July 2017

Training and Workshops at HQ in Sydney, Australia

Young Living Head Office Training Room

The head office training room is a dynamic learning centre where Young Living members and their guests can come to learn more about wellness, purpose and abundance.
We encourage all Young Living members whether local to Sydney or from interstate to utilise this excellent resource as often as possible, whether that is to teach or attend training.

How to Attend an Event

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*Please Note the Training Room holds only 70 people per event

How to Host an Event

Booking Procedures
You can download an application form in your Virtual Office (or see link below) and return it by email toTraining.au@youngliving.com.au - or - come in and visit us at the Young Living Head Office to fill out an application form handing it into reception
All applications for the next month's training (August) must be received by the 15th of the current month (July), to be considered. Booking confirmation will be sent to applicants by the 20th of the current month (July). Classes to be listed on corporate Event Calendar will have booking priority over unlisted classes. Evening classes must be listed.
Each booking will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on staff and room availability. Approval is not necessarily guaranteed.
Young Living’s selection criteria include but not limited to: requested date and time, diversity of speakers, variety of topics, size of event, etc.
We only accept a maximum of one evening booking per speaker per month, unless space becomes available.
Young Living reserves the right to refuse a request to hire training room / facilities without reason.

Sessions at Young Living Australia's HQ Training Room this July!

Feel free to join us in any of these sessions!
How to Dissolve Cravings Quickly and Easily Using The Aroma Freedom Technique and Young Living Essential Oils?
Dates: Saturday 1st of July
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Location: Sydney HQ Training Room
Speaker: Catherine Chan- Kwa
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Topic Outline: How to Dissolve Cravings Quickly and Easily Using The Aroma Freedom Technique and Young Living Essential Oils? 芳香舒緩技巧-如何改善不良飲食習慣?

Essential oils are in the air when you walk in a garden in full bloom! They make us feel relaxed, at ease and carefree.

Find out how essential oils affect our mood, can replace nasty smells in your home and lull you to sleep!

The Aroma Freedom Technique will help you to (芳香舒緩技巧将会帮助您):
Use Essential Oils to transform negative beliefs and emotions (使用精油来改变负面的信念和情绪)
Connect to the dreams that spring from your heart(把你的梦想與心灵连接在一起)
Identify and release exactly what is holding you back (找出阻止你进一步发展的原因和释放你的障碍)
Discover how to permanently integrate deep change (在个人, 事业和家庭上, 进行永久而深刻的改)
Make a daily habit of intentional living and creative focus (养成每天有意义的生活习惯和创造新的焦点)
This session will be conducted in English
About: Catherine Chan- Kwa

Catherine Chan-Kwa is a clinical psychologist. She has been practicing in Melbourne since 1997. Catherine has been involved in various social programs including Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, Family and Marital counselling, Psychological services specialising in Cross-Cultures counselling. She has managed various student and staff psychological programs and services for Holmesglen Institute and Higher Education. Catherine has been in private practice since her departure from Holmesglen in 2007. She works with clientele from management and leadership backgrounds and this has afforded her the opportunity to deal with a wide range of issues including the treatment of performance anxiety and depression. She has always sought to apply a holistic process to bring about the most positive outcomes for her clients. To that end, she continues to explore and incorporate various disciplines in neuropsychotherapy.

Her current studies have encompassed work with Dr. Benjamin Perkus exploring the boundaries of holistic healing philosophy involving the stimulation and control of various neurological and physical healing responses through the application of essential oils in Aroma Freedom Technique.

A Journey of The Senses
Elaine Delaney
Mike Delaney
Session 1: Friday 21st of July
Session 2: Saturday 22nd of July
Location: Sydney HQ Training Room
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Time: 2: 00 PM - 4:30 PM
Speakers: Elaine Delaney, Amber Culhane and Michael Delaney
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Topic Outline: "A Journey of the Senses"
I have called the evening "A Journey of the Senses" - based upon Aromatherapy - 'So much more than just a pretty smell', which will form the first part of the evening presentation. We will also have a 30 minute segment on Nutrition (with Ambar Culhane), a short 10 minute presentation on Compensation/MLM/network marketing (Michael Delaney) and I will be sharing a 30 minute presentation on Dream Building - 'Your gateway to losing your limitations, loving your life and living your dreams' - to finish the event.
About Elaine:

Elaine Delaney is Owner/Founder of Essence of Life and Igniting Inspired Transformation: Our life motto is: “We support others in Living their Dream and Prospering – in turn Life Supports us in Wondrous Ways!”

