Member Appreciation and Support

Since Young Living’s beginning, members have been the lifeblood of our company. Their dedication to our mission of sharing essential oils with the world propels us forward and upward. Inspired by their diligence and commitment, we have worked equally hard for the past two decades to show our appreciation for their efforts.

We work to show our members that we value them by treating them to unmatched travel opportunities and personalized leadership training. Member retreats to the farms in Ecuador and France, an exclusive Hawaii adventure, and an upcoming Mediterranean cruise and African Safari are just a few examples of the incredible experiences that we offer.

Members also have the opportunity to meet with and receive training from D. Gary and Mary Young and other company executives at Young Living-sponsored meetings, local conventions, and the annual International Grand Convention. We know that providing training and support encourages our members and helps them achieve their personal and business goals.

To further assist our ever-growing member base, Young Living boasts a Member Services team of over 300 employees that interacts directly with members over the phone, through email, and via live chat. Recently the Member Services team has even added a Facebook page that our members love and use frequently to post questions, provide feedback, and express thanks.

Over the past 20 years, Young Living has worked diligently to ensure our members feel our love and gratitude, and we are committed to making the next 20 years and beyond just as full of member appreciation!

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