Why Young Living? by Marcella Vonn Harting, Royal Crown Diamond (U.S.A.)

This event is all about why you do what you do. It is what will motivate and inspire you and the company to move forward sharing essential oils with the world. This presentation is a must for everyone involved with Young Living. What is your WHY? Why do you do what you do and how does your WHY get you results in health and wealth? The tools and strategies are the easy part. The WHY is the core of who we are and how people see us.

14th May (Wednesday), 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Suntec Convention Centre, Level 3, Room 303-304

About Marcella Vonn Harting

Marcella Vonn Harting, is a renaissance woman, she received a PhD in Psychoneurology and Integrative Health, a coach, best-selling author and key note speaker. Involved with Network MultiLevel Marketing since the 1980’s, Marcella has built two highly successful businesses with more than 150,000 representatives worldwide, reaching the highest rank of Royal Crown Diamond with Young living. She works with people and organizations that choose to be healthy while they become wealthy. Marcella has lectured throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. She has also co-authored several books including “Yes, No, Maybe” “Chronobiotic Nutrition” with G.I. Atom Bergstrom and the book “Guerrilla MultiLevel Marketing” with Jay Conrad Levinson and James Dillehay, and has been featured on ABC and CNN. She has also authored The Harting Training System Book and Aromatic Essential Cards. Visit to know more about Marcella Vonn Harting.

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