Sourcing Copaiba

If you’re wondering where to buy Copaiba oil, then you’ve come to the right place! For hundreds of years, Copaiba essential oil has been harvested in the Amazon rainforest and added to perfumes, soaps, and beauty products. Distilled from balsam obtained from the copaifera tree, this sweetly scented essential oil offers a wealth of uses and benefits. Young Living is proud to bring you 100 percent pure, sustainably sourced Copaiba oil. Sustainable sourcing is an important part of our Seed to Seal® commitment to quality. Copaiba essential oil uses vary widely, thanks to its calming aroma and the naturally occurring constituent beta-caryophyllene. It offers a soft, woodsy scent similar to Sandalwood and Cedarwood, making it a versatile addition to your quality oil collection. Add a few drops of this therapeutic-grade oil to your moisturizer to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and promote a youthful, radiant glow. Use it in your beard oil with a few other tree-scented oils to indulge in its subtle, enchanting fragrance. Copaiba oil benefits are bountiful! Elevate every day—from your wake-up blends each morning to your wind-down bath each evening—with delightfully rich Young Living Copaiba essential oil.

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