2014 Diamond Retreat

Join D. Gary Young and Young Living executives as they celebrate the accomplishments of our Royal Crown Diamond, Crown Diamond, and Diamond distributors from around the world! As part of this recognition of their enormous success, attendees will gather for several days of recreation, networking, and leadership development at an exotic location to be named soon!

Who Qualifies

The Diamond Retreat is open to Royal Crown Diamond, Crown Diamond, and Diamond distributors who have achieved their respective rank for a minimum of three consecutive months during the 12-month qualification period: January 1, 2013–December 31, 2013.
New Attendees: New Royal Crown Diamond, Crown Diamond, and Diamond distributors are invited to attend their first Diamond Retreat all expenses paid for them and a qualified guest.*
Returning Attendees: Returning Royal Crown Diamond, Crown Diamond, and Diamond distributors may choose to attend the retreat. Young Living will pay a percentage of the cost of the trip, including travel, for them and a qualified guest,* based on the number of months they have consecutively maintained their paid-as rank over the 12-month qualification period. Please see the chart below for details on the percentage to be paid by Young Living.
Times Qualified% of Cost paid by Young Living

*Qualified Guest:

A qualified guest is a spouse, business partner listed on the distributorship, or a fellow business builder. Guests who are business builders ranking lower than Diamond may not attend business meetings at the event. Guests must be at least 18 years old to attend.

Guest Responsibilities

Guest responsibilities, benefits, and level of participation may vary by retreat. Please check our Terms and Conditions for specifics regarding the Diamond Retreat.

Upon qualifying, participants will receive an invitation and more event details, including contact information to RSVP and make travel arrangements. For questions, members in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico markets may contact their East, Central, or West office, depending on their location, at,, or Members in all other markets may contact their local office.