Rank Advancements

December 2017
Each month Young Living Corporate & Members continue to grow and expand our influence. It is because of our Members’ efforts and willingness to share this gift with the world that we are changing so many lives. Let’s celebrate the success of our Members.

*Rank Advancements are listed for one month only. Current Rank Advancements are posted by the end of the month following the close of that commission period on the 20th following the month of advancement.

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100 PV |100,000 OGV | 1,000 PGV | 4 LEGS of 8,000 OGV Each
Alicia Farrell (USA)
Christine Huber (AUT)
Irina Zhigulina (RUS)


100 PV | 35,000 OGV | 1,000 PGV | 3 Legs of 6,000 OGV Each

Alejandra Gil Ortega (MEX)

Alinta Fidzewicz (AUS)

Arlette Galvan Lopez (MEX)

Chelsey Corazza (USA)

Emily Recker (USA)

Hannah W Thompson (USA)

Huey Chi Tham (SGP)

Irma Zazueta (USA)

Jessica Susan Rains (USA)

Joane Kam Chi Ma (HKG)

Lina Kifor (USA)

Michelle Agraz Balderrama (MEX)

Michelle Marsh (AUS)

Mila Paunovic (SRB)

Nubia Barajas Sarmiento (MEX)

Ong Yan Ling (MYS)

Rhona Pelluchon (AUS)

Roswita Heitmann (DEU)

Saki Kidoguchi (CAN)

Sofia Flores Martinez (MEX)

Stephanie Sam See Wan (SGP)

Theng Soo (SGP)

Wing Yan Lau (USA)


100 PV | 10,000 OGV | 1,000 PGV | 2 Legs of 4,000 OGV Each


100 PV | 4,000 OGV | 2 Legs of 1,000 OGV Each

Senior Star

100 PV | 2,000 OGV


100 PV | 500 OGV