Keynote Speakers

Travis Ogden
Chief Operating Officer
Travis Ogden is Young Living’s Chief Operating Officer, having served previously as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. In his current leadership role, Travis oversees the company’s global operations, product management, research & development, and information technology functions. In Gary Young’s absence, he also coordinates the efforts of the executive team.
Jared Turner
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Jared Turner is Young Living’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. He is responsible for the company’s strategic sales and marketing initiatives, as well as global market expansion and management. Jared works closely with Young Living’s founders, fellow executives, and general managers around the globe to support the company’s growth.
Frances Fuller –Singapore
Founder of Rainbow Healing System, Certified Massage Therapist, Young Living Royal Crown Diamond
Frances Fuller’s passion for sharing the benefits of Young Living essential oils prompted her to move to Singapore from Palm Beach, Florida in 2003. A former teacher of mathematics, Frances was a nationally certified massage therapist in the US and certified to teach Science & Application of Essential Oils, Healing Touch, Reiki, CranioSacral, Raindrop Technique, VitaFlex, and other modalities. In 2008, she added mineral therapy, nutrition, and Quantum Biofeedback, and in 2011, she published Rainbow Healing Cards as a tool for Rainbow Healing System, which she founded.As Asia’s first Royal Crown Diamond, Frances now travels throughout Asia teaching. She shares from her many personal experiences using essential oils over the past 15 years, and her greatest joy is in seeing others achieve greater wellness and balance.
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Connie McDanel – U.S.A.
Co-Author of Healing Homes: Our Social Responsibility, Bachelor of Science in Education, Consumer Wellness Educator, Young Living Royal Crown Diamond
Connie McDanel has a B.S. in Education serving public education and the Department of Defense Dependent Schools for over 20 years. This passion for education turned into a remarkable business stamped with meaning, value and purpose. Building a better consumer became a fervent goal for her. Motivated by the loss of four young family members to cancer and prescription drugs, Connie and her husband, Michael, set into motion a commitment to change the statistics. They found solutions that change the effects of consumer choices that create risk factors. Connie has a fierce passion demonstrating that consumer choices collectively impact human health and the environment. She is an accomplished spokesperson who has partnered with many moms, business professionals, teachers as well as health professionals including nurses, psychologists, chiropractors, environmental scientists and biologists to build better consumers. Her heartfelt drive is to bring value to others in understanding the significant lifestyle role that essential oils play in our lives.
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Teri Secrest – U.S.A.
Author of Eating Out of Heaven’s Garden, Health Ambassador & Wellness Coach, Young Living Crown Diamond
The mission of Teri Secrest is to change the way the world thinks about healthcare. Teri is the author of “Eating Out of Heaven’s Garden” and she is the foremost authority on creating a healthy lifestyle. Teri believes that the majority of illnesses are completely avoidable. She teaches 5 elements of health which restores the body’s natural balance. In addition, Teri has spent years studying the connection between white sugar and disease. As a dedicated wellness coach, Teri’s contagious enthusiasm inspires men and women to embrace her step by step action plan for greater health! Teri’s message of hope is reaching many countries in the world including the U.S.A, Europe and Asia. Teri is equally passionate about the business of Young Living and the freedom of lifestyle it offers families today. Teri is also a compelling media guest and has appeared in over 50 International radio and television shows.
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