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Young Living Australia & New Zealand Webinars this April

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Product Webinar: Raising Healthy Children
Date: Tuesday, 10th April
Time: 9:00 PM (NZ time)
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Speaker: Naomi Dyer
Join Naomi Dyer on a journey concerning health statistics for children, discovering why our foods and personal care products could be a contributing factor, and learning about tools you can use to keep your family’s wellness above the wellness line; and how to bring Young Living products in to be part of your family! Hear Naomi’s personal story of having a daughter with severe food intolerances, and how she overcame them and managed them at school and through the teenage years.
About Naomi Dyer
Naomi Dyer is a passionate wellness educator, entrepreneur international speaker, cancer survivor, daughter, mum, and wife who has 14 years experience with a child with various food intolerances. Many years of research and trialing different natural methods has resulted in her becoming a wellness educator and coach, specialising in Detoxing Your Home, Life, and Lunchbox.
Business Webinar: Regulatory and Compliance
Date: Tuesday, 24th April
Time: 9:00 PM (NZ Time)
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Speaker: Steve Said
In this Regulatory and Compliance webinar Steven will take you through the major regulatory bodies in Australia and how Young Living interact with them, leading to a better understanding of what is needed to bring products to market, why compliance is so important and how to speak compliantly as a Young Living member.
About Steve Said
Steven has spent more than 15 years in the Direct Selling Industry with roles in Business Development, Regulatory and Compliance. Having attained a Bachelor of Management and Professional Studies he has focus and passion for compliance and policy and a desire to see members grow their businesses with integrity.
Please be aware that all webinar times listed above are based on NZ time. Dates are subject to change without notice.