Elite Express

Accelerate Your Leadership Journey with Elite Express!

After months of careful preparation, we're proud to introduce our new Elite Express program!
An expansion on our globally successful Silver in 6 (Si6) program, Elite Express will reward even more members with high-value product and gear bundles that include:
- Gold iPad Mini
- Exclusive 30-oil collection
- FitBit Charge HR wearable
- 5-diffuser collection
- 1,000 Essential Rewards points
- And much more
Bottom line: This program offers big rewards for hard work. With rewards totaling a retail value of $9,474*, there's no better way for members to accelerate their dreams and their paths to leadership!
While the Si6 program rewarded members who reached the rank of Silver from Executive in six months or fewer, Elite Express offers rewards to high-performing leaders who reach Executive, Silver, Gold, and Platinum within specific timeframes. A bonus reward track is available for those who go from Star to Platinum in 20 months or fewer!
How it Works:
There are four tracks that you can participate in, with the first track beginning the first time you reach the rank of Star. In order to qualify, you must maintain your prequalifying rank during the entire qualification period for each track, which begins the month after reaching the prequalifying rank for the first time. This allows a little extra time to qualify and hit the ground running.
Click here to see past months' qualifiers.
Executive in 3 (Ei3)
- Prequalifying Rank: Star
- Qualification Period: Three calendar months from the first-time qualifying as Star
- Maintenance: Maintain Star or Senior Star rank during each of the three qualifying months
- Reward: Seed to Seal® collection, featuring an Aria™ Diffuser and 5ml Peppermint, Idaho Blue Spruce, and Ylang Ylang essential oils; Young Living - branded padfolio. Retail Value: $424 USD*
Silver in 6 (Si6)
- Prequalifying Rank: Executive
- Qualification Period: Six calendar months from the first-time qualification as Executive
- Maintenance: Maintain Executive rank during each of the six qualifying months
- Reward: Exclusive collection of 30 15ml essential oils, FitBit Charge HR. Retail Value: $1,650 USD*
Gold in 6 (Gi6)
- Prequalifying Rank: Silver
- Qualification Period: Six calendar months from first-time qualification as Silver
- Maintenance: Maintain Silver rank during each of the six qualifying months
- Reward: Year's supply of NingXia Red; Thieves® collection; Gold iPad Mini. Retail Value: $1,835 USD*
Platinum in 5 (Pi5)
- Prequalifying Rank: Gold
- Qualification Period: Five calendar months from first-time qualification as Gold
- Maintenance: Maintain Gold rank during each of the five qualifying months
- Reward: Premier Aroma collection diffuser collection, including AromaLux™, DewDrop™, USB, Rainstone™, and Dino Land™ diffusers; Branded Luggage. Retail Value: $4,265 USD*
BONUS: Elite 20 (E20)
- Prequalifying Rank: Star
- Qualification Period: 20 months from first-time qualification as Star
- Maintenance: Must qualify for all four reward tracks within 20 months to qualify
- Reward: 1,000 Essential Rewards points and free registration for the International Grand Convention. Retail Value: $1,230 USD*
If you have already reached one of these qualifying ranks, you may still be eligible to participate in one or more tracks of the Elite Express program. For example, if Jill has recently reached and maintained Silver before the official rollout of Elite Express, she may still be eligible to participate in the Gi6 and Pi5 reward tracks. If you are already on track to qualify for our current Si6 program by qualifying for Executive by 29 February 2016, you may continue to do so and take advantage of the current Si6 rewards bundle for the Premier Aroma Collection and then go on to qualify for Gi6 and Pi5.
The Elite Express program is a rewarding addition to our recognition program and is absolutely voluntary. We're excited to see how our incredible members take advantage of this unique opportunity and accelerate becoming leaders in their teams!
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* Approximate value. Actual value may vary based on region.