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Young Living Australia & New Zealand
Young Living Australia & New Zealand has partnered with Eventbrite to ensure that you can easily find tickets to all Young Living corporate events and get the very most out of your own events and workshops!

TOP 5 BENEFITS of listing your events on the Member Events Community Portal

A professional look
If you feel like your event listings lack a little pizazz, you’ll now be able to access a range of corporate-designed and approved templates for a professional look. You will still be able to add your own flare into the description and of course add your own photos and information. Your events will look amazing and attract the attention that they deserve!
Attract more guests to your event
Listed member events are searchable by location, category and date, helping interested people in your area find you online and join your events and workshops!
Reduced fees
How does NO CHARGE EVER for free events sound? That’s right – free events will be totally free of charge for you to list. Plus if you do charge for an event, you will benefit by reduced fees and you can even build in this small cost into the ticket price.
Eventbrite Service fee: 2.5% + 75c (capped at $4.95)
Payment Processing fee: 2%
Manage your events easily
Receive quick payments, easily manage your ticket sales and communicate with attendees.
You can even issue refunds when needed.
Share your events easily
You can share your events on social media channels easily, and even import your event listings into your business Facebook page with the click of a button!

24 Hour Eventbrite Customer Service

As a Young Living sub-user of Eventbrite, you have access to 24/7 Eventbrite support.
Australia: 1800 292 701 (Option 2 and hold)
New Zealand: 0800 453 788 (Option 2 and hold)

Are you ready to become part of the Member Events Community Portal?

Setting up your events on the Young Living Member Events Community Portal is simple!
Step 1: Become a sub-user of Young Living Member Eventbrite.
Step 2: Create your events easily.
Step 3: Import your event to the community portal.
Download Instructions Here

Happy sharing!