When kids need advice, a meal, or a hug, Mom is there. Moms come in all shapes and sizes, they have varying interests and skills, and they are all different. But that’s what makes these women so amazing—there’s nobody like them and they’re ours.

Mothers are at the backbone of what we do at Young Living. At the end of the day, we know mothers make caring for their families the No. 1 priority, and we want to make that a little easier. That’s why we make quality products that they bring into their homes—everywhere from their kitchens to their purses—and that helps their families feel their best.

We strive to empower parents with great wellness products that give them options for taking care of themselves and their families, as well as with a vibrant community of people who share goals and values.

This year we wanted to honor these special women. Join us by watching and sharing the videos below—because moms are amazing