Regarding the Seedlings Launch Tour and the April Live Your Passion Rallies
It is with extreme regret that we have to cancel the Young Living Seedlings launch tour due to a sudden serious illness by our American Keynote Speaker, corporate trainer, Brittany Jacobson. Please note that the Perth event and the Auckland events remain unchanged except that they will be run by an Australian corporate trainer instead. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience that this may cause you and your customers. All Young Living members will be advised by separate email and all tickets purchased to the Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney events will be refunded. If you are unable to attend the launch events, we will make all the Seedlings information such as PowerPoint presentations, Product Information Pages (PIPs), video and podcast available on the website. Also, watch out for details of an upcoming Seedlings training webinar in the near future.
However there’s no reason to miss out on getting together with your team, your customers and other YL Member as there are Live Your Passion Rallies (LYPR) happening around Australia and New Zealand on Saturday 7th April so make sure that you attend a rally near you. These are member-run events that include special offers, new product launches, corporate promotion launches and lots more! Definitely something that you don’t want to miss! Click here to register to attend a rally near you.
If there isn’t an event in your area, or if you had planned on holding a private event, please consider hosting your own ‘public’ LYPR event on this day. For the first time, every host of a public LYPR event (promoted on the YL website and open to all Young Living Members who may not be in your team) will receive a very special host gift. Plus, every attendee at your LYPR event will also receive a fantastic free gift!. Registrations have been extended to midnight on Monday 2nd April. Click here to register to host your own Live Your Passion Rally event.
To assist you in running your own event, you will be supported with corporate videos, new product launch PowerPoint presentations with speaker notes, PowerPoint slides on other corporate promotions. and program launches, an order form and gifts for every attendee. These will also be sent out on Tuesday 3rd April so make sure that you register on time so that you don’t miss out...
Once you’ve registered to host your own LYPR event, make sure that you join the YLUnites host Facebook page where you'll get the latest information relating to the rally, such as host conference calls, hints and tips as well as a chance to network with other hosts. Looking forward to seeing you at an event soon!