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Mother's Day Gifts That You'll Want to Steal for Yourself
May 9, 2018
"If your mom is all about aromatherapy -or just really needs to find some zen in her life -this ultrasonic diffuser is a splurge she'll appreciate. Simply add a few drops of soothing essential oil and it'll turn any bedroom into a zen spa with its selection of soothing built-in sounds."

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*Ultrasonic Diffuser
The Beauty Memo: Ashley Graham reveals her step-by-step makeup mantra, wellness hacks & skincare secrets
March 1, 2018

"Why I swear by mixing peppermint oil in my water. I love mixing peppermint oil in my water to help with bloating. My favorite brand is by Young Living Essential Oils."

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*Peppermint Essential Oil
Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018: Presents Women Want From Their Sweethearts
February 13, 2018
"Young Living Essential Oils Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser- This stylish diffuser features an American maple base, a glass dome, multicolored LED lights and a selection of soothing built-in-sounds for maximum relaxation."

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*Aria Diffuser
35+ Must-Have Gifts For the Women Who Love All Things Fitness for 2018
January 31, 2018

"Young Living creates an exceptionally high-end assortment of home diffusing products and essential oils; this Home Diffuser ($84) is affordable and will help in setting up a peaceful environment for yoga, meditation, sleep, and everyday life."

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*Home Diffuser
The Best Cleaning Products Our Readers Can't Live Without
January 11, 2018

Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner, $34 for 14.4 ounces.
This concentrated cleaner is plant-based and toxin-free, and readers love the infusion of essential oils.
"Hands-down the best cleaner ever!" — Julia Ostrander

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*Thieves Household Cleaner
Dairy-Free Dark Chocolate Peppermint Mousse
November 20, 2017

"We're still picking our jaws up off the floor after realizing this rich, delicious, and totally dreamy Dark Chocolate Peppermint Mousse recipe from Young Living is made with just three dairy-free(and guilty-free) ingredients."

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*Peppermint Vitality Essential Oil
Sarah Wayne Callies: What’s in My Bag?
November 19, 2017

"The 40-year old star of National Geographic's new military miniseries The long Road Home spills the rest."

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*Thieves Essential Oil
Do you have a favorite Scent?
September 12, 2017

"My favorites are lavender for bath, and this one called Hope which is an incredible blend. i use the RC oil a lot. My other favorite is called White Angelica, I love the smell of that one -whenever I wear it people stop me and ask, "What perfume is that?!" I'm like, "It's an essential oil!"

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*Hope Essential Oil
*White Angelica Essential Oil
*R.C. Essential Oil
*Lavender Essential Oil
Jenna Dewan Tatum on Watching Dance Movies with Channing, Unplugging, and Finding Joy in the Little Things
September 12, 2017

Even though she's back to reality now, dewan tatum continue sto look for little ways to connect to Mother Earth in her everyday life. Enter her latest project: A partnership with Young Living Essential Oils, a line of seed-to-seal blends like lavender and ylang ylang that the actress has sworn by for over 16 years."

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*En-R-Gee Essential Oil
*Hope Essential Oil
*Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Jenna Dewan Tatum Plays 20 (Fine,11) Quesions with Us
September 8, 2017

"I grab lavender oil or cedar wood oil -or a combination of those with a tranquil blend -and slather them all over my body, from literally head to toe. I put them on the soles of my feet, my chest, I even diffuse it into my room."

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*Lavender Essential Oil
*Cedarwood Essential Oil
I Tried the Essential Oils Celebrities are Raving About -And Here's What I Thought
July 11, 2017

Young Living Essential Oils sells everything from oils to cleaning products and even cough drops. They have a pretty big celebrity following, too...I am now adding my name to the list of people who believe in essential oils."

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*Stress Away Essential Oil
*Dew Drop Diffuser
*Frankincense Essential Oil
Go Green! Kristin Cavallari is Helping to Launch A Plant-Based Makeup Line
June 28, 2017

"I love the Determined eyeshadow — it's a pretty brown with subtle shimmer. You can build to the depth, using either a light dusting that is very natural or you can smoke it out. You have options,"

-Kristin Cavallari

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*Savvy Minerals Eyeshadow
Savvy Minerals: The New Makeup Collection From Young Living Essential Oils
June 27, 2017

"They're a brand that you can actually trust, and that's not true for most brands. I always have peace of mind using their products."
-Kristin Cavallari
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*Savvy Minerals
Why Kristin Cavallari Thinks Savvy Minerals By Young Living Is Going To Be Your New Favorite Makeup Line
June 20, 2017

"I like natural, neutral, bronzy colors, and a nude lip. I love that have found a line that is safe, as well. It is scary what's in makeup lines out there."

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*Savvy Minerals Lipstick
*Savvy Minerals Bronzer
Kristin Cavallari Has a Genius Solution for Your Sleepless Nights
June 18, 2017

"The best part about these eyeshadows is that you can fill them to the depth that you want," she said. "You can do a tiny bit and have it just a little kind of nice sheen, or you can really build it up and really smoke up your eye. I’m actually wearing it right now."

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*Savvy Minerals Eyeshadow
Bye Bye, Chemicals! Check Out These Green Cleaning Products Endorsed By Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, & More Celebs!
March 21, 2017

"Daryl Hannah recommends a variety of green cleaning products for the home, including THIS non-chlorine bleach."

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*Thieves Household Cleaner
How the Host of ‘Good Morning America’ Gets a Great Night’s Sleep
May 3, 2017

"When you work on a morning show and get up at 3:15, your sleep pattern is always out of whack. Whether I'm traveling or at home, I have to have my Young Living's Dewdrop Diffuser and lavender essential oil or I will not sleep."

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*Dewdrop Diffuser
*Lavender Essential Oil
The Life-Changing Essential Oils These Athletes & Yogis Swear By
February 9, 2017

"Aromatherapy, when used during a workout, helps us bring our body, mind, and our intentions into the present moment, thus increasing our focus and attention on any task at hand, especially our workouts," says Tracy Griffiths, a spokesperson for the essential oil company Young Living."

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10 Best Holiday Gifts To Help Your Pet Thrive
"The Animal Scents Ointment is really handy to have on hand. It's designed specifically for animals, and it uses essential oils and other safe, gentle ingredients to provide a soothing and protective salve for the inevitable cuts and scrapes that dogs get."

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*Animal Scents Shampoo
*Animal Scents Ointment