October 2017 Full Month Promotion


Sacred Mountain 15ml
Abundance 15ml
Spearmint 5ml
Idaho Balsam Fir 15ml
Light the Fire 5ml
Jade Lemon 5ml

- Retail Worth: S$447.36 -


Sacred Mountain 15ml
Abundance 15ml
Spearmint 5ml

- Retail Worth: S$185.52 -


Sacred Mountain 15ml
- Retail Worth: S$79.60 -
Sacred Mountaintm promotes feelings of empowerment and protection that are a result of being close to nature. This blend of conifer essential oils, including spruce, fir, and cedarwood, evokes the feelings of sanctity found in the mountains. Apply topically to ground your emotions and increase feelings of strength.

Abundance™ was created to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us. Abundance™ creates what is called “the law of attraction,” which refers to the things we attract to ourselves. Abundance™ opens us to a wealth of possibilities. Diffuse in living room and your workplace, or wear on wrists and behind ears as a perfume.

Jade Lemon™ has a unique lemon-lime scent that is pleasing and uplifting. Diffuse for a wonderful, zesty fragrance that is clean and inviting.

Idaho Balsam Fir is a conifer oil distilled in northern Idaho that has a refreshing and uplifting scent. Used in massage, it has a soothing effect on discomforts after exercise.

Light the Fire™ has a warm, spicy aroma that includes Mastrante and Northern Lights Black Spruce from Young Living’s Ecuador and Canada farms, along with Nutmeg, Cassia, Ocotea, Canadian Fleabane, Lemon, Pepper, and Hinoki. Diffuse this blend for an inspiring fragrance in any environment or add it to V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex for a powerful aromatic experience.

Spearmint has a minty, slightly fruity scent, softer than peppermint. An invigorating scent, Spearmint may help open and release emotional blocks leading to a sense of balance and well-being.

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Place an Essential Rewards order with a minimum of 150PV from 1 to 15 October and receive a Stress Away 5ml.

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Ledum 5ml
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