Compensation Plan

The Essential Rewards bonus: More rewarding than ever

The Essential Rewards enrollment bonus is an incredible business-building tool, and we’re happy to announce that it’s getting even better starting October 15!

Originally, enrollers received an Essential Rewards enrollment bonus of $15 when their new enrollee signed up with a Premium Starter Kit and Essential Rewards—but only after an ER order successfully processed the following month. Now, enrollers receive $15 after an enrollee who has joined Young Living with the purchase of a Premium Starter Kit joins ER at any time with a successfully processed 100 PV order—no delays!*

*Bonus will be retracted for returned orders.
Get rewarded for the purchases customers and members in your sales organization make! Young Living’s compensation plan uses a three-level approach that outlines the path that can help you strategically build your business, move to the next level, and be compensated as you grow.

1. Create a Foundation
The Silver Bound Bonus rewards you for how you build your Young Living business during the initial ranks of the compensation plan.

2. Build Your Business
Once you’ve seen the benefits of our products and of sharing them, you’re ready to share that experience with others. Build on your foundation by adding others to your team and achieving success together!

3. Become a Leader
With an established business and a passion for inspiring wellness through Young Living, you’re ready to take the mission worldwide as you lead others to success.

For statistical earning data of Young Living members, click here.