Bringing the benefits of Young Living to your home!

What is YL2U?

YL2U Get2Gethers are the easy way for everyone to share the benefits of Young Living. No experience required. It’s the step-by-step way to give guests an all-round touch, feel, smell and learning experience in the comfort of a home environment or anywhere that suits you.

What is YL2U Digital?

YL2U Digital Modules are Powerpoint presentations that you can show your guests on your TV, laptop, PC or iPad. They include PDF speaker notes to guide you through each PowerPoint slide (just like the printed module). The Digital Modules can easily be downloaded and saved to your device.

The YL2U Get2Gethers involve:

A ‘business in a box’ concept whereby we provide members with everything they need to hold YL2U Get2Gethers around various themes including Young Living introduction (included in every module), Thieves Healthy Homes, Beauty Essentials and Savvy Minerals by Young Living® module. Upcoming modules include Nutritionals, Essential Oils 101 and Kids/Babies.
The YL2U Get2Gether Kit will give new members as well as current product users who have never shared the products, the confidence to hold YL2U Get2Gethers - as the kit provides them everything they need for the event, including all the wording, hints and tips, forms, props, etc. Having a tool like this will encourage members to hold more events as well as facilitate product purchases by members holding the events and by guests attending the events. It will also help to build brand awareness in the community as more and more Get2Gethers are held for multiple topics. It will also increase enrolments as guests are invited to consider YL as a business opportunity.
Digital versions of each module are now available to download for FREE after receiving your physical copy!
1 x YL2U Flipchart + Drawstring Bag
1 x YL2U Young Living Module
1 x YL Cosmetic Bag
1 x Product Guide
1 x Price List
1 x YL2U How-To Guide
FREE Digital Asset Portal Access
1 x YL Luggage Bag (Dimensions: 55 x 36 x 24 cm)
1 x YL2U Flipchart + Drawstring Bag
1 x YL2U Young Living Module
2 x Plastic YL2U Folders
1 x YL Cosmetic Bag
6 x Product Guides
6 x Price Lists
1 x YL2U How-To Guide
FREE Digital Asset Portal Access

Digital Asset Portal

The YL2U Digital Asset Portal is a great way to access all your Young Living collateral, such as social media graphics, invitations for your events, order forms and much more! Your YL2U kit comes with an informative How-To-Guide which includes the details on how to access the Digital Asset Portal – which is always being updated when new modules become available!
FREE Savvy Minerals by Young Living® Brush Belt valued at $40 AUD if you are one of the first 200 members who purchase the Savvy Minerals + YL2U kit!
To purchase the YL2U kit, you can either email or use Live Help Chat to place your order.
Email Member Services via custservnz@youngliving.com or access Live Help Chat here.
Please note: The YL2U Kit MUST be purchased with one of the above Modules in addition to either the Lite or Complete Kit.
Already purchased the YL2U Kit?
If you have already purchased a YL2U Kit and would like to purchase additional modules individually, please see pricing below and contact Member Services to place an order. The below prices do not include shipping.
Beauty Essentials Module: $25.00 AUD
Thieves Module: $25.00 AUD
Savvy Minerals Module: $60.01 AUD
After purchasing the physical kit/s, you will receive a flyer with your kit that has a link to download the Digital Module. These can easily be downloaded and saved to your device. Each module presentation is in PowerPoint and includes videos and a PDF with speaker notes!

YL2U Reviews!

"Love love love the latest module for our YL2U Biz Bag. Wow the confidence this will give to even a really new member sharing education on these great Thieves products is brilliant!!!! Thanks Sindy Hardcastle and all your team who have created this module. A real game-changer for us all! What was amazing was using the YL2U Thieves Module today as a training tool with some members and they were surprised how easy it was to sit and share great info with us that they had not seen before and yet come across as being very informed. Veronika in particular who loves the electronic way of sharing was very impressed!"
- Pauline Hall, YL Gold Member

YL2U Webinar with Young Living Diamond, Kylie Bryant!

Join Kylie to learn all about YL2U and how you can benefit from this amazing new Young Living business tool!

YL2U Webinar with Kylie Bryant

YL2U Unboxing with Kylie Bryant