Young Living Singapore February 2016 WorkshopsYoung Living Singapore February 2016 WorkshopsYoung Living Singapore February 2016 Workshops February 2016 Workshops

Young Living Singapore February 2016 Trainings

Venue: Young Living Singapore Office: Bugis Junction Office Towers, Level 7, Unit 08
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Level 1: Ignite
An Introduction to Young Living
In this level, you will learn about the basic things you need to know to get you started on an enjoyable Young Living journey. Learn about the uniqueness of Young Living, our global farms, Seed to Seal® process and how Young Living essential oils can be used to support your overall well-being!
Level 2: Accelerate
Product and Business Education
Level 2 classes focus a lot on product knowledge and learning to use Young Living products to optimize your overall well-being, and to enhance your home and surroundings. From these classes, you will be able to fully equip yourself with shareable product knowledge that will help you improve your life and that of others. Level 2 classes also offer business-building and leadership talks from the region’s top leaders that will help you grow your Young Living business.
Level 3: Empower

Practical Workshops

Infusing education with a little bit of fun, Level 3 classes are conducted in workshop style for you to learn and experience practical and/or hands-on application of various techniques to incorporate Young Living products in your lifestyle or your methods of sharing. The workshops available include, Raindrop Technique, Massage Technique, Beauty and Skincare Workshop, Do-It-Yourself Recipes, Yoga Session, Fitness Session and a whole lot more!

2nd February (7pm) Ignite: Experience Young Living by Gabriel Tan
Calling all new and non-members! Begin your exciting journey with Young Living in this introductory session as we discuss about Yong Living’s history, farms, products and earning opportunity. This is a great opportunity to ask us any questions you might have in mind. As an effective sponsor, encourage your new sign-ups to attend to increase their knowledge about Young Living! This class is open to non-members who would like to know more about Young Living.
4th February (10.30am) or 16th February (7pm) Accerlerate: Usher In the Lunar New Year of the Monkey with Young Living Essential Oils by Gabriel Tan *New
The Lunar New Year is not far from us. As you get excited and start preparing for it, join Gabriel in this class as he shares the oils that will help you get through this festive season. Learn how essential oils can be used to support your digestive system due to over-eating, or essential oils that will uplift the spirit in the family and put everyone in a festive mood. Take home with you learnings on how you can enjoy a prosperous Lunar New Year with our specially handpicked Chinese New Year Specials.
4th February (7pm) Accelerate: Sharing Young Living the Right Way by Gabriel Tan
In order to ensure that we comply with all laws and regulations such as the regulations issued and enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (the FDA) or Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA), and Agri-food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) as we continue to share about Young Living and its amazing products, we must be very careful with what we say and how we share. We cannot make claims that Young Living products treat, cure or prevent any disease. In this session, we will discuss on what you can say and what you should avoid. We will also go over the important policies and procedures related to building your Young Living business the right way.
10th February (10.30am) or 18th February (10.30am) Accelerate: Triple the Love You Attract in Your Life this Valentine by Gabriel Tan *New
Feeling the love this valentine? Join Gabriel as he talks about the essential oils perfect for every male and female in a relationship. Learn tips to make this Valentine a memorable one. Extending love to your homes, find out also in this class products for the family to triple the love this valentine!
23rd February (10.30am) Accelerate: Beautiful Beginnings Oil Collection 101 by Gabriel Tan
Exclusively available in Young Living Singapore, the Beautiful Beginnings Collection will enable you to start the New Year with vision, clarity, confidence and courage. Consisting of four single essential oils and six essential oil blends, Beautiful Beginnings will help release the negative emotions you had in 2015 and get you ready for 2016 with a stronger, better outlook thus propelling you to greater heights! Join Gabriel as he shares about the benefits and usage of the oils in the Beautiful Beginnings kit to enable yourself to make the best out of this kit!
Exclusively available in Young Living Singapore, the Beautiful Beginnings Collection will enable you to start the New Year with vision, clarity, confidence and courage. Consisting of four single essential oils and six essential oil blends, Beautiful Beginnings will help release the negative emotions you had in 2015 and get you ready for 2016 with a stronger, better outlook thus propelling you to greater heights! Join Gabriel as he shares about the benefits and usage of the oils in the Beautiful Beginnings kit to enable yourself to make the best out of this kit!
24th February (10.30am) Accelerate: Compensation Plan by Gabriel Tan
PV, OGV, PGV, Legs - confused, unaware or unsure of how the Young Living Compensation Plan works? If you’re ready to achieve your dream of independence and security, our generous, industry-leading compensation plan will help you get there. Get to know Young Living’s commitment to total wellness, purpose and abundance available to all members. The Young Living Compensation Plan will motivate and help everyone to become financially stable when they choose to build a business with compensation that rewards you as you grow. Join our new training Supervisor, Gabriel, as he shares and explains about the Young Living Compensation Plan.
25th February (10.30am) Accelerate: Women's Essentials by Cierra Yet
Health issues unique to women are often related to the delicate balance of hormones. In this workshop, you will explore the importance of hormones to women’s health and how essential oils are used for their hormone-like properties to address issues such as menopause and PMS to provide balance and support from symptoms such as mood swings and nervous tensions.

