2013 Master Leader Retreat

Celebrate your success with Young Living Founder and CEO D. Gary Young during the 2013 Master Leader Retreat! This annual recognition event for our Platinum and Gold leaders is an exciting opportunity to be personally instructed by Gary, network with other distributors, and take in the beauty of our Ecuador farm. Join fellow distributors November 19–23 as you relax and learn to be more dynamic leaders in your personal and professional lives!

This event is open to Young Living distributors who achieve Gold or Platinum rank three consecutive months within the qualification period of July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2013.

Young Living Ecuador Farm

Since 2005 the Ecuador farm has been a prolific producer of botanicals used to make many popular essential oils such as ylang ylang, zaragosa, eucalyptus blue, and dorado azul. The lush area is great not only for growing Young Living’s crops but also for innovative research and discovery, as two popular Young Living oils, ocotea and copaiba, were discovered by Gary in the jungle near the farm.

Qualification for Golds

New Golds are invited to attend their first Master Leader Retreat with all expenses paid. The new Gold must be paid-as Gold for three consecutive months within the retreat qualification period. Golds who have already attended but would like to participate again may do so at their expense (subject to availability).

Qualifications for Platinums

New Platinums are invited to attend their first Master Leader Retreat with all expenses paid for themselves and a qualified guest.* The new Platinum must be paid-as Platinum for three consecutive months within the retreat qualification period.

Returning Platinums may also attend the retreat. Young Living will pay a percentage of the cost of the trip for them and a qualified guest,* including travel, based on the number of months the Platinum has maintained the consecutive paid-as rank during the qualification period. The table below shows the number of months qualified and the equivalent percentage paid:
Retreat Qualification Chart (Paid as Rank)
Months Qualified% of Costs Paid by Young Living
Example: A Platinum who attended last year’s Master Leader Retreat is paid-as Platinum for five consecutive months during this year’s qualification period. In this scenario, the distributor is eligible to receive a 40% discount of the event costs, including travel for themselves and a qualified guest.* The out-of-pocket expense is the difference between the Young Living percentage of 40% and the actual cost of the event (say $4,000) - 40% = $2,400 distributor responsibility per person.

Guest Responsibilities

Guest responsibilities, benefits, and level of participation may vary by retreat. Please check our Terms and Conditions for specifics regarding the Master Leader Retreat.

Upon qualifying, you will receive an invitation and more event details, including contact information to RSVP and make travel arrangements. For questions, contact

For Terms and Conditions, click here.
*A qualified guest is a spouse, business partner listed on the distributorship, or a fellow business builder. Guests who are business builders ranking lower than Platinum may not attend training meetings at the event.