K.E.Y.S Training Program

Q. Who can participate in the K.E.Y.S Training Program?
A. All Young Living members – from beginners to leaders can participate in the K.E.Y.S Training Program. You can also invite your guests and non-Young Living members – family, friends and network to the Ignite classes to:

- Find out the amazing benefits of essential oils

- Discover how to give your body the nutrition it deserves to bring out the very best in you

- Learn about the story of Young Living – its mission, vision and what sets it apart from others

Q. When can you attend the K.E.Y.S training classes?
A. K.E.Y.S training classes will be featured in the monthly training calendar. To get a copy of the latest calendar, you may visit the Young Living Singapore website, or follow us on our official Facebook page. The training calendar will also be sent to all Young Living Singapore e-newsletter subscribers at the end of each month. Register your preferred classes online and attend the training of your choice.
Q. Where can you attend the training classes?

The K.E.Y.S training classes will be held at the Young Living Singapore office:

Young Living Singapore Pte Ltd

111 Somerset Road, #05-06/07, TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164

Q. I am a Young Living member for a few years now. Do I need to start the K.E.Y.S Training Program from the Ignite classes?
A. You can choose to attend the Accelerate or Empower classes and start the K.E.Y.S Training Program.
Q. Can I combine my stamps on several K.E.Y.S Training Passports and redeem my gift?
A. You can accumulate your stamps on several K.E.Y.S Training Passports. However, you are only allowed to redeem the gift upon completion of each Ignite, Accelerate or Empower series of classes. Each member is only allowed up to one gift per completed series.
Q. I have redeemed my gift for completing the Ignite classes. Can I attend Ignite classes again and accumulate stamps for it to qualify for another gift?
A. You are welcome to attend the Ignite classes again. However, each member is allowed up to one gift per completed series of classes. If you have previously redeemed your gift for the Ignite classes, you will not be allowed to redeem it again.
Q. Will I get 3 gifts for completing Ignite, Accelerate and Empower classes?
A. You can redeem up to one gift for each completed series. If you have completed all 3 series of classes – Ignite, Accelerate and Empower, you will receive 3 gifts, a certificate of participation and a K.E.Y.S training pin.
Q. Is there a time period for me to complete all training classes?
There is no fixed time period for you to complete the Ignite, Accelerate and Empower classes. If you attend the classes regularly, you should be able to complete all the 30 modules within 3 months.
Q. Can a non-Young Living member participate in K.E.Y.S Training Program?
A. Non-Young Living members can attend Ignite classes. However, the redemption of gift upon completion of the classes are only open to Young Living members.
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