New Me in 90

New Me in 90: A wellness movement for a healthier you

Have you been looking for the motivation to live healthier? Maybe you’ve even made New Year’s resolutions to eat better, move more, or drink more water. If you’re ready to embrace a lifestyle of wellness but aren’t sure where to start, the Young Living family is here for you. We’re all about supporting our members’ individual wellness journeys with New Me in 90: a 90-day program dedicated to helping you personalize and achieve your health and fitness goals.

Choose your transformation!

New Me in 90 is a great way to kick off your year. To get started, set a health-related goal that is realistic for you but also motivates you to push yourself. Your goal can be a traditional one like losing weight or gaining muscle or you can set a more personal goal like learning a new sport with your family.
Once you’ve committed to a clear and specific goal, you’re ready to join the New Me in 90 movement. Follow these five simple steps and watch your life transform!
1. Share your fitness goal for the next 90 days using #NewMeIn90 on either Facebook or Instagram. For extra social media buzz and support, use #YLFit as well!
2. Commit to move 30 minutes each day, regardless of your personal goal.
3. Resolve to try a new YL supplement or product.
4. Continue to use the above hashtags while you share your progress and celebrate milestones.
5. Report your results after 90 days using #NewMeIn90 on Facebook or Instagram.
Throughout the 90 days, we will routinely look for members using #NewMeIn90 and send them free products and swag to keep their motivation high. We won’t be giving out a grand prize at the end because the only person you’re competing with is yourself. Everyone who participates in New Me in 90 wins! This new movement is dedicated to celebrating our members’ diverse wellness goals with support from the YL family.

Search #NewMeIn90 on Facebook and Instagram to cheer others on and get motivated to reach your own goals! You may also see some posts from our U.S. team. Young Living employees aren’t eligible for any of the giveaways, but we’re excited to help grow your circle of support.

Join us today and embrace a healthier, happier you for the new year!

Want more health and fitness inspiration? Download our challenge calendar and put it on your fridge or somewhere you’ll see it often so you’re reminded to do the daily prompts. Plus, stay tuned for more tools and information to help you achieve your own New Me in 90!