Wise With Waste

About Wise With Waste

Young Living Indonesia (YLI) initiate members to bring back their Young Living used packaging to YLID Will Call in order to do responsible waste management and prevent product forgery. Members also get shopping bag when they bring back their used packaging product. This program built integrated collaboration between brand owner. distributors. consumer. and waste recycler.
This program also a part of Zero Waste to Landfill Effort.

Wise With Waste Program Scheme

This program was conducted from 11st July 2018
By this means Young Living is doing good for a better environment within the national and global scale as follows:

1) National: Young Living has done an Extended Producer Responsibility practice as mentioned the UU No.18 about waste recycling
2) Global: Young Living has supported UN Sustainable Development Goals No.12 about the Responsible Consumption and Production.

In January 2019, we have succeeded in collecting 57 kg of packaging for Young Living products dominated by 90.90% glass material, equivalent to 50.90 kg while the remaining 6.1 kg is HDPE, Labels and rubber materials.
The packagings of Young Living products that you’ve been collected will be distributed through our partners - Waste4Change to waste management partners to be processed into reusable items. Our partners Waste4Change recycles Young Living bottles into various useful items such as ceramics and other glass products. While the plastic material from the bottle cap will be converted into household items and even unique pouches. We really want to realize the breakthrough in changing HDPE material into a pouch oil that you can use.
To make 1 pouch of oil, it takes at least 22.5 grams of HDPE plastics. We need more plastics waste from Young Living bottles to be reprocessed. You can exchange the packs of your Young Living products for both glass bottles and plastic packaging from Savvy Minerals or seedlings with Young living shopping bags until June 30, 2019. The more we collect, the more ready-made products that can be produced!
Help Young Living achieve zero-Waste status in all forms of our operations for the next five years. We can all make simple changes to make a big difference - and we hope you become part of this movement!

We are waiting for your participation!