Elaine lives with gratitude and joy for her lifelong connection to the natural and spiritual world, which dwells within and surrounds us all. Young Living Essential Oils, L 2 Raindrop Technique, along with Universal Energy Body Work encompassing Reiki and Access Consciousness, Animal Communication, Natural Horsemanship principles and Dream Builder Transformational Coach accreditation, have all heightened her awareness and consciousness for gifting and receiving, creating shared opportunities and possibilities for humans and the animals they love.

About Ambar:
Ambar Culhane is owner/founder of Holistic Health at Crookwell and Honeycombs YLEO. My charter is: “Where you get that old country hospitality”. I am a qualified; Raindrop Technique practitioner L2; Bowen Therapist Cert IV; Reiki Healing L3. I am a Young Living essential oil distributor and a lover of all things natural. DIY is my speciality.
About Mike:
Mike Delaney is a co-partner in Essence of Life. Mike has an extensive background in Project Management, Test Engineering and Systems Analysis in RAAF and Defence related industries. This experience is now being applied in developing the business model and internet marketing aspects for Essence of Life. As can be seen from the photograph, Young Living oils and products have and are, contributing to playing an enormous role in enhancing a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.
From Crazy to Calm: Young Living Oils, Kids and Babies.
Larissa Wright
Janneke Chilcott
Date: Tuesday, 4th of July
Location: Sydney HQ Training Room
Time: 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Speakers: Larissa Wright & Janneke Chilcott
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Topic Outline: Are your kids unsettled at bedtime?

Do you find yourself getting cranky dealing with their behaviour?

Are they spluttering and sniffling what seems like all the time through autumn and winter?

Would you like a natural healthy way to deal with kids and well, everything?

As parents of multiple kids, we will show you:
How we have used Young Living essential oils for looking after our families.
Share tips on nutrition and what our kids have responded to and
Share DIY recipes to support their sleep, wellness and everyday life.
If you want to make positive changes in your lifestyle and your children’s lives, we would love you to join us for this action packed workshop.
Oily Holiday Fun
Date: Wednesday, 5th of July
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Sydney HQ Training Room
Speaker: Elizabeth Moldenhauer
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Topic Outline: Oily Holiday fun
Scented playdough, card making, scented drawing and more... we will even have some yummy, healthy chocolate!

While your kids are focused and relaxed (because of the oils) sit down and have a moment to find out how to keep them healthy balanced and focused!

About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth Moldenhauer is an energy healer and massage therapist that has been sharing Young Living Essential Oils for 4 years. She now assists people to live wellness, purpose and abundance in their everyday life all around Australia. Come join Elizabeth in learning how you can also live a life of freedom and joy using Young Living Essential Oils.
Love at First Scent
Larissa Wright
Tina Chin
Elizabeth Moldenhauer
Session 1: Thursday, 13th of July
Time: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Location: Sydney HQ Training Room
Session 2: Tuesday, 25th of July
Time: 10:30 AM –11:30 AM
Speakers: Larissa Wright, Tina Chin and Elizabeth Moldenhauer
Click here to register - This is a FREE event!
Topic Outline: Love at First Scent
Do you want to learn how to kick toxic chemicals out of your home? I will walk you through step by step and give easy, simple, and affordable tactics that anyone can do with the best essential oils on the planet. This class is totally FREE and will blow your mind! I come with an iced NingXia bar for weary mummas! Gear up for a fast-paced, ground-up lecture on everything oils, and have some fun and pampering in the process. I cannot wait to see you! I will have freebies at the door for those who invite 50 friends on the Facebook event. It is time to take control of the yuck in your home and kick it to the curb!
About Larissa Wright:

Hi, I'm Larissa Wright, as a wife and mum of four crazy, fun loving kids, and with my background in teaching and special education I have incorporated Young Living essential oils into everyday life and now use them for everything and in everything I do. You guessed it, I love my YL oils and the amazing health and wellness they have bought my family! I love that I can work from home, while doing what I love and building a residual income for my family!

Like many parents life is full on, but with oils it's calmer, grounded and more manageable. I'd love to show you how to use these amazing little bottles of oil and oil infused products, so you can feel this way too!

