My Aroma Routine

As a business-builder and leader, this is surely an effective tool you can use for sharing!

What is an Aroma Routine

The close connection between fragrance and our brains is an important key point for opening the door to ideals. Research has been done on the impact of aroma on our brains and how essential oils may affect the brain activities and cognitive functions.

We believe that a high quality aroma will transform your everyday life dynamically and Aroma Routine will be your best tool in pursuing and discovering your signature oils for specific moods, leading you to your ideal physical and emotional well-being.
Transform your state of mind by changing your habits.

Positive Mind

Negative emotions impact your mind and body negatively. The soothing and calming aroma of essential oils can help dispel negativity and help positive energy flow. When faced with high levels of stress, emotional blocks or other negative emotions, it is important to find the oil that brings your spirit and emotions to a state of peace and equilibrium.

Essential Oil Potential

People often neglect the potential of the diversity of essential oils and stick to specific oils that they are familiar with. Aroma Routine opens the door of possibilities and provides you the opportunity to experiment with new oils.

My Aroma Routine Worksheet

The easy-to share My Aroma Routine worksheet is a wonderful profiling tool for product enthusiasts and business builders like you! Customise your own Aroma Routine as you jot down your favourite essential oils used in your everyday life, different occasion at home, and when doing various activities.

My Aroma Routine

Through completing your Aroma Routine, you may be surprised by the choice of your preferred essential oils, or be inspired to try out a new oil, leading to an interesting discovery in your wellness journey. Use your Aroma Routine profile to share with friends and family.
Through the launch of My Aroma Routine, we aim to bring essential oils into every home in the world.

My Aroma Routine Box

As a business-builder and leader, this is surely an effective tool you can use for sharing!

Each Aroma Routine Box comes with a My Aroma Routine Worksheet for you to design your own Aroma Routine! The user-friendly design of the Aroma Routine Box can also be used to beautifully demonstrate the 10 basic essential oils of the Premium Starter kit and introduce different applications at home.
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