Rank Advancements

September 2019
Each month Young Living’s members and corporate team continue to expand our influence and share the benefits of essential oils with the world. Our members change lives, making them Young Living’s most important asset. We want to make sure you receive the recognition you deserve, which is why we’ve updated and enhanced our recognition!
Instant recognition. We’ve removed the three-month requirement to receive recognition. That means we’ll recognize you once you achieve your rank. Once you’ve hit that rank, you only need to hit it a minimum of one time every six months to maintain it.

Past achievements. If you hit one month at a paid rank from August 2018 to August 2019, you’ll receive recognition for your achievement.

Recognition retreats and Royal Carpet Days. Our retreats will continue to follow the same criteria as before, requiring you to achieve a rank for three consecutive months to qualify. Additionally, Royal Crown Diamonds still need to achieve three consecutive months to qualify for a Royal Carpet Day experience.

Convention rankings. Convention lanyards will reflect recognized ranks, along with all the perks and benefits that come with your rank, beginning with our 2020 International Grand Convention. The rank qualification period to walk at the 2020 IGC or the Awards Gala will end on March 31, 2020.
We look forward to celebrating your successes!

*Rank advancements are listed for one month only. Current rank advancements are posted by the end of the month following the close of that commission period on the 20th.

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Royal Crown Diamond

100 PV | 1,500,000 OGV | 1,000 PGV | 6 LEGS of 35,000 OGV Each

Crown Diamond

100 PV | 750,000 OGV | 1,000 PGV | 6 LEGS of 20,000 Each
Ana Karina Cardenas (USA)


100 PV | 250,000 OGV |1,000 PGV | 5 LEGS of 15,000 OGV Each
Agnes Eka Febrianti (IDN)
Brooke Angie Christen (USA)
Louise Anne Manuel Portillo (PHL)
Nora Leticia Martinez Corona (MEX)


100 PV |100,000 OGV | 1,000 PGV | 4 LEGS of 8,000 OGV Each


100 PV | 35,000 OGV | 1,000 PGV | 3 Legs of 6,000 OGV Each


100 PV | 10,000 OGV | 1,000 PGV | 2 Legs of 4,000 OGV Each


100 PV | 4,000 OGV | 2 Legs of 1,000 OGV Each

Senior Star

100 PV | 2,000 OGV


100 PV | 500 OGV