About Tina Chin:
Hi I'm Tina Chin, Health and Wellness coach, from Wholefoodsavvy.com I empower women to lose weight without starving and regain their sparkle in life. The 2 major shifts that have helped me to regain my sparkle during the of raising 3 amazing children, now adults has been cooking from scratch with real food and removing chemicals from the home. Young Living came into my life over 2 years ago. I am loving sharing the amazingness of these oils whether it is in food, emotions or physical. My passion is to see families come back to health with nature as God intended. There is hope if you are open and willing to change and to believe in you. YOU ARE WORTH IT!
Yoga for Beginners with Essential Oils
Date: Thursday, 13th of July
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Sydney HQ Training Room
Instructor: Brenda Rogers - Training Manager Young Living Australia
Click here to register - This session is $10 Numbers are limited to 15 max.
Sydney Oils Club: Winter Wellness
Larissa Wright
Tina Chin
Elizabeth Moldenhauer
Date: Thursday, 13th of July
Location: Sydney HQ Training Room
Time: 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Speakers: Larissa Wright, Tina Chin and Elizabeth Moldenhauer
Click here to register - This is a FREE event!
Topic Outline: Sydney Oils Club - Winter Wellness

This event is for Young Living members (guests are welcome too!). We will be talking about Ningxia Red and our amazing supplements this month.

For new members it is a great chance to see and experience products before buying them, to listen to how others are using them in their day-to-day lives and to ask questions about them.

We would love everyone who is part of the Sydney YL oils community to join us. You will meet like minded oilers and learn from each other!

Supper is at the start so bring a plate of food to share.
Teens and Young adults: A natural solution for clarity and focus
Larissa Wright
Tina Chin
Date: Wednesday, 19th of July
Location: Sydney HQ Training Room
Time: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Speakers: Larissa Wright & Tina Chin
Click here to register - This is a FREE event!
Topic Outline: Teens and Young adults: A natural solution for clarity and focus
Do your teenagers…
Try many products only to have troubled skin and feel self-conscious?
Get frustrated and give in easily or give you attitude?
Find it difficult to concentrate and get distracted easily when studying?
If you said yes to at least one of the above then this class is for you..
Discover how to create a calm environment at home.
Triggers that are easy to remove in the home.
Share stress relieving ideas with other like-minded mums.
Cooking with essential oils: Spice up your winter with Young Living
Tina Chin
Larissa Wright
Date: Wednesday, 19th of July
Location: Sydney HQ Training Room
Time: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM & 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Speakers: Tina Chin & Larissa Wright
Click here to register - This is a FREE event!
Topic Outline: Spice up your winter with Young Living Essential Oils
Essential oils are known for their wellness enhancing abilities. Did you know you could use them in your kitchen too? Come and learn how to spice up your cooking and and discover how to use Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in drinks and recipes.
Learn how to:
Incorporate essential oils into your daily diet to improve your body, mind and spirit.
What essential oils to have in your kitchen tool kit
Share with a community of essential oil lovers.
Essential Oils for Men
Marlon Wambeek
Aaron Wright
Laurence Steel
Date: Sunday, 23rd of July
Location: Sydney HQ Training Room
Time: 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Speakers: Marlon Wambeek, Aaron Wright & Laurence Steel
Click here to register - This is a FREE event!
Topic outline: Essential Oils and Men

Women love essential oils! BUT what about the men? Are they only for women? No way, we will show you why!

Three of our Young Living men will share their experiences with using Young Living oils for health, wellness, family and everyday stresses.

You will learn about:
Natural alternatives for men’s health and wellness.
Safe, chemical free products for sport and heavy activity.
Nutritional supplements that will help our men keep powering on through winter and beyond.
Wanting your man to be the best, healthiest and happiest that he can be? Well this talk is for you and your man. Join us for this action packed session. The time to make changes it now!
About Marlon:
Marlon has always had an interest in health and being the best version of you. This interest in health turned into a profession in 2014, when he knew he wanted to make a practical difference in people's lives. A Young Living member since 2008, his favourites products are NingXia Red (the "perfect pre-workout drink") and Peppermint.
Aaron Wright
Aaron is a husband, father, radio announcer and oiler! He was dragged into using Young Living oils by his wife Larissa four years ago and with his family has used them for everything since then. His favourite oils are Peppermint, Spearmint, Idaho Blue Spruce and PanAway.
Laurence Steel
Long time user of Young Living, Laurence and his wife Esther have been using the oils for over 10 years. Laurence is an auto electrician by trade, so he, Esther and his son James have embraced a chemical free lifestyle to combat this exposure. Laurence's favourite oils are Peppermint, Thieves, Purification and Frankincense and he and Esther enjoy Ningxia Red for energy and endurance.