Learning Sessions with YL Leaders

2nd February (10.30am) or 11th February (7pm) Accelerate: Key Essential Oils Knowledge You Need to Equip Yourself With by Nana Lim, Silver
Too much information, such as what you come across on the internet, or even what “people told you”, can be confusing and makes it difficult for one to discern the facts from the myths. Let Nana guide you on the basic knowledge which you need to have, not just as a user of essential oils but also as a business leader in your organization. Nana is a Completely Certified CARE Instructor (CCCI) from the Centre of Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE) in the US under Dr David Stewart and shares CARE’s vision that proper therapeutic application of essential oils will become household knowledge and simple usage of essential oils such as the Raindrop Technique will be a skill practiced by parents, spouses, and friends everywhere.
3rd February (1030am) Empower: Incorporating the Raindrop Technique As Part of Your Lifestyle by Noraisha, Silver
Come join Noraisha as she demonstrates and teaches how to incorporate the raindrop technique to support your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being.
3rd February (7pm) Accelerate: Learn How to Release Old Limiting Beliefs and Design a New Abundant Life in 2016 by Geene Huang, Platinum
Geene and Abelene are both Internationally Certified Heal Your Life Coach and workshop leaders. They will both share and guide participants how to release old limiting beliefs and design a new abundant life in 2016. In this session participants are also guided how to use positive affirmations with essential oils to support their emotional wellness.
10th February (7pm) Accelerate: Rejuvenation with Essential Oils (Outlook and Supplement) by Lee Wai Ching, Silver
Worried about wrinkles and tired skin? As we grow old, our skin tends to age. Join Wai Ching as she shares on essential oils and supplements that will help rejuvenate you skin and support overall skin wellness.
11rd February (10.30am) Empower: Raindrop Technique by Teo Sek Jen, Gold
As taught by the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education, Sek Jen is a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist (CRTS). Through seeing, facilitating and experiencing the raindrop technique herself, Sek Jen is much experienced in this technique as compared to many others. Join her as she imparts and share the knowledge imparted to her to members that attend this class.
16th February (10.30am) Accelerate: Chemistry of Essential Oils Part 2 by Teo Sek Jen, Gold
Therapeutic grade essential oils are complex creations, made up of 100-400 different chemical compounds, some in trace amounts and many yet to be identified by scientists. How can a discerning user tell the difference between therapeutic and non-therapeutic grade essential oils by studying the plant's botanical families listed on the bottle? How are the actions of individual compounds of essential oils similar to the ingredients of chocolate cookies? Come and find out about how God's love is manifested in the molecules of essential oils!
17th February (10.30am) Accelerate: Oils for Clearing and Purifying the Energies of Your Space by Shamala Tan, Platinum
In this class, we will explore what some of our Young Living Essential Oils can do to help us to clear the energies in our working and living space and from it, benefit in all aspects of life be it in our career or with our families.
17th February (7pm) Accelerate : Using Young Living Essential Oils to Support Your Digestive and Immunity Health by Audrey Cheong, YL Member
Come and join us for a sharing session on essential oils. In this session, the speakers will highlight between the two approaches on your diet wellness and supporting essentials oils for digestive and immunity health.
18th February (7pm) Accelerate: Essential Oils 101 and Beauty Tips by Matilda Pang, Platinum
Learn how to use the everyday essential oils in various ways safely and effective. In this session, you will also learn how to enhance your beauty by balancing your hormones & emotions with essential oils.
23rd February (7pm) Accelerate: Energetics of Essential Oils by Lee Wai Ching, Silver
Join Wai Ching as she explains and walks us through the energy aspects of essential oils, their frequency and how it affects the emotional and spiritual evolution of the human body. Demonstrated through applied kinesiology showing how energetics of oil can be determined manually with Young Living Essential Oils, Wai Ching hopes that learners will benefit emotionally and spiritually at the end of the class.
24th February (7pm) Accelerate: Transformation IV: Leadership by Matilda Pang, Platinum
In this last session of the transformation series for entrepreneurs in Young Living, you will learn how to rise up to the occasion, unleashing the leadership in you to inspire and serve.
25th February (7pm) Accelerate: Using Essential Oil As a Perfume Daily for Health Benefits by John Wong, Diamond
Since antiquity, essential oils have been used as perfume for the kings, queens, priest and priestesses. Documented in the old and new testaments of the bibles, it has been used for various purposes. In the modern world, it is used as a key ingredient of modern perfumes. Interestingly, essential oils have been used in the past to support everyday health. Can essential oils not only be a perfume but also as a tool for supporting your everyday health? Find out which essential oil is suitable for you based on your body type.