SSN now optional during enrollment!

Beginning March 1, we will be updating our enrollment process to better accommodate the hundreds of thousands of individuals who learn about Young Living each month. Anyone who is interested in becoming a member will be able to enroll with a Social Security or Tax ID number and immediately begin building a business. Additionally, the enrollment process now allows individuals to enroll without providing a Social Security or Tax ID number. That’s right! We no longer require members to provide a Social Security or Tax ID number during the membership enrollment process.

New members who choose to not submit a Social Security or Tax ID number upon enrollment can build a business but will be subject to a 28 percent tax withholding as soon as they reach $600 in annual commission earnings or $5,000 in annual product purchases. Upon meeting either of these thresholds, a highlighted note will appear in Virtual Office reminding them to add their Social Security number to their account to avoid this tax restriction. The enrollment process for retail purchases and Professional Accounts customers will remain the same.

The satisfaction of our members is of the utmost importance at Young Living. This was one of our most popular requests from our members in 2016, so we made sure to make it a top priority for the new year.

Thank you for your feedback and all that you do!