gold and those who qualify earn our highly-coveted Premiere Aroma Collection! Congrats to all of you bold achievers!