Dalmatia Aromatic Farm Experience

Be rewarded for your hard work with a lavish trip that includes flights, accommodation and more! Explore the incredible city of Dubai, the ancient port of Split, the Young Living Dalmatia Aromatic Farm and the beautiful city of Rome.
Qualification Period: 1st March - 31st May, 2018
A huge congratulations to all of our members who have worked so hard to qualify for this amazing trip of a lifetime coming up in October 2018.

Trip Itinerary

Dates: October 14th - 21st, 2018
Dates and Itinerary
14th OctoberNew Zealand - Dubai, UAE
Overnight flight from Auckland to Dubai, UAE on Emirates Airlines. All members MUST depart on group flights from Auckland on the 14th.
15th OctoberDubai, UAE
24 hours at leisure in Dubai. Overnight in Dubai.
16th OctoberDubai, UAE - Split, Croatia
Fly from Dubai to Split, Croatia. Welcome Reception. Overnight in Split.
17th OctoberSplit, Croatia - Farm Day
Young Living Dalmatia Aromatic Farm in Split. Evening at leisure in Split. Overnight in Split.
18th OctoberSplit, Croatia - Rome, Italy
Transfer from Split to Rome. Evening at leisure inRome. Overnight in Rome.
19th OctoberRome, Italy
Day at leisure in Rome. Gala Dinner. Overnight in Rome.
20th OctoberRome, Italy - New Zealand
Full day at leisure in Rome. Late evening flight back to New Zealand. Option to extend personal arrangements at own cost.
21st OctoberNew Zealand
Arrive in New Zealand.


The Promotion is open to active Young Living members who are “in good standing” with Young Living, who achieve the rank of Silver or higher during the Promotional Period, are 18 years of age or older as of 1st January 2018 and who have their primary residential address (listed on their Member account) as New Zealand on 1st January 2018. This promotion excludes all members in NFR markets.

Qualification Criteria:

Competition 1:
Available to New Silvers who rank up during the promotional period and Members ranked Silver, as at 1st March 2018.
1. Rank advance to Gold AND maintain one more non-consecutive month. Qualifying new Golds are guaranteed to qualify for the trip, regardless of their position on the Leaderboard and the number of DSR (Dubai/Split/Rome) points they accumulate.
2. The remaining positions will be allocated based on the highest DSR (Dubai/Split/Rome) Points up to a maximum of 5 positions. A minimum achievement of 20 DSR (Dubai/Split/Rome) Points is required to earn one of these remaining positions.
Competition 2:

Available to Existing Gold, Platinum and Diamond Members as at 1st March 2018.

These Members will each receive a personalised letter with an individual target to achieve in order to qualify.

How do I earn DSR (Dubai/Split/Rome) points?

Premium Starter Kit Sales
Personally enrol a new team member on a qualifying Premium Starter Kit to earn 1 DSR Point.
Essential Rewards(ER) Enrolment
Enrol a new team member*, who has never participated in Young Living’s Essential Rewards Program (ER) as an Essential Rewards member to earn DSR points. ER purchases between 100 PV and 299 PV earn 3 DSR Points and purchases of 300 PV or more will earn 5 DSR Points.
Retain Essential Rewards (ER) Enrolment
Retain your newly enrolled team member* on 100 PV or more ER order and earn 1 DSR Point for each consecutive month retained on ER.
Reactivate Essential Rewards (ER) Enrolment
Reactivate a team member* whose last ER order purchase was before 1st November 2017 on 100 PV ER or more and earn 1 DSR Point.
Organisation Group Volume (OGV) Growth
Sales growth points can be earned based on two scenarios:
1. Participants ranked Silver or above on 1st March 2018 will earn 1 DSR Point for every 5% growth in OGV, over the Participant’s then-current Baseline OGV (defined below). Members may count their OGV from all markets.
2. Participants ranked Executive or below on 1st March 2018 will earn 1 DSR Point for every 500 PV in OGV growth over the Participant’s then-current Baseline OGV. A Participant may not earn more than 20 DSR Points per month through OGV growth. Members may count their OGV from all markets.Executives must have a minimum of one Silver month during the qualification period.
For the purpose of this Promotion, a Participant’s Baseline OGV is initially his/her OGV for the month of February 2017. However, each Participant’s Baseline OGV will reset** after each month the Participant’s monthly OGV increases over the prior Baseline OGV.
For example, if Participant’s OGV is 100 in February 2017 that will be the Participant’s Baseline OGV for the first month of the promotion, March 2018. If the Participant then achieves an OGV of 150 in March 2018, the Participant’s Baseline OGV will increase to 150 for the month of April 2018. However, continuing the example, if the Participant’s OGV decreases March 2018 to 50, the Baseline OGV will remain at 100 for the following month, April 2018.
OGV base may vary during a month based on returns/exchanges that affect the prior months’ OGV.
*New members enrolling or reactivating members must reside in Australia or New Zealand.

*New members enrolling or reactivating members must reside in Australia or New Zealand.

**Baseline resets each month.

Registration Fee:

A registration fee of AU$50.00 per membership is payable by close of business on 30th April 2018. Please register in your Virtual Office using product code 23778